Street Party Food Ideas or garden parties

Street Party Food Ideas or garden parties

Street Party Food Ideas or perfect for garden parties

Street party food! Oh I love a party outside, especially if it’s a street party or garden party. So I’ve pulled together loads of different recipes that would be perfect to grace the tables of any street party.

There are loads of street party food ideas here and I’m not suggesting you make them all – just choose your favourites, delegate the cooking and away you go 

Simply ideas which I hope give you some inspiration at least for your street party food, garden party or whatever you decide to do

Lashing of bubbles, soft drinks and copious amounts of tea and we are all sorted!!

Just pray the weather holds – how British hey, always about the weather 


Savoury Nibbles – Ideas 

I’m a savoury girl at heart (I never say no to a slice of cakes obviously) but give me a savoury bake and I’m happy!! 

So here are a couple which will go down storm on your party table 

Sausage Plait 

This sausage plait recipe is such a perfect get ahead bake

Make then, freeze unbaked, defrost on the morning and bang them in the oven

Serve warm,  they’ll go down a storm – trust me 

Sausage Plait - plaiting


Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are a classic party nibble – flipping delicious and here’s the best (IMHO) Sausage Roll Recipe on the planet 

Again such perfect get ahead bakes. You can male loads and freeze them unbaked and store in bags in the freezer 

Defrost on the morning or bake from frozen and bang them in the oven

Serve warm, piled high on plates and I promise they’ll be such a hit! 


Easy Sausage Rolls, puff pastry


Cheese & Bacon Scones 

Delicious savoury Cheese and bacon scones perfect for any gathering 

Steve warm with lashings of butter, a perfect savoury starter to the mountains  of cakes you’ll eat next! 

Easy Cheese & Bacon Scones - Baked


I have loads of savoury nibbles on the website use the search bar for more inspiration! 


Party Salad Ideas 

And if you fancy some salads these babies are perfect for serving al fresco. Easy to make and super tasty 

Perfect Potato Salad 

I love a good big old bowl of delicious potato salad. None of that slimy shop bought stuff, thank you 

Trust me this no nonsense potato salad recipe is the business 

Easy No Nonsense Potato Salad


Asian Slaw 

Sometimes it’s really great to have a zingy, healthy,  bright salad at a garden party and let me tell you this one is super 

So have a gander at this recipe and see just how easy it is! (it also only takes 10 minutes!) 



Cake Ideas – all the sweet stuff 

Here at Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy (you have probably guessed by now)  we are big into our loaf cakes – we love them! 

Loaf cakes are simple to make and simple to cut – no faffing with the round variety here and these are so useful when feeding a crowd! 

They are also incredibly transportable if you decide to take a couple of cakes along to your gathering! 

So here’s a compilation of our most popular ones and they are so suitable for a British party and I’ve gathered some ideas here for you – but there are many others on the website  


Chocolate Loaf Cake 

This Chocolate Loaf Cake – this one took me forever to perfect – but I have to say it really is quite wonderful. I’m proper proud of it! 

It’s easy to make and is rich and moist. The topping adds another intense layer of chocolate,  complimenting the plentiful  chocolate chunks inside  – just look at it – it’s a delight! A work of art 


Chocoate Loaf Cake - Cut through section


Coffee Cake Loaf 

When I have a coffee cake I like to be able to actually taste the coffee. I’m not sure about you but sometimes when I buy coffee cake it’s nor that flavoursome 

Let me tell you my easy Coffee Loaf Cake recipe delivers on coffee. It’s simple, moist and delicious 


Easy Coffee Cake cut cake glaze



Cherry Maderia Loaf  Cake 

This beautiful traditional Cherry Cake is a massive hit ion the website and on google! Everyone loves it 

go on. have a go! Studded with cherries and beautiful and moist – perfect with a cuppa! 

Cherry Madeira Cake , sliced on a plate


Lemon Drizzle Loaf 

A true classic loaf cake.  

Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake is Lemony and zesty it really is a wonderful cake. This recipe also has a recipe for a mascarpone icing which is delicious for a special occasion 

Easy Lemon Drizzle Cake


Simple Maderia Loaf 

Sometimes in life we just need a plain delicious cake. 

Nothing fancy just lovely Maderia topped with a simple icing. Well this Simple Maderia Loaf Cake is the answer 

Just yum! 

Simple Maderia Cake - iced & sliced


Apple & Fruit Loaf 

This Apple & Fruit Loaf is a lovely cake 

It’s easy to make and it used stewed apples – you know those fallen ones, or the ones that have gone a bit yuk in the fruit bowl – it’s delicious and packed with fruit 

Serve it buttered maybe with a slice of cheese? 

Freda’s apple & fruit loaf



Lincolnshire Plum Loaf 

Here’s a traditional Plum Bread Recipe it’s actually my mums recipe – we love it 

In the north we serve it buttered with a slice of cheese. Just like the one above 

You really should try it 

Lincolnshire Plum loaf cake


Ginger Loaf Cake 

This light Ginger Loaf Cake is a massive hit on Pinterest – everyone loves it 

It’s simple to make and has a lovely gentle warming ginger flavour – again a simple recipe

I also include a Lemon Icing recipe if you fancy being a bit fancy!

Lemon & ginger work so well together 

Easy Ginger Loaf Cake


Carrot Loaf Cake

This Carrot Loaf Cake cake is soft moist and possibly one of my easiest cakes – so if you’re worried about your baking skills this baby is for you


best carrot cake


And let’s not forget the Classic Victoria Sponge Cake 

My lovely blogger friend Jenny has the best recipe I’ve tried for Victoria sponge Cake – so why would I try to reinvent the wheel when Jenny’s is perfect 

Just look at that beauty 🙂 Thanks Jenny 

Super for any street party, garden party or celebration 


Cheesecake – can you have a gathering without a cheesecake? 

British summertime, for me,  is all about the strawberries, sweet, juicy and delicious. 

My favourite way  to eat them is in a cheesecake and this is super 🙂 also a little bit of a showstopper too – here’s the cheesecake recipe 

Sliced strawberry cheesecake


Jubilee Ideas!! 

And here’s the lovely bunting I’ve bought – it’s super! 

This pack might help too!

And I found these which I thought were super cute and lovely for the kids to pop onto of fairy cakes or cupcakes 


Anyway I hope you all have a fabulous day whatever you get up to and I hope you enjoy your day.

Whether that’s street party food, BBQ food or garden party food – it doesn’t really matter. It’s just lovely to be able to gather together and celebrate, or not it’s up to you 🙂 

Have fun 

Big Love Clare 


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