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Easy Coffee Loaf Cake mmmmmm

Easy Coffee Loaf Cake 

I realised recently I was missing anything coffee on my website. (Except my Vodka Espresso Martini)! So here’s my lovely recipe for an Easy Coffee Loaf Cake 🙂 

It took me a month to perfect it, so sorry it took ages.

But I think it’s worth it for a great coffee cake! 


Moist Coffee Cake Recipe

I wanted this loaf cake to be  really moist and so I did a huge amount of research.  

I  decided I’d try adding some soured cream into the mix.

It is supposed to keep it moist and I’m really happy to say it certainly flipping does.

Easy Coffee Cake - mixed ingredients


Moist Coffee Cake Texture

It also gives it a nice dense texture, perfect to have cold with a brew!

This lovely cake is sturdy enough for a lunch box too!

I’d call it a tin cake, you know one to always have in the tin incase anyone pops round (not sure how long it would stay in the tin as it’s so good!).

It’s delicious but not too ‘fancy.’

Do you know what I mean?

A good basic staple – a cuppa tea cake or a cup of coffee cake! 

Easy Coffee Cake Glaze 

I really didn’t want to have a buttercream icing on this loaf, but I’m sure it would be lovely too 

(Actually if you split the cake lengthways and added vanilla buttercream and use the same coffee glaze on the top, this cake would become a seriously  fancy cake!!)

Yum I’m going to do that next time

However this time I fancied a sort of coffee flavour icing and boy it’s good!

It adds an intense coffee punch with a sweet kick (but not too much) 

This icing is also really easy and would work perfectly on cupcakes too!


Loaf Liners for loaf Cakes?

Also before I forget, have you discovered loaf liners yet?

Oh they are fantastic, you can say ‘bye’ to trying to line a loaf tin!

I love them, so easy and you can find them in most supermarkets and they are not expensive either


Just a note, I always use my trusted stand mixer however there is no reason you can mix by hand.

Just make sure you cream your butter and sugar until light and creamy

So why not have a go and please let me know what you think! 

I hope you enjoy – just look at it 🙂 


Coffee & Walnut Cake 

Oh and if you want a coffee & walnut loaf cake – chuck some in – simple

Enjoy guys! 

Clare X

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Serves 10 slices  / 2 llb loaf tin

  • 110g Softened Butter
  • 170g Caster Sugar
  • 3 Free-Range Medium Eggs
  • 125g Self Raising Flour
  • 75g Soured Cream
  • 3 level  teaspoons Instant Coffee – splash water


Coffee Glaze

  • 3 teaspoons coffee granules
  • 3 teaspoon hot water
  • 100g Icing Sugar

Preparation Method


  1. Preheat the oven to 170C/340F/Gas 3
  2. Cream the butter and caster sugar until light and fluffy, I use a stand mixer but you can mix by hand
  3. Next add 1 egg at a time, beating well in between
  4. Next add the coffee and water mix, the soured cream and the flour and combined with a spoon until smooth
  5. Pop it in your lined loaf tin and bake in the centre of a preheated oven
  6. Bake for 45 Minutes in the centre of the over, check after 40 minutes and see how it’s doing
  7. Once baked , leave to cool
  8. In a small mixing bowl or a cup, add your coffee granules
  9. Add the hot water and stir until the coffee is dissolved
  10. Add the icing sugar and mic until smooth, no lumps
  11. Once the cake is cooled top the icing on top of the cake and it should drip a little down the sides of the cake
  12. Finish with toasted mixed nuts (optional)


Michelle Rolfe says:
I do live a loaf cake! A no liners! Best things ever! This sounds delicious! Thanks for linking up to #CookBlogShare. Michelle x
    Clare x says:
    Thank you xx
Derek says:
Amazing. Just delicious LOVE IT
    Clare x says:
    Oh so great to hear x Thank you
Anna says:
It is a fantastic cake and very easy to make, I added chocolate and walnuts to the mix and a little chocolate as a topping with the nuts. Thank you !!!
Indy says:
Hi a quick question about your coffee loaf cake. Is your oven temperature recommendation for afan oven or a conventional one pls?
    Clare x says:
    Fan x
    Clare x says:
    Fan x
Lynn Skidmore says:
Is there an easy way to just download the recipe????
    Clare x says:
    Hi Lynn There's a print me button on the right of the recipe - it strips all the colour so is kind to your printer x