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’52 Weeks of Deliciousness’ is my 2014 book – where I posted a recipe a week for a year – it’s been such a hit 🙂 If you’d like to buy one or review the book please just contact me – click here to go to the ‘Share With Us’ page


Easypeasylemonsqueezy – The Book


Jane says:
Hiya. I'm after a copy of your book please! Tracey Britten tell ms me I have to get it! Thanks Jane
Safira Adam says:
Would love a copy of your book.
    Clare x says:
    No worries - they are £10 plus postage - just follow me on FB and private message me - or send me an email with your address etc to clare@easypeasy-lemonsqueezy.co.uk - Thanks Clare
Anne Ashmore says:
You sent me an email about seeing the print I can see the print but the back ground is very brown/ black this use all your ink when printing just for the background it’s taking to much ink so I will not be printing again.