Best Sandwiches ….. Man sandwiches

Best Sandwiches ….. Man sandwiches

Best Sandwiches ….. Man sandwiches 

So my mate Matt (AKA The General) keeps banging on about his sandwiches – with pictures often entitled GOD! And how he makes the best ever man sandwiches … (whatevs)

So to shut him up and to share his faves,  here they are….. 

(To be fair – I do have to admit that guys tend to make great sandwiches – I wonder why?) 

Over to The General  – Man Sandwich Man 


Man Best Sandwiches 

The Earl of Sandwich is a God. Period.

He single-handedly created the greatest light meal ever.

He also gave the world a canvas on which millions of gastro-artists could create their own masterpieces for centuries to come.

My own sarnie-odyssey started when I was 13 – I made some extra ham, cheese and Branston pickle ones and sold them to mates at school.

Within days I was selling 20 a day – a decent amount of tuck-money but with it came a need for protection, as the big lads wanted a slice of the monetary action.

I disbanded it when threatened with suspension. Schools tend to nip embryonic entrepreneurship in the bud.

Fast forward to adulthood and I’ve taken sandwich-making to an art form.

I eat well over 300 a year, and they form the basis of most lunches.

Whilst outsourcing the majority when at work to delis and decent chains, I take a great deal of pride in making them myself when at home.

I’m going to share my Sandwich Holy Trinity with you i.e The Best Ever Man Sandwiches.


Old Faithful Sandwich

Ham & Cheese

A throwback to my amateur days, this is my go-to sarnie.

However, the very best version contains proper cut ham from your butcher, mature cheddar from your local farm shop, with red onion, iceberg lettuce, on-the-vine tomatoes,

Dijon mustard and mayonnaise.

The all-important canvas is Soda Bread from the Co-Op.

Best Ever Man Sandwiches - soda


Women have been known to denude themselves at the very sight of this belter.  (Really?? – too funny Matt) 

This is a family blog so I won’t say what happens when they bite into it. 


The Classic Sandwich


Simplicity trades here.

Smoked bacon, again from your local butcher, works best. Iced Gem lettuce, on-the vine tomatoes once more.

Mayonnaise and ketchup.

Toasted Warburtons Toastie bread.

Ladies – if you want to make your man happy after he’s been out with the boys the night before for a proper sesh, lose all your fancy kit – THIS is how to do it.

He will love you forever.


The Crowning Glory sandwich

This is my piece-de-resistance, a veritable tour-de-force. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

This is the finest sandwich ever made – simple as that. Don’t over-think it, just make it and take yourself to heaven.

Tiger Bread baguette (has to be Tesco’s, and not the bread loaf), mature cheddar cheese, marmite (just do it) and pickled onions – Barry Norman’s pickled onions (which are the finest on the planet).


Here’s my Marmite 🙂 (because my girls think I’m a DOOD) 

Best Ever Man Sandwiches - marmite


This could easily be the cure for the common cold, World Peace and doing a Rubik’s cube in under 4 seconds, all rolled into one.

It’s culinary majesty all wrapped up in a loving package of splendour. 

Make it happen and get in amongst it!

Show us your Best Ever Man Sandwiches!! 

Matt x


Other potential Best Sandwiches – also suitable for men ha! 

And if you like Matts sarnies you might also like my Easy Steak Sandwich – have a gander xx

Easy Luxury Steak Sandwich

Guest Post – Not sponsored 


  1. Monstie McMonstie

    A nice selection from ‘The General’ – could I ask him what he would be his go to sandwich on a Spanish holiday if he was prepping for 8 people?

    1. The General says 🙂

      ‘That would be the Spanish baguette, cheddar, ham, onion, tomato, cucumber epic – cut and sauced to order Monst’

  2. Very funny!! Might give some of these ago 🙂

  3. Amazing article. Finding a new love for the pickled onion.

  4. He had me at Warbutons Toastie. I can see some serious research is behind this article and I’m loving it. A quality sandwich is a very special thing. I’m all about the toasties at the minute and it has always got to be butter. Unsure about the marmite thing though…..Great post x

    1. Careful you don’t denude Jen lol!! x

  5. Outstanding work Matt,fo’sure I’m going to replicate these essential classics.I wanna see more tho!

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