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Easy Cheese & Bacon Scones

Easy Cheese & Bacon Scones!! 

Oh I do love a savoury Scone so these Easy Cheese & Bacon Scones are just the ticket. And why have a cheese scone when you can have a cheese AND  bacon scone 🙂

I think I prefer savoury scones to sweet ones?!

How about you?

Don’t get me wrong I love Scones with Jam and clotted cream occasionally,  but given the choice I usually plump for savoury!

I think these are so good and my Cheese scone recipe is good I promise!  

Cheese Scones are divine but the addition of the smoky bacon – woah it just adds to it!

Sweet or Savoury scones? 

I’m so much more of a savoury girl than I am sweet. I often wonder why that is?

Give me crisps over chocolate any day! Maybe I need to skip both 🙂 hey ho, but life is short….

My advice here with this lovely savoury cheese scone recipe  is to try and use SMOKED bacon.  

It gives the scones such a wonderful smokey flavour.

They are so simple and easy to make, why not ask the kids to make them?

Let them earn their keep 🙂


cheese & bacon scones


Lather them in butter and flipping enjoy!

I guarantee they won’t last long!

Easy Bake – Cheese & Bacon scones

Have a go – such an easy bake – easypeasylemonsqueezy!

Just remember one thing, never overwork the mix, be as light as a feather with the mix, NEVER EVER overwork.

Your scones will be amazing!

Just look at them! 

Easy Cheese & Bacon Scones - Baked


Tips for making Scones, cheese or sweet

So people are often scared of making scones? This I don’t really get?

They are so Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 🙂

But there a a few tips:

  1. Use very cold butter
  2. Do not overwork – meaning just pull the dough together
  3. Roll once – again don’t overwork
  4. Brush only the tops with milk (not the sides)
  5. And for these make sure you use some good strong Cheese

How to serve your Cheese & Bacon Scones

I’d say straight form the oven is the best and I’d also say  –  butter me up  🙂 



So lastly how do you pronounce scone?

Oh so many views!

There are two possible pronunciations of the word scone:

the first rhymes with gone and the second rhymes with tone.

In US English the pronunciation rhyming with tone is more common.

In British English the two pronunciations traditionally have different regional and class associations, with the first pronunciation associated with the north of England and the northern working class, while the second is associated with the south and the middle class….

So which are you?  🙂

How about some sweet scones?

I have a lovely recipe for sweet scones these have granola and strawberries included in the scone mix. Now that’s a bit different isn’t it? 

And let me tell you they are flipping stunning! Strawberries and Cream Scones 

Lizi’s Granola Strawberries & Cream Scones for St George’s Day

Other Tasty Morsels 

If you like savoury stuff I’m sure you’ll also like these Smoked Bacon, Mushroom & Filo Tartlets 

Smoked Bacon, Mushroom & Filo Tartlets


That’s it!

So go on have a go!

Let me know how you get on making these delicious and Easy Cheese & Bacon Scones!

Love Clare x


  • 3 rashers smoked bacon fat removed, chopped finely
  • 200g self-raising flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
  • Freshly Ground Black pepper
  • 40g butter, (salted) cut into small cubes
  • 100g strong grated cheese (hold some back for sprinkling)
  • 100ml milk
  • Milk for brushing tops

Preparation Method

  1. Preheat oven to 200 C / 400 F/ Gas 6. 
  2. In a small frying pan dry fry your bacon until crispy
  3. In a bowl tip in the flour, mustard powder & black pepper, next rub in the butter cubes using your fingers
  4. Then add the grated cheese, fried bacon & stir
  5. Add the milk and bring together until you have a dough – DO NOT OVERWORK!!!
  6. Finally  roll out onto a floured surface, (should be 2.5 cm thick / 1 inch min) cut out 6 scones
  7. Pop on a greased baking tray brush with milk (not down the sides) & sprinkle with cheese and bake for approx. 20 mins (ish) – until nice and golden brown. (Less time required for fan assisted oven – 15 minutes)

Serve warm with butter – fantabulous!


Susan nock says:
sounds fantastic Clare will have ago tomorrow for tea ?
Susan says:
nice warmed in microwave for breakfast ?
Steph F says:
Just made these today for the first time. Delicious. Will there be any left by tomorrow? Doubtful ? Thank you x
Barbara says:
Lasted just 10mins. Served them with lashings of butter
Kieran says:
Will try tonight. Sounds delicious
Anonymous says:
Making these tomorrow