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Homemade Oven Chips Slimming style

Homemade Oven Chips Slimming style

Ok so I’m putting it out there, here’s a step by step to the perfect Healthy Homemade Oven Chips slimming style. 

Ive been making these for years and trust me there’s a fine line between a good oven chip and a bad oven chip 

I think over the decades I’ve perfected my potato choice (Maris Piper) and my method and I get perfectly crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, golden chips – yum yum!!  Every time – even using a low cal spray 

I’d even go as far to say they rival a fried one, yes I said it 🙂

And let’s just forget about those frozen, bland anaemic things out the freezer shall we? Yuk 🙁  Why would you buy those, I’d like to wager the fact that if you try these – you may never buy oven chips again 

Look at these beauties!!! Basking and beautifully golden – swoon 



Oven method for fab Healthy Homemade Slimming Style chips

And no fancy pants Actifry here – just an oven – and trust me it works.

Maybe one day I’ll buy an Actifry for blog purposes and then I can compare, but for now here goes…

However for now if you follow this method to the letter you’ll end up with fab chips

I read a lot on groups on Facebook that people struggle to make slimming chips and so I have invested a little time and researched throughly the method and documented every little thing – which I hope will help 


Step 1 

Preheat your oven (see full details on the recipe card at the Bottom).

Line a large baking sheet with paper and spray liberally with fry light. I like the sunflower one, but the others work too 

I use Maris Piper Potatoes I think they make the perfect oven chips, other varieties work too, just think these are the best 

So I peel using a potato peeler (if you want skin on chips for extra fibre they also work using this method) 

And then slice into chip shapes, try and make them all the same size (ish) I usually ago for about 1.5cm thick 

Step 2 

Take a large pan and half fill with water, salt well and bring too the boil 

Pop your chips in and parboil for 5 minutes only – no longer 

Remove and drain immediately 


Step 3 

Place chips in a single layer (that bit is important) on your paper lined baking sheet 

Spray liberally with Fry Light 

Use salt if you like too and pepper 

Healthy Oven Chips Slimming style parboiled on a baking sheet before baking

Bake in your hot oven for 10 minutes 

Step 4 

Remove from the oven and turn your chips over – this is important to ensure even browning. 

Spray again and return  to the oven for a further 10 minutes 

Ta-Dah the perfect Oven Chip – slimming style

Healthy Oven Chips Slimming style baked golden brown on a baking sheet


Pimping your Oven Chips 

Once you have cracked this method you can pimp them anyway you like 

Your could try 

  • Garlic salt 
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • Spices 
  • Italian herbs 
  • Parmesan cheese (at the end) 


You could grate your healthy Extra Cheese over the top and make them into dirty fries – so many ideas!! 

Potato Nutrition

I love potatoes, in any shape or form – chips, mash, roasties 

Here’s a little info on the nutrition of the lovely specimins 

Potatoes are a great source of fibre with their skins on as well as being naturally fat-free and Gluten free.

If you want more info of the nutritions then check out the information on Love Potatoes 


Syns for your healthy oven chips 

Free 🙂 


Kit for chip making 

I use a potato peeler like this – In fact I use it for all my veg to be honest 

It’s worth investing in a decent one 


And if you make a lot of chips, often, this is great 

It makes your chips all the same size 🙂  love a gadget 🙂 


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The Slimming Group

I also have a Facebook Closed Group called Easy Peasy Slimming Style Recipes

Come over and join this great honest community Facebook for Slimming Style Recipes if you’re interested   

Just use the join button if you like real home cooked tasty easy food!!

We support encourage and laugh!!

Loads of tips and tricks – I promise

Big Love Clare x

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Serves 2

  • 4 Medium sized Maris Piper potatoes, peeled and sliced into 1.5cm chips
  • Fry Light cooking spray
  • Salt & Black Pepper

Preparation Method

  1. Preheat your oven 220C / 425F / Gas
  2. Line a large baking tray with baking paper and spray the paper liberally with fry light.
  3. Peel your potatoes, and slice into approx 1.5cm chips
  4. Half fill a large pan with water, salt well and bring too the boil
  5. Pop your chips in and parboil for 5 minutes only – no longer
  6. Remove and drain immediately using a sieve or colander
  7. Place your chips in a single layer (that bit is important) on your paper lined baking sheet
  8. Spray your chips liberally with Fry Light . Use salt and pepper at this stage if you fancy
  9. Bake in your hot oven for 10 minutes
  10. Remove from the oven and turn your chips over – this is important to ensure even browning.
  11. Spray again and reign to the oven for a further 10 minutes
  12. Ensure your chips and golden and remove from the oven and serve immediately


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Can’t wIt to try these. Looks absolutely gorgeous!x
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    Thanks chick x
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Looks lovely can’t wait to try them
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Look good.
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These look so good. I want to dive right in!
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