Easy Healthy Recipes – 7 days – ideas

Easy Healthy Recipes – 7 days – ideas

Easy Healthy Recipes – Week 1 ideas 

So here we go, it’s time for a reboot I think – well it is for me anyway. As promised here are my easy healthy recipes – a complete week of ideas – let’s call it week 1 reset 

This is not a complete plan as I believe in freedom to choose what you want to eat – so just some suggestions for you…. hopefully it can give you some ideas for meal planning

I find that if you plan you are more likely to stick to it! 

All nutritional information is on each recipe as a guide, so you can decide if you’re following calories deficit, SW, WW or just trying to get a little control back.

You can work out all the nutritional from the nutritional information on each recipe card (at the bottom of each recipe post)

Also I’m a calorie deficit kinda girl – for me it’s the only way to lose weight and it’s scientifically proven.

We need to limit calories and increase exercise – that’s it 

Now here’s the difficult part for me – you have load of ways to do this and loads of systems to follow 

  1. Calorie counting (my preferred way) 
  2. Slimming World Plan 
  3. Weight Watchers Points Plan 
  4. Intermittent fasting 
  5. Etc etc etc 

I therefore cannot point or syn everything – but this is a pretty healthy guide and a VERUY tasty guide

I’m a firm believer in lots of variety and lots of fruit and vegetables and fibre

I am not a believer in cutting out full food groups etc – but more limiting and controlling 

However you’ll have to do some work for yourselves – working out your way of counting

So let’s get started 


Healthy Breakfasts

I’m not going to list a breakfast recipe every day as you can choose, however here are some ideas and what I tend to have, just for inspiration 

  • Ryvitas or crisp breads with low fay cream cheese & tomatoes 
  • Slice of crustless quiche (frittata) 
  • Fruits Overnight Oats 
  • Cottage cheese (low fat) and crackers 
  • Fruit – I love a banana for breakfast 2 hard  boiled eggs (I take them to work) 
  • Omelette 
  • Bacon medallions with a poached egg 
  • Oat Pancakes & fruit
  • Light Yogurt and fruit 
  • Cold pressed juice – I’m currently loving Carrot Orange and Lime 

Oh the list is endless… 


Here we go – 7 days of suggestions 

1. Monday (or Day 1) – Easy Healthy Recipes – Lunch and dinner 

  • Breakfast as per ideas above or you choose your own 

Lunch Idea 

Healthy Vegetable Soup 

Make the whole recipe and divide into 4-6 portions – have one for lunch and freeze the remaining (in portions) 

Have for lunch with some crisp breads and a piece of fruit maybe 

Healthy Creamy Vegetable Soup SW

  • One Portion: 90 Kcal – serves 6 small portions


  • Top Tip – freeze leftovers in portions – a really great way to grab and go for other days 

Dinner Idea 

Turkey Chilli – slow cooker 

Bang this in your slow cooker and have a portion with rice or on a jacket potato 

Freeze the remaining in portion sizes (use them in the next couple of months) 

Turkey chilli served with rice

  • One Portion: 374 Kcal (you need to add your rice cals) – serves 4 portions 


2. Tuesday (or Day 2) Easy Healthy Recipes – Lunch and dinner

  • Breakfast as per ideas above or you choose your own 

Healthy Lunch idea 

A lovely slice of this crustless quiche, serve with a big salad and maybe some healthy chips 

I believe my step by step to healthy chips is all you need to know πŸ™‚ 

Pop the other 3 portions in the fridge and snack on it or I use a cold slice for breakfast for the next coupe of days) 

Crustless Quiche

Crustless Quiche slimming style, baked and out the oven

  • One Portion: 162Kcal – serves 4 (1/4 of quiche per portion) 


Dinner Idea 

Mac & Cheese Slimming Style 

I absolutely love this and please do try it with the fresh cold tomatoes on top!

You’ll be surprised how delicious the hot and cold are together and we all need veggies & fruits 

You can serve with a large green salad as an idea 

Mac 'n' Cheese - Slimming World Style

  • One Portion: 428 Kcal – serves 1 

And it’s a super quick midweek dinner idea – 25 minutes start to finish! 


3. Wednesday (or Day 3) Easy Healthy Recipes – Lunch and dinner

Lunch Idea 

Crustless Quiche from day 2,  served with a big green salad and maybe some homemade healthy chips

Healthy Oven Chips Slimming style baked golden brown on a baking sheet

  • One Portion: 328 Kcal 

Dinner Idea 

Easy Peasy Healthy Meatballs 

My advice is to make a full quantity of meatballs and freeze those you don’t use uncooked as per the link explains.

That way you have loads at hand for those days when life is a bit busy!! 

Healthy Meatballs slimming style

Easy Slimming World Meatballs

  • One Portion: 454 Kcal 


4. Thursday (or Day 4) Easy Healthy Recipes – Lunch and dinner

  • Breakfast as per ideas above or you choose your own 

Im making this a meat free day πŸ™‚ 

Healthy Lunch idea 

Chickpea & Artichoke Salad is one of my favourite nutrient packed filling salad lunches 

Protein packed Chickpeas with  avocados & artichokes – it’s so good I promise 


Chickpea Salad with sweetcorn avocado and artichokes

  • One Portion: 425 Kcal 


Dinner Idea 

My delicious and easy Vegetable Curry – it really is so good and very easy!

Packed with flavour and lots of vegetables 


Easy Vegetable Curry served

  • One Portion: 263 Kcal 


5. Friday (or Day 5) Easy Healthy Recipes – Lunch and dinner

  • Breakfast as per ideas above or you choose your own 

Vegetable soup for lunch 

Yum πŸ™‚  Easy – you made it the other day! 


Dinner Idea 

Homemade Homemade Burgers for the family, really they are so good and feel like such a treat πŸ™‚ 

You can serve with homemade chips (see above) and how about some yummy Asian Slaw 

Homemade Burgers, finished burger halved

  • One Portion: 441 Kcal (if you want to keep it lower have it without the bun ‘naked’ ) 


Asian Slaw 



6. Saturday (or Day 6) Easy Healthy Recipes – Lunch and dinner

  • Breakfast as per ideas above or you choose your own 

Lunch Idea 

Make a batch of this Roasted Butternut Squash & Tomato Soup, on a Saturday morning and freeze the left overs in portions – you’ll be so happy you did 

It’s rich, packed with flavour,  garlicky and slightly sweet – it’s luscious. Roasting the vegetables intensifies the flavours, it’s so worth it 

Roasted Butternut Squash & Tomato Soup

  • One Portion: 172 Kcal 

Serve with crackers or a slice of bread (count it!)  Filling and packed with fibre love it 


Dinner idea 

My most favourite Saturday night dinner has to be my wonderful and delicious, quick and easy Chicken Curry 

You have to give it a try – I also make my delicious healthy Onion Bhajis

Easy Banging Chicken Curry

A bowl of chicken curry and rice

  • One Portion: 312 Kcal per portion – without rice 


7. Sunday (or Day 7) – Easy Healthy Recipes – Lunch and dinner

Sunday Brunch Recipe

I love this dish – it’s not a looker but oh my it’s so tasty and so filling 

One pop fry up of new potatoes, egg, mushrooms, peas and bacon

  • One Portion: 411 Kcal – serves 2


Sunday Dinner 

There’s nothing we like more than a tray bake over at Easy Peasy and this is basically Sunday lunch on a tray! 

So Easy and serve with lots of fresh broccoli or green to make it super healthy and bursting with fibre 


A tray of roasted Sunday dinner

  • One Portion: 349 Kcal 


And Healthy Snack Ideas (to go with your easy healthy recipes) 

There’s always room for planned snacks – just count them 

Have a gander….. 



The Easy Slimming Group

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Much Love Clare x 


  1. love this, joined group a few weeks ago and really enjoy your posts.
    this 7 day stuff is great, thank you for added inspiration.

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