Meals under 500 Cals – 20 recipes

Meals under 500 Cals – 20 recipes

20 Meals under 500 Cals

So have we overdone it a bit? I have. I’m not a believer in diets per se,  however I do believe in being healthy and watching what I eat. I’m not allowed to mention the “sin’ word ref  SW – but rest assured these are low!! So here we go – 20 meals under 500 Cals!

All tasty all healthy all balanced! 

I’ve tried to get a good balance of quick and easy meals. These meals are real food – no faddy diets here.

Just good tasty easy dinners – Bingo! 

(There’s a lot of chicken – sorry but I love it and its so versatile)

Please remember to count what you ‘add’ to your meal – such as extra pasta or rice 


So here we go ’20,  500 Calorie meals’ or Easy dinners, lunches under 500 cals 

No 1 

Tandoori Chicken 

An easy and straightforward chicken tandoori, made using chicken minis fillets (tenders) marinaded tin low fat yoghurt and spices and baked in the oven 

Recipe -> Tandoori Chicken 

Cals -> Approx 289 Cals (approximate) plus your rice and salad 

Tandoori Chicken, slimming style, served with rice & salad


No 2 

Slow Cooker Beef Bourguinon 

Delicious rich posh beef stew, easy to prepare – just chuck it in the slow cooker. A warming filling supper 

Recipe -> Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon 

Cals ->  Approx 457 Cals per portion (remember to count your potatoes as extra) or just serve with veg? 


Slow cooker beef bourguignon - close up served with mash


No 3 

Spicy Fish with Courgettes

This fish dish is so good, it’s also a one pot wonder!! Yum – soft flakey fish served with courgettes, lemon and chilli 

Recipe -> Spicy Fish with Courgette

Cals -> Approx 423 Cals per portion 


Spicy Fish with Courgettes


N0 4 

Chicken & Chorizo Paella 

A delicious quick one pan wonder with the smoky addition of chorizo – it’s lovely

Recipe -> Chicken & Chorizo Paella 

Cals -> Approx 404 Cal per portion 


Chicken & chorizo paella - served in a bowl 


No 5 

Crustless Quiche 

I love this served with a big salad and new potatoes, or with beans 

It’s very quick and perfect cold too – Yum!

Recipe -> Crustless Quiche 

Cals -> A quarter of this is Approx 162 Cals 



Crustless Quiche slimming style, baked and out the oven


No 6 

Roasted Vegetable Pasta

A roasted Vegetable pasta, so good and a perfect meat free dinner packed with tasty veggies!

Recipe -> Roasted Vegetable Pasta

Cals -> Approx 435 Cals per serving 



Easy Roasted Vegetable Pasta - slimming style


No 7

Jacket Potato Cottage Pies – Slimming Style

Now these individual Jacket potato cottage pies are super cute and they taste amazing 

I batch cook them and freeze, then I can grab a couple in the morning before I go to work and pop in the oven when I get home 

Recipe -> Jacket Potato Cottage Pies 

Cals -> Approx 470 per portion (2 halves)  Serve with veg!! yum 


Jacket Potato Cottage Pies


No 8

Kedgeree slimming style 

A delicious smoked, slightly spicy fish & rice dish – with yummy boiled eggs – it really keeps you full 

Recipe -> Kedgeree Slimming Style 

Cals ->  Approx 450 Cals per portion 

Kedgeree Slimming Style


No 9 

Chicken Rogan Josh, healthy style 

A tomato based chicken curry recipe – it’s packed with flavour and veggies 

It’s really great 

Recipe -> Chicken Rogan Josh 

Cals -> Approx 223 Cals, you will then have to add your rice as extra 


Easy Chicken Rogan Josh, Slimming Style



No 10 

Easy Sunday Dinner 

And it doesn’t just have to be a Sunday. This really is a wicked tray bake – everything you need for a roast =dinner all on one tray – simply yummy 

All you need to add is your greens and maybe some gravey 

Recipe -> Easy Sunday Dinner, slimming Style 

Cals -> Approximately 349 per serving 


Easy Sunday Dinner


No 11 

Easy Meatball with Tomato Sauce 

These meaty beefy meatball are so good! Calories are for the tomato sauce and meatballs. If you have with pasta you will need to count the calories. 

I mainly just have a big portion. of broccoli and it really fills me up! 

Recipe -> Easy Meatballs with Tomato sauce 

Cals-> Approximately 454 Cals per serving 


Healthy Meatballs slimming style


No 12

Mac ‘n’ Cheese 

Mac n Cheese is one of my faves. But usually it’s really fat and calories heavy. 

This one isn’t, it’s creamy but not heavy and with mushrooms and added bacon it really packs a Mac punch 

Recipe – > Mac n Cheese Slimming style 

Cals -> Approximately 428 cals per serving 

Mac 'n' Cheese - Slimming World Style



No 13 

Healthy Stuffed Jacket Potatoes 

These amazing stuffed jackets (twice baked) are really great. So tasty and I tend to batch make loads and pop them in the freezer before the final bake 

I love dinners that you can batch – especially as they are delicious and low 

I serve sometimes with baked beans or a salad – yum! 

Recipe -> Healthy Stuffed Jacket Potatoes 

Cals ->   Approximately 310 cals for two halves 

Healthy Stuffed Jacket Potatoes


No 14

Easy Chilli – Lighter 

A freshen up light version of the classic chilli! Packed with veggies too! 

Serve with rice  (you’ll have to count the rice) or again sometimes I just serve with veggies – makes for a low delicious dinner

Recipe -> Easy Lighter Chilli 

Cals ->   Approximately 449 Cals per serving 


Easy Lighter Chilli


No 15 

Chicken & Mushroom Pasta 

Creamy pasta with chicken and mushroom, so good and the prefect comfort food! Eat with a big salad or simply on it’s own 


Recipe -> Chicken & mushroom pasta 

Cals -> Approximately 401 per portion 

Chicken & Mushroom Pasta - served in a bowl, finished dish



No 16 

Peri Peri Chicken 

This really is one of my faves, quick and easy to make 

Everyone I have made it for loves it. Chicken panfried in piri piri spices and served on a bed of egg fried rice – delish!

Recipe -> Peri Peri Chicken 

Cals -> Approximately 499 per portion (just under) 



Piri Piri Chicken Strips Slimming World


No 17 

Chickpea & Spinach Curry 

A vegetarian feast – I love chickpea and I also love spinach. I also like to go meat free once a week or twice if I can. 

This filling mild curry is so good, serve with rice or on a jacket? so lovely

Recipe -> Chickpea & Spinach Curry  

Cals -> Approximately 465 per portion  remember to add your rice 


Vegetarian Chickpeas & spinach curry



No 18 

Dirty Rice 

This is one of my fave Monday dishes. Basically I just use what’s lurking in the fridge vegetable wise and my left over meat from a Sunday roast 

It’s filling and quick & easy

Recipe -> Dirty Rice

Cals -> Approximately 354 per portion 


Easy Peasy Dirty Rice


No 19 

Left Over Lamb Biryani 

Spicy yummy Lamb Biryani is a one pot wonder. I also have recipes for chicken & Turkey too 

It’s a crowd pleaser and you cab serve with whatever you like such as my 39 calorie  Onion Bahjis 


Recipe -> Left over Lamb Biryani

Cals -> Approximately 381 per portion 


Lamb Biriyani - finished


No 20 

Easy peasy Chicken Curry, slimming style  

Oh so my absolute favourite curry recipe – irrelevant really what the calories are as it’s so good 

Recipe -> Easy Peasy Chicken Curry 

Cals -> Approximately 312 per portion, you need to add and count your rice 


Slimming World Easy Chicken Curry



And here’s a bonus main under 500 cals one as I just can’t leave it out!! 


Easy Peasy Sticky chicken

Honey, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic and ginger – so so good!

The ginger and garlic really make it for me 

Sticky and sweet with a hint of warmth from the ginger. This is is a balanced blend of all those lovely flavours with a really sticky texture. Sweet & Sticky – just look at it  

I tend to serve with a small portion of rice and lots of broccoli 

Recipe -> Easy Peasy Sticky Chicken 

Cals -> Approximately 260 cals per portion, plus your rice  


Sticky Chicken, finished in the frying pan



Wow so there we go 🙂 

Took me a while however finally we have – 20 Meals under 500 Cals

I hope you enjoy these recipes and upshot is they are all healthy and below 500 Cals – yea!! 

Let me know your faves 

Big Love Clare 


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Thanks Clare 

And if you’d like some snacking ideas

I’ve put this together as I know lots of people are interested in Healthy Snacking 


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    These recipes look fab. Cannot wait to try them.

    1. Thank you – hope you enjoy xx

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