In the same ethos as Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy I wanted to develop a range of recipes that fit into the Slimming  Style of eating but that are also easy and VERY tasty. So what to call this section? Well here they sit under my category Easy Peasy Slimming! Basically as I couldn’t fit the full name in the menu :-).  I promise to keep adding to this category as I go!

Whether it be super easy dinners, easy lunches, easy sweet treats, easy snacks, easy BBQ recipes, they will all sit here. Filling and nutritious!

I’m very excited about these new easy recipes as we all need to watch what we eat! It’s so important to me that no one misses out on flavour when we are watching the weight. A balanced nutritious diet is so very important.

Good luck everyone with your weight loss journey or just being very healthy! Sometimes it’s more about well being than a smaller dress or trouser size…

Thanks & Good luck