Snack Ideas – healthy

Snack Ideas – healthy

Snack Ideas, tips & tricks

Oh I have so many people ask me, all the time, for healthy snack ideas, so finally I’ve sat down and here are my thoughts 

Most of the time, if you are like me, I do really well all day and then I get to the evening and it’s like ‘oh I want something to eat’ 

Is that habit? Is it boredom? Or is it just comfort and we need a treat in the evening infront of the TV? 


Healthy Snacks 

I think we are all just trying to stay healthy, drop a few pounds or maintain our weight

There’s a very big difference between ‘healthy eating’ and ‘losing weight.’ Does that make sense?……

There are some amazing healthy snack ideas, nuts, seeds, fruits, dark chocolate, avocado etc etc and those foods are all very nourishing and bursting with goodness. However they are not always low calories, obviously.

If the name of the game is to reduce your weight then it’s PURELY – reduce what goes in and increase activity – it’s not rocket science….


Calorie Deficit v. WW v. SW v. whatever…. 

Putting these ideas together is difficult depending on what programme you are following 

So for the sake of this article I have decided to work with calories. I’m not a SW consultant or a WW one either. But what I do know is how to handle calories and I know reduction works 

There are many ways to work out your calorie intake 

Your ideal calorie intake depends on things like age and activity level.  Generally most females need at least 1,600 daily calories to maintain their weight, while males need approximately at least 2,000. If you want to lose weight, eating less can help.

Reducing the number of calories you eat per day can be an effective weight loss method 

There are many calculators on line, where you enter various details and it will spit out a calorie level for you to reduce your weight. Factors, including your age, sex, size, and activity level etc. 


So how to ‘Snack’ successfully? 

The fact is I love to snack and I’m going to – this I have learnt after many years of trying not to – ha ha! 

So with this info I looked at how I could handle this and the only way to do this (for me) is to PLAN those snacks in 

And the result for me is my EVENING SNACK PLATE 


Snack Plates 

So I think the actual plate is important πŸ™‚ 

Of course you don’t need anything fancy and you don’t actually need a plate, but I like to set my plate up in the evening after dinner and know that they are my TV snacks and once they are gone – that’s it 

It also stops me reaching for another packet of crisps – I guess I’m saying it helps to control my snacking 

So these are the plates I use, I love them as they have 3 compartments and my rule is that in one compartment there has to be fruit or vegetables. The other 2 compartments I fill with whatever I fancy 

( I also use them for the kids too πŸ™‚ ) there are a couple of different colour options too. I highly recommend – great quality and British made





250 Calorie Snack Plates (or X Syns or X points etc) 

So for me I set my snack plate at 250 calories for a day. So I plan it in 

Say my calorie deficit is 1500 cals then I ensure I only ‘spend’ 1250 calories on my meals 

So I always stay in my calories deficit 

The same would go for Syns or Points – just decide how many you want to use for your evening snack plate 


Example Snack Plates

All of these plates seen are 250 calories or less! 


Ideas for Snacks 

So here are some of my faves – there’s loads to choose from but these are my go to!! So each plate I keep below or at 250 cals – you can do whatever works for you! 

Fruit & Vegetable Snacks

  • Apples 
  • Grapes (freeze them for a different eating experience) 
  • Melon
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries 
  • Carrot sticks 


Savoury Snacks 

  • Olives 
  • Boiled Egg 
  • Slice ham /chicken (or maybe a couple of strips of my peri peri chicken cold) 
  • Spoon low fat hummus 
  • Small packet Snack a Jacks – approx 78 cals per packet 
  • Low fat Baked Crisps (Pom bears, walkers French fries, walkers lites, Skips, Quavers) 
  • Popcorn- low fat varies all over sweet & savoury 
  • Slice (1/6th)  of my  Crustless Quiche recipe 
  • Baby Bells – low fat ones are 40 cals each 
  • Crab sticks – 4 sticks approx 70 cals 
  • Rice cakes – I love these – 40 cals each (taste like big Monster Munch πŸ˜‰ ) 


Sweet Snacks 

  • Small chocolate Bar – Freddo’s are great at 95 calories each
  • Dark Chocolate Squares 
  • Yoghurts or mousses ( I love these – very chocolaty) 
  • Ice lollies – tend to be low if you pick the right ones 
  • Halo Top ice cream 
  • Frozen yoghurt 
  • Sweet popcorn packs
  • Fibre One bars – I like the high protein popcorn ones – around 90 cals per item 



So go and have fun with your snack plates and let me know what you find!! 

Always control those plates and PLAN PLAN PLAN – that’s the secret! 

Big Love Clare xxx


The Easy Slimming Group

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Much Love Clare x



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