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About E.P.L.S

What’s Easypeasylemonsqueezy all about?

Hi – thanks for popping over 🙂 So what’s it all about then? What’s E.P.L.S all about?

It’s a flipping long story but made short, this is my little recipe blog for very EASY recipes – for those ‘oh lordy, what am I going to make for dinner’ days.

Somehow it’s also turned into a bit of baking and then came a little lifestyle …. thrown in!

So I’m Clare – normal (*slightly mad*)  workaholic, trying to find a balance between work and play – this is my play!

I am a Home Economist by education and graduated with a Home Ec degree from Sheffield. I then spent 5 years in Product Development  at various food manufacturers.

Now I am  Business Development Director for a Food Ingredients company and due to work stresses and commitments I found myself less & less in the kitchen!

I decided that this wouldn’t do AT ALL – as the kitchen is where I relax and I NEED to be cooking! And I mean need…

See I’m slightly mad – I talk to Lemons #lovelylemons 

And more recently I have decided to lose some weight and I have been writing loads of Slimming / Healthy Recipes and you guys seem to love them!!

So come join me and lets get our bods and minds healthier! 

We unfortunatley lost some lovely ‘family’ recipes when we lost someone very dear to us.

So this is my way of sharing and documenting my recipes. I’m no chef,  but I like to think I can produce good, plain, tasty nosh with no nonsense.

I hope you enjoy and please, please get involved you lovely peeps!

Any reviews, suggestions or if you ever want to ‘guest blog’ just let me know, if it fits with our ethos – then let’s go….. Use the SHARE WITH US page to get in touch xxx

I am blessed that I am surrounded by an amazing family and friends and along the way I will introduce you to a few characters.

First up let me introduce you to my Bestie!

The EPLS Cocktail Queen – Jane who’s been with me from the start! She has produced some delectable delicious cocktails over the last 36 months and you can find them all under 6pm Drinkies!  

Hopefully she will continue to share these beauties. Jane is a busy working mum of 2 – with a heart of gold and the best friend anyone could wish for!

We already have ‘He-Who-Doesn’t-Cook’ my (now Ex) other half! and soon we will have ‘BBQ Boy’ who will join for the summer :-).  So together with the ‘Cocktail Queen’ we’ll have a great team! And super fun!

Along the way there will be a few new characters 😉

Let’s keep it all Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

So now you know all about E.P.L.S 🙂 

Big Love  Cx






Val Houlton says:
Just found your website after following you on Twitter. It's great. Could you answer a question about carrot cake. Why do all recipes use oil instead of butter? Would it make the cake taste 'oily'? Love your twitters and recipes. Thanks
    Clare x says:
    Oh thanks Val - i love getting comments like this :-) Oil is usually used as it makes the carrot cake very moist. Cx Have you subscribed for the once per month round up email?
Eden Humphreys says:
Hi Clare I have been an admirer of your website for a while now, because of your beautiful art direction and styling and of course the recipes. Me and my creative partner are creating a charity cook book with recipes from missed mothers, we love the idea that recipes shape a person (and their career) and are usually passed down through generations. Of course as a fan of your page I would love to ask you if you had a recipe which has been passed down through your family which you’d like to be in the book. The book already has a lot of buzz around it in the advertising world and we are hoping to get it into the media following the production. The charity we are donating the proceeds to is to help breast cancer awareness, a charity which had deep personal meaning. If you would like to be involved and have a recipe from a loved one who has passed which inspired your career we would be thrilled to have you as a part of this new charity venture. Look forward to hearing from you Eden
    Clare x says:
    Hi Eden I would be thrilled to be included in your book, I will submit a recipe for sure - Please let me have your email etc and I can arrange everything Many Thanks Clare
    Clare x says:
    Hi Eden I am so so sorry I haven't replied before now I would love to be involved Just let me know what you need Thanks and sorry again for the delay Clare X
Jackie says:
Having a proper look over the website whilst at work. Hope all ok and still as crazy as ever !
Vicky Georgiou says:
hello Clare how are you? thank you for the lovely bag for life you gave me to last week. i have had many compliments. your webiste and blog is wonderful. Vicky Georgiou
Stuart Coslover says:
Hi Clare, I've just downloaded your recipe for Cherry Madeira and it says ' Pre-heat the oven to 190C' . Is this temperature for a conventional oven or for a fan-assisted oven?. Many thanks.
    Clare x says:
    Conventional oven Stuart - but all ovens vary I'm afraid - if you have fan assisted I would suggest 180C Cx
Christine Kneeling says:
Hiya. I'm a newbie to your site but love it! I was wondering if I could buy an apron from your website? Either I'm being dumb or I can't see it lol! Thank you. Christine x
    Clare x says:
    Hi Christine - I've sent you an email :-) Cx
Aphrodite says:
Hi, I’m Aphrodite, a London Brit living in Cyprus for almost 20 years. Just found your website when looking for a cake recipe to include overripe bananas, walnuts (pecans) and dates from my date palm! Just made it and it is very simple and delicious so thank you. I will keep your website open to look for other recipes. A question, my Cypriot friend has just given me a whole load of pomegranates - any recipe suggestions would be great!
    Clare x says:
    Oh fab to hear! I tend to use them in salads and a a decoration with cakes with a lime and pistachio icing - looks so pretty x
Elizabeth Comrie says:
Love what you make,
Vivienne says:
Love your website/blog! Really resonates with me! Your banana date and walnut loaf is the best ever! Good luck and keep doing what you are doing! We need you xx
    Clare x says:
    Oh that's so lovely - Thank you
nicola.bradley says:
Love your page Clare!!!
Chloe says:
Hi Clare I am going to follow your easy birthday cake recipe my oven is fab assisted it says temp 180 for conventional oven what temp should I use?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Chloe - try 170C - keep your eye on it xx Good luck
SarahSullivan says:
Love to lose weight on this
Sarahlyn says:
Love cooking ,but hate recipes that some of the ingredients I’ve never heard off ,I like easy peasy !!! So thanks xx
Deborah Sier says:
Glad to see the Hendersons by your pie!
Pauline Hall says:
Like the look of your recipes
Pauline Devonald says:
Hi Claire, I would really like to buy one of your easypeasy aprons? I have made several of your recipes, especially like the cherry madeira and chicken curry, also breakfast bars. Just love them all. Many thanks Pauline
    Clare x says:
    Hi Pauline - that's so lovely of you - I haven't got any aprons at the moment - but I do have a shopping bag - please email me clare@easypeasy-lemonsqueezy.co.uk with your address Thanks Cx
Mrs Ella Powell says:
Hi Claire , I've just found this website..I was searching for a plain and simple meat and potato pie recipe....im making it right now for tonight...only problem is I've put chopped onion in with the meat...will this ruin it ? My husband likes onions with mist things you see xx
    Clare x says:
    Should be fine x
mickey McLaughlin says:
Hi Clare All your cakes look yummmmmmy....will try the ginger ( my fav ! ) Is it poss to do a healthy option ? ( T2 diabetes ) thanks..Mickey UK
    Clare x says:
    Hi Mickey - Thank you I haven't tried - maybe try a sugar replacer? I haven't had a go Let me know if you do x
Tracy says:
Have been following you on Facebook for ages now and never knew you had a monthly newsletter... How have I missed that 🙈. Would love to get on your mail list for the monthly letter please, just love your recipes
    Clare x says:
    And you'd be super welcome - Just subscribe on the website xx