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Cherry Madeira Cake

SHOUTS CAKE!!!!! Cherry Cake 🙂 

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My Cherry Cake

My Cherry Madeira Cake recipe is a perfect I promise, soft, moist and delicious Madeira.

It’s so lovely and it’s one of my personal favourites!

It’s quick and easy to make so why not have a go ?  

And it is THE most popular recipe on the blog.

It’s such a classic and so simple,  I love it!

A real teatime treat – that’s if you can wait until teatime! 

It’s a perfect cake for the cake tin, but it never lasts that long in my house…


Do you love baking?

I love it,  it really is my way to relax and switch off.

I tend to turn the music up  loud in my kitchen and dance away wooden spoon in hand.

One of the things I love is  the fact that when you bake you create something and it is such a science, often never the same twice.

I also love the smells and everyone circling whilst they wait for it to cool!


Why is it called a Cherry Madeira Cake?

So why is it called a Madeira Cake?  

Well according to Wikapedia

It is a rich sponge cake that, contrary to its name, does not include Madeira.  

Nor did it originate from the Madeira Islands.

Historically, it was a popular cake to serve alongside glasses of the fortified wine in the 19th century in England.

And if you do decide to have a go at my Cherry Madeira Cake recipe then please drop me a note below the recipe, I love to hear your comments.

When people try or make something using the recipes I create and LOVE it, my heart is filled with tremendous joy.

I can’t quite explain why?


Cherry Maderia Cake Batter 

Just look at that cherry cake batter 

Cherry Madeira



Can we avoid Sinking Cherries in a Cherry Madeira?

The issue with Cherry Maderia is normally the sinking of the cherries issue 🙂

My advice is to always wash the cherries really well under a running tap and then dry them well in kitchen roll.

This removes the sticky syrup which I believe is part of the culprit for the sinking of them.

Then finally roll them in flour!

It works almost every time for me.

Well I say every time but I  have to say not every SINGLE  time.

I did hear someone say once, that placing the cherries on top of the cake before baking worked.

Meaning that they at least then had a fighting chance of not sinking to the bottom?

I  haven’t ever tried this. It would be interesting to hear if you’ve tried this?

To be honest I quite like the anticipation of the slicing. And after all  the cake tastes exactly the same even if your cherries sink.  

Saying that I do understand that aesthetically this cake does look so lovely studded with cherries equally (ish) spaced.

Just so you know my recipe has quite a lot of cherries, but it is after all a CHERRY Madeira and I love them!

So here’s one of my cherry cakes where the cherries sank. 🙂

See I told you, but look it’s still smiling at me nevertheless!

I get it wrong sometimes too, it still tasted amazing.



Can I make this Cherry Madeira without an electric whisk?

Using an electric whisk or Stand Mixer to Cream the butter and sugar together is fantastic and really quick and then the eggs it really is great as it gets the job done quickly and incorporates lots and lots of air.

However, it can obviously be made using a wooden spoon too.

It might take a little longer and it’ll just take a little more elbow grease.

But think of those lovely toned arms.

Below I’ve detailed my favourite Electric Stand Mixer.


Another Maderia Cake 

Here’s another Maderia cake – just a plain and simple Ice Maderia. Another classic 

Sometimes we just need plain and simple…… 

Madeira Cake


Just a few pointers about Cakes, not just Cherry ones

And please remember  if you like this cake I have so many more I’m sure you’ll love.

Freda’s Apple & Fruit Loaf is really very popular, as is my Lemon Drizzle Cake!

Oh and let’s not forget my Mum Easy Christmas Cake another classic and a must try for Christmas.

Or why not my lovely  new Chocolate Loaf Cake – it’s insanely good 


Chocoate Loaf Cake - Cut through section



Gosh can you tell I love baking and especially the good old classics!!

Thanks Cx


Kitchen Kit

You lovely peeps have started to ask me about kitchen kit a lot!!!!

Well you need to know I use the below stand mixer!

It’s quite an investment HOWEVER I love it and I know I will have it for life.

I see it as my essential piece of kit.

I also have lots of the attachments which I can talk about soon in another post Especially the pasta attachment !

Personally I believe this is the best stand mixer on the planet – but that’s just my view!

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  • 175g Butter, at room temp
  • 175g Caster sugar
  • 3 large Eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 220g Self Raising Flour
  • 1 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 150g glacé Cherries

Preparation Method

Double the mix for 2 – one will never be enough…..

  1. Pre-Heat the oven to Gas 4 / 180C
  2. Grease and line a 2lb / 900g loaf tin – I use those loaf liners they are fantastic
  3. WASH your Glace Cherries under the tap, dry and then roll lightly in self raising flour – you don’t want sinking cherries!
  4. Cream your butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  5. Add one egg at a time beating well, don’t worry if it curdles a little just keep mixing and add a tablespoon of the flour. Then add the Vanilla extract!
  6. Next add  the baking powder and flour, mix well
  7. Finally tip in the flour rolled cherries – mix through
  8. Pop mix into tin, smooth top and bake on the middle shelf for approx. 1 hour – watch the top make sure it doesn’t burn – if it browns too quickly pop a piece of foil loosely over the top
  9. Test with a skewer – if it comes out clean it’s baked
  10. Remove from oven and cool on a wire rack! Then enjoy with a cuppa!


Margaret Lothian says:
Absolutely in love with this cake and my friends keep asking me to make it. Problem is when I printed the recipe I can't read it because of the black background. Could you please put the recipe on a light colored background ? I would really appreciate it.
    Clare x says:
    Hi Margaret - I look into it! Glad you love the recipe Cx
Paula J says:
Great for a last minute bake! So simple and easy with a flavour everyone will be happy with. Cherries give a lovely moistness when eaten too :) Must try again soon as my cherries sank! Mum reckons I didn't leave enough flour on them....xx
    Clare x says:
    Wash them- flour them lovely X Glad you loved it
Nicole says:
The recipe is not readable when printed out because of the black background. Such a shame.
    Clare x says:
    Hi Nicole if you use the "Print Me' button all the colour had been stripped out so it's perfect for printing Cx
Anonymous says:
Can you make this plain without cherries and can you add anthing else
    Clare x says:
    Yes of course you can - no problem - add some orange zest - lovely Orange Madera Cx
Seb says:
Great recipe and tastes very good indeed. I might try it as muffin cakes. My cherries did sink though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Clare x says:
    Did you wash and roll? and made sure your batter wasn't too loose? :-(
Seb says:
Hi Clare, I did wash and roll but maybe my cake batter was a bit slack. I love cherry cake so I will have another try.
Karen says:
Probably the best cake recipe I've ever used! Delicious! Cooked through perfectly, really chuffed!
Teresa O'Keeffe says:
Hav just tried your cherry cake and it is so easy and delicious
Collina says:
Made this cake . It was awesome. Perfect...brought back so many memories. Thank you
Charles sinclair says:
Nice cake and flavour but cherries sank.
Denise says:
Put a few cherries to one side and when the mixture is in the tin put them on the top just before it goes in the oven.
Ebba says:
I was wondering how long in the oven it I were to make these as individual cupcake sized cakes? Planning on making jam filled snowball (covered in coconut)cakes with them.
    Clare x says:
    Sound amazing - I would say 20 minutes and keep checking! I'd love to hear how you get on Cx
Wendy Coleman says:
I removed syrup from cherries with paper towel, and halved them....no sinking. I imagine washing them may allow water to "hide inside" and cause the to sink.
Sally says:
Made this Thursday. Making it again as so good.
    Clare x says:
    Great to hear!!
Bev says:
I have made this with cherries & also with choc chips both go well & lovely
Melanie Morris says:
Lovely cake, made it twice and both times the cherries sank! First time I used whole cherries, washed dried rolled in flour and added whilst still in the mixer. Second time I cut them in half but added them by hand and saved a third to add when in the tin, they still sank!! Still delicious but would be nice to have cherries in the whole cake not just a layer in the bottom.
    Clare x says:
    Oh no Melanie - maybe a little thicker mix? x
John says:
Made this cake yesterday, it was a hit with my wife and I. When I made it I added the cherries and then used an electric mixer which resulted in them being macerated. Next time I will mix the cherries in by hand. Thank you for an excellent recipe that even a rookie baker like me could follow.
    Clare x says:
    Thanks John - great to here Cx
John E says:
Made this cake yesterday; hailed as a success by my wife. When I added the cherries I used an electric mixer: mistake, since they were macerated! Next time I will use my hands so that the cherries will remain whole. Thank you for a recipe that allows even a rookie baker to bake a successful cake.
April says:
Supper cherry cake, we like a few more cherries in our cake so added extra 100 grms
Anonymous says:
I am just making but added choc chips as well as cherries as love them both
Jacquie Reeve says:
Made this a week ago for ourselves and doubles the mixture. It is truly heavenly so moist. Now making another one for our local coffee morning where locals drop in for a cuppa and a slice of cake, fingers crossed they will love it too.
    Clare x says:
    Oh love this! It is a lovely cake - so glad you enjoyed! Hopefully your locals will love it too Cx
Pam says:
These are easy to make and delicious!
Anonymous says:
Cherry cake
Eileen says:
Vanda Baker says:
Is this cake okay to freeze please ?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Vanda I haven't tried freezing to but i don't see why not? Let me know if you do Thanks Cx
robert westwood says:
used fresh cherries...stoned..(the cherries..not me!) .... and absolutely wonderful ... great recipe..
    Clare x says:
    That really made me laugh!! I think you win the best ever quote on my blog! Glad you liked the recipe Cx
Sharon Whitehorn says:
Hi, how many days will this cake stay fresh after baking..??
    Clare x says:
    Have never tested - only ever lasts 2 days in our house! Wrapped in foil possibly 4 days? You need to give it a try - Thanks Clare
I am a sixty four year old gentleman but still a boy at heart! Just followed your recipe and doubled the mixture and then made two wonderful cherry Madeira cakes for two friends as a surprise! Both gave 10 out of 10 Wow factor or what! Best cherry cake recipe ever! Thankyou....Richard...
    Clare x says:
    Hi Richard - this is great - you have made my day :-) x
JoJo says:
I made this today and it tastes proper lovely. My new favourite cake.
    Clare x says:
    Great to hear JoJo x
Julia Best says:
Clare, was googling a recipe and LOVE that yours came up! Keep up the fantastic work lovely lady xxxx
    Clare x says:
    Oh Thanks Ju - this cake is so popular! xxx
Adwoa says:
What do you mean by ‘roll’ , is it rolling it with a rolling pin?
    Clare x says:
    Hi - what I actually mean is coat well in the flour - do not use a rolling pin - Thanks Clare
Alison Leeland says:
I did all the recommended tricks to stop my cherries sinking - washed, dried, cut into smaller pieces, dusted in flour, added at the end - they still sunk to the bottom! So frustrating - what is the magic trick to getting evenly distributed cherries please?
    Clare x says:
    Did you add any milk? maybe do all the above and don't add the milk? What size eggs did you use? Cx
Sel p says:
Made today and found the 1 hour cooking time to long and the cake become slightly burnt, did put foil on top
Kathy Bennett says:
Hi, I've not tried this recipe yet but intend to do so. I'm English and was always taught as a child that the traditional English way to make cherry cake was to halve, wash, DRY and then toss in half the flour the cherries before adding. This should prevent them sinking.
Rifat says:
Hi!! Thank you for your recipe. I just wondering can I skip butter as “ingredients” ?? Because, I’m allergic to it. If I can skip butter then can I go to the eggy step straight away or have to do anything else?? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
    Clare x says:
    This recipe really needs the butter or margarine? Or why not try the Vegan Chocolate Cake on here? Thanks Clare
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David Smith says:
Nice gone in a day mainly me cherry did not sink goning to leave whole next time thanks for the recipe
    Clare x says:
    Really great to hear David - Thanks so much for your comment Cx
Anonymous says:
Made this and the cherries fell to the bottom. I washed and floured them and the batter was thick. But sure am going to try again.. Any other suggestions?.Val
    Clare x says:
    Hi - what sized eggs did you use? Cx
Val says:
Hi - what sized eggs did you use? Cx Hi Clare, I used large eggs. I'm going to try again . Hubby luved it, yummy
    Clare x says:
    Hi Val - I used Medium sized eggs Cx Glad hubby approved x
Mary says:
Fab recipe- really easy to make and absolutely delicious. I added a suger crust for my ver sweet-toothed husband. Thank you so much for sharing.
Mary says:
Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe. Quick and easy and absolutely delicious. I added a very thin sugar crust for my sweet- toothed husband as I was a little short on cherries (using up the Christmas cake leftovers). Good tip about using tin foil too - my oven is a bit unpredictable.
    Clare x says:
    So glad you liked it x
Anonymous says:
Thank you so lovely and easy to make I'll share this recipe. with my friends Thank you .
    Clare x says:
    Many thanks Cx
Jayne says:
Mmmm yummy 😋. Just made this with my 5 year old( although I didn’t wash the cherries 🍒) it’s so yummy and my cherry’s haven’t sunk. I had to use a round cake tin as my loaf tin was to small. And it only needed half hour cooking time.
    Clare x says:
    Fab to hear Jayne - Thanks for your comment Cx
John Davies says:
Hi there I do lots of baking, love trying different recipes, but had never made a cherry cake. A friend remarked how much he loves cherry cake etc so made one for a surprise. He loved it, was delicious, although majority of cherries were nearer the botton than spread out. My wife says I am a perfectionist, perhaps I am, but I just like hings as good as I can do. Anyway, cut cherries in half, washed & dried-even coated in some of the flour from recipe. Next time, think I will cut in quarters for a try. Thank you, easy recipe to folliw & lip smackingly good! Tonight I am going to try your lemon chicken recipe as Jenny (wife!) fancies a Chinese!? Will let you know what it was like....X
    Clare x says:
    Oh yes please do John! Love getting your comments Cx
John Davies says:
Hi Love baking but never before made cherry cake. Tried your recipe-yummy, though most cherries sank, despite washing,cutting in half then drying & covering in flour from recipe. Next time will cut maybe in quarters.. Tonight am trying your lemon chicken recipe-will post how it goes! My 1st post disappeared, so apologies if it reappears do you have two about my cake. X
Gwen says:
My husbands favourite cake now! Made it x 3 and has turned out well . Only problem- it doesn’t last long.
    Clare x says:
    Oh lovely to hear Gwen! Thanks for your comment Cx
George says:
I made this cake and followed the recipe but my cherries still sank to the bottom. The cake tasted amazing so I am going to do it again have you got any tips please
    Clare x says:
    Oh I'm sorry you cherries sank.... it's a strange thing. Try really washing well, rolling in flour and maybe hold back on the milk Cx
Jacqui says:
Have just taken cake out oven bit burnt round edges but still delicious. Cooked st 170 fan for 50 minutes. Covered for last 10 mins will foil
David Graham says:
I made it today 20 April 19 - came out perfectly and the cherries stayed where they should have ! The only thing was I baked it at 190 c but it took 90 mins to bake - it a problem though was lovely and moist.
Anonymous says:
How many calories in this recipe please. Before I eat it all
Julie says:
How many calories in this recipe please. Before I eat it all
    Clare x says:
    Zero ha ha - I have no idea Cx I can work it out
Sandra says:
I love this recipe I must of made it around 12 times but the cherries have always sunk until today! usually I just toss the cherries in flour but today I rolled them in plain flour leaving more flour on them and also my mixture was thicker resulting in my best ever Cherry cake!
    Clare x says:
    Fantastic Sandra - greta to hear!! Cx
Anonymous says:
Hi made this this afternoon - cherries sunk and I followed the recipe- no matter still a lovely cake
    Clare x says:
    Oh sorry to hear that - seems to be no rhyme or reason - i keep trying to perfect the recipe :-(
Cheryl-ann says:
I discovered your site by accident, it’s amazing 😉
Anne Ashmore says:
Great cake but the recipe is very hard to read as it is on a black background when you print
    Clare x says:
    Hi - if you use the PRINT ME button all the black has been taken out?? thanks Cx
Pauline Barton says:
Absolutely gorgeous. I used Italian Glacé Morello Cherries and substituted half of the sugar with ground almonds, FAB-U-LOUS
    Clare x says:
    Fantastic to hear Pauline - glad you loved it Cx
Annette says:
This is such a delicious cake! Have made it twice now, once for me and once for friends who raved about it. Couldn't bear to wash the syrup off the glacé cherries lol, so they sink, even when I chop them smaller and put then only into one third of the mix and then put that into the tin last - but the cake tastes so good I’m not losing any sleep about it :-)
Helen says:
Is it ok to bake this cake in a round tin instead of a loaf shaped tin.
Betty Massey. says:
Sounds delicious and quick to make. Many thanks
Diane says:
About how long do I bake the cake for
    Clare x says:
    Hi Diane approx 1 hour - point 8 on method Thanks Cx
Glen says:
Lovely recipe I changed vanilla extract for mixed spice.
Margaret says:
I will let you know how it is thanks I wrote the recipe in a book
Sue says:
Hello thank you for the recipe, well, my cherries did sink, was disappointed, in the past I have always cut the cherries in half, I scanned your recipe and no mention of doing this.. So I didn't... Did everything as per your recipe, but as you say... It doesn't affect the taste!!! Going to try your other recipes... Thank you again
Amanda says:
Very good and easy instructions for a non Baker like me
She davies says:
This turned out lovely. I rolled the cherries in flour to stop them sinking but they still sunk what am I doing wrong?
Kevin says:
It's been a breeze to make and it's now in the oven, smells fabulous, update coming up soon...........
Anonymous says:
Try leaving your cherries overnight to dry, I use my grans recipe and that’s what she did and I’ve never had a sunken cherry
Zal says:
I have just made the cherry loaf and it looks and tastes amazing, my cherries did not sink to the bottom so I am very glas
    Clare x says:
    Hey - well done - thanks for your message Cx
A McCarthy says:
Lovely moist cake ...yummy
Jean says:
Just copied recipe Will give it a try whilst i am in lockdown
Irene says:
Can't find the print me button.
    Clare x says:
    It's on the right hand side in the yellow - it says PRINT ME x
Marianne B says:
Thank you. Never baked before and the cake came out well.
    Clare x says:
    Great to hear x
Nnessa says:
Delicious cake easy to follow.BUT in spite of carrying out all recommendations cherry's sank! But as I'm on my own here no one else will see this issue and as I get to eat the whole cake I will get all the cherries .yum yum
Alison Heppell says:
Just cut the cherries in half to reduce weight ,we were told that in our domestic science classes when making Xmas cakes ,and it has always works ,Iv made the recipes. for 50 yrs
Caroline says:
can you make without baking powder?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Caroline - you can try it - you will get a heavier cake without the traditional crack on top. But it will taste the same. Try not to over mix the flour at the end - should be ok - good luck! Cx
Anonymous says:
Nothing happens when I press the print me button
    Clare x says:
    I've just checked hot and it works for me. Are you using the yellowfins print me button? Thanks Clare
Louise says:
Just made this cherry cake. It’s absolutely delicious. Lovely taste and moist. So easy to make and the cherries didn’t sink to the bottom👍👍I did as suggested and washed and dried the cherries and rolled them in flour. Absolutely yummy😋😋thankyou xx
Lorraine McCourt says:
Made this cherry cake yesterday & doubled the mixture. Turned out really well & It was yummy. I quartered my cherries washed dryed & rolled them in flour. I also added 50gms of ground almonds & no cherries didn’t sink. I think you need to make sure your mixture isn’t too slack so I didnt use large eggs & also held some cherries back to add to the top just before they went into the oven. Well Worth the effort & delicious
Jassy says:
Delicious cake, thank you. Lasted 10mins.
Helen says:
Great cake, cherries didn’t malfunction too much, going definitely make it again, may change it up to cherry & almond
Karen Hudson says:
I made this today, adding some ground almonds (40g) as well. The cherries did not sink!! And it's deliciously moist. A couple of years ago I made a Mary Berry recipe cherrycake, but your recipe is much better, and will be the one I will use in future. Thanks.
    Clare x says:
    Oh thank you x
Jennifer says:
My dad always loved cherry cake. He passed 10 years ago. My kids wanted me to make one to remember him. Your recipe made that possible. I lost his recipe but remember that I had to roll the cherries in finely crushed almonds. They didn't sink! Thank you for a memorable moment.
    Clare x says:
    Oh how lovely - this has made my day - Thank you Cx
Ann isaacs says:
I'm making the cake today...let's see how it comes out
Sheila from north London uk says:
Dear Cx. Your cherry Madeira was delicious and so easy. It was a great “Lockdown” treat for my family
Ann isaacs says:
The cake came out nice but a bit dry...how do i make it a bit more moist?
Malcolm Payne says:
Why can't all the ingredients be put in the mixer at the same time?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Malcolm - this recipe isn't an all in one one. I recommend you cream the butter and sugar and then the eggs - it's all about air inclusion Thanks Cx
Sue Taylor says:
Great tasting cake, will definitely make again. Cherries were in bottom half, will try making it thicker next time. Am going to try your other cakes too, thanks
Christine says:
Can you use fresh cherries
    Clare x says:
    Hi, I haven't tried it. But mauler have a go - guess it will be a different tedcyure - would love to hear if you do xx
Marion Taylor says:
Hello, just about to try this cherry madeira cake - looks scrummy, and easy! Your recipes are a lovely way to spend time at home! Think I know the answer, but can I use fresh cherries instead - have just picked a load!
    Clare x says:
    Have a go - they will be a different rtexture in the cake though x
Marie Carpenter says:
As a novice baker I tried the cherry Maderia and hoped for the best! It turned out to be the best cake I have ever made although the cherries didn’t just sink they plummeted to the bottom ! However, it didn’t matter as the cake was delicious and I have another one cooking now. I am hoping for better results regarding the cherries. 😀
    Clare x says:
    Oh so lovely to hear xxx
Doreen in Belfast says:
My partner love's this cake, he can't get enough of it, I enjoy making it, easy recipe to follow, but must admit I'm a bit and miss with the sunken cherries not that my partner cares.
Susan says:
Hello. Like everyone I’ve been downing more baking during lockdown. But I always stick to the same old favourites. Today I discovered the pot of cherry’s at the back of the cupboard that I buy each year for my Christmas cake. I then typed in cherry cake and so glad I tapped on your link first. Just loved ready the article about cherry cakes, also now very tempted by all the other cakes down the side. Thank you. I will be attempting the cherry cake shortly,in hopefully anticipation of placing a slice and a cup of tea by my husband and son busy working from the dining room table .
    Clare x says:
    Oh so lovely!! Let me know how you get on xx
Lynn chapman says:
Great recipe, super easy. I added chocolate chips with my cherries and good even spread through the whole cake.
Anne says:
Love your website Clare, your enthusiasm really inspires me to get baking😃! Your cherry cake recipe is similar to one in my old Bero flour recipe booklet that I’ve had for over 50 years, but somehow yours tastes so much better! Still can’t get those cherries to stay at the top though, even after rinsing, drying and coating in flour - but I’ll keep trying. Xx
    Clare x says:
    Oh thanks hunny xxx those flipping cherries xxx
Denise says:
Just about to make this, as a friend has given me an enormous bowl of fresh cherries. Any instructions cos they're not glace store-bought cherries?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Denise - I've never used fresh cherries in a Cherry Maderia - I'm sorry x
Carol Durrant says:
Why did my Cherry Madeira go slightly crusty on top
    Clare x says:
    Oven temp? Xxx hope it tasted good xx
Pam says:
I made the cherry Madeira and the cherries didn’t sink,but I put everything in the bowl except the cherries and whisked until smith then added cherries,the cake was the best I’ve ever made,thank you for the recipe.
Linda says:
Lovely cake great texture didn't last long !
Jan says:
How long is the cooking time?!!!!
    Clare x says:
    Hi Jan - it's point no 8? Thanks Clare
June Drew says:
Hi there. I've never been a cake maker (I only make a Christmas fruit cake which I have to say, unmodestly, is rather good). Anyway, here I am in the UK in lockdown with a glut of fresh cherries so decided to try your recipe. It was easy peasy to make and absolutely delicious. Though cherries all sunk & I rolled them in flour but I'd definitely make it again. Thank you.
    Clare x says:
    Lovely to hear x Thank you
Janet Leighs says:
Hi My partner has been driving me mad to make him a cherry Madeira cake and was looking on internet and yours came up so I am giving it a go today - will see if I can spread the cherries through the cake and hope they do not sink as he may have some cheeky comments to make.
    Clare x says:
    Oh good luck xx
Carrol says:
Could you please give the recipe in millilitres as well as i am not very good with grams
    Clare x says:
    Hi Carol - I'm not sure I can - millilitres is a liquid measurement and the ingredients are dry Thanks Clare
Stephanie says:
Hi , I have got some Lakeland plastic loaf tin liners . Do I have to grease those before I put the cake mixture in please ?
    Clare x says:
    No hunny x
Cathy W says:
I don't seem to be able to print out any of your recipes unless I cut and paste from your website into word and then it appears on black background which isn't great. Suspect I'm doing something obviously wrong.... help please! Cherry Madeira cake coming up....
    Clare x says:
    Hi Lovely Just use the PRINT ME button on the site - it strips out the colour for you xx
HelenK says:
I've been looking for a cherry coconut cake recipe and came across yours. Could I add in coconut the way some have added almonds? If this works, you may be my new BFF!!
    Clare x says:
    I think you can - please let me know and I'll be your BFF too xx
Anonymous says:
Printing! If you use the "PRINT ME" button on the webpage side panel, also disable "Background graphics" in your printer settings for easy-to-read black type on a white page. Made this lovely cake before and I'm just about to make another , but this time I only have two eggs. I'll just use a little oil instead. Wish me luck :)
    Clare x says:
    Good luck - yes the print me button strips out the colour Website is due to be relaunched January too :-) x
Jaques says:
Love this recipe, but I made a couple of adjustments, I wash and cut the cherries and roll them in ground almonds wet as more will stick. Also use Almond extract and it tastes like a massive cherry Bakewell without the icing
Michele Day says:
Fab cake, washed cherries and rolled in flour, guess what they sank, but who cares lovely cake, yum, yum, will def make again xx
Lynn says:
I can't see a Print Me button anywhere!
    Clare x says:
    It's there Lynn - on a desktop on the right in a yellow box x
Audrey Malone says:
Just made this now for my partner as he loves carry cale and so does my son and little girl let you know how I get on
Phyllis Watters says:
My cake sank in the middle. Easy recipe to follow. Any tips?
    Clare x says:
    Oven temp? X
Janette says:
This is my favourite cake of all time. So easy to make and if the cherries do sink which mine did it’s still lovely. Trouble was it didn’t last long enough once hubby started cutting into it. Double quantities next time I think.
    Clare x says:
    Lovely to hear xx Thank you
Wendy Hanks says:
I just tried this and you were right about doubling the ingredients!! I made a large one just yesterday and it is almost all gone today. Thanks for the delicious recipe.
    Clare x says:
    Great to hear Wendy :-) Thank you
Karen says:
Tastes delicious but for some reason it collapsed in the middle and was quite dense. Not a novice baker so a bit confused. Will try it again though.
    Clare x says:
    Oh no?? Oven temp? x
Barbara says:
Absolutely fantastic delicious cherry 🍒 cake
    Clare x says:
    So lovely to hear - thank you x
Geraldine Dines says:
Where is the print button?
    Clare x says:
    It's on the right hand side in the yellow panel - Thanks
Mary Logue says:
I found this to be too sweet and it is not rise very well. I followed the recipe to the letter. The cherries also sank to the bottom. Also the cake was a bit burnt, had to cut the sides off. I was going to give it to someone as a gift, but changed my mind. Iwillta, with less sugar and at a lower temperature. Not sure what I can do about about sinhrries though. I did keep some back to place on the top, but it didn’t work.
Elizabeth Bennett Nicol says:
This was my favourite as a child. In Scotland we would traditionally have this at Hogmanay along with plain Madeira Cake and a currant Madeira cake also. I’m going to make all three tomorrow, so excited.
    Clare x says:
    fantastic to hear x
Dean says:
Hi made this and it was really good easy to make and my cherries 🍒 stopped at the top thanks Dean p.s never baked
    Clare x says:
    Perfect :-) x
Kelly says:
Can you convert the grams please
    Clare x says:
    Hi Kelly - there are 28.3g to an one - so just divide - Thanks
Catherine says:
Ive just made this cake for the first time.couldnt stop eating it.
Bernadette Ryan says:
Amazing cherry Madeira cake, it only lasted one evening, so making 2 this time!!
    Clare x says:
    Oh great to hear x Thank you
Lorna says:
Hi, is the 180C for a fan oven? If not, how much should I reduce the temperature by? Thanks
    Clare x says:
    Yes 180C fan - if not browns too much - reduce by 10 degrees x
Lesley Powell says:
    Clare x says:
    love this x
Jane Mullin says:
Not a baker, more an eater but being Gluten Free I have to bake if I want cake. Just had a mad craving for Cherry Cake. Never made one ever. Internet search and you came up. Gave it a go. Used my normal GF flour, didn't have vanilla essence or baking powder but did not make any difference. Was sensational and my cherries didn't sink! First time baking it! Go me. But you were right. Do need to make double as eaten half of it already! Thank you! My kind of recipe! Delicious.
    Clare x says:
    Oh Jane that's so good to hear!! Well done x
Em smith says:
Going to cut sugar content a bit as finding things bit too sweet at mo, looked it up and it said anything up to 25% is ok so I figure my weights will be 125 caster sugar now, let you know how it goes!
Jan says:
Love your recipes. I've started to enjoy Baking again. Thank you xx
    Clare x says:
    Oh - I LOVE that - thank you x
Helen says:
Not had cherry madeira cake in yonks! Will be baking in the coming days.
Pat Crosthwaite says:
Thank you ...just made you cherry madeira....fantastic.I used 3/4 of cherry's then pushed the rest into mix just before baking ..it worked a treat xx
    Clare x says:
    Perfect x
    Clare x says:
    Oh so please to hear x
Anonymous says:
Can I use granulated sugar instead of caster sugar
    Clare x says:
    Yes - maybe whiz it in a food processor first, or in a double plastic bag and hit it with a rolling pin, try and make it a little finer - thanks
Mary says:
Can this be frozen
    Clare x says:
    I haven't tried myself - but can see no reason why not as long as it wrapped well x