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Easy Toad in the Hole or Sausage Toad?

Easy Toad in the Hole or is it Sausage Toad? Whatevs it’s super!

There’s nothing nicer than a perfectly simple & Easy Toad in the Hole or is it Sausage Toad? Whatever you like to call it is flipping lovely. This dish – for me it’s all about the quality of the sausages and the rise of the pudding. I make sure I use the best sausages I can buy and with as high a meat content as possible.

Here I used big juicy pork sausages! Delightful! Made with some fresh herbs it’s so good! I also like those sausages with leeks in them too!

Toad or is that Hole is seen as being quite tricky? Follow this recipe and I promise you it will be delicious both soft and crunch at the same time! It’ll  become a family favourite I’m sure, you can make it ‘so’ special using good quality sausages, so good in fact I think it rivals a Sunday Roast. Yes really I do!  Make yourself a large pan of onion gravy and get stuck in! I love it with mash and vegetable – so very very good!

Try this Easy Toad in the Hole and let me know how you go in the comments below… I love getting your comments

And if you love sausages I have loads of sausage recipes, maybe you’d like this Honey and Herb Sausage Bake 

Thank you



  • 6 Pork sausages – good quality!
  • Sunflower oil or olive oil (or if you really want to??? Lard)
  • a few sprigs of rosemary
  • a few sprigs of fresh thyme
  • Salt & black pepper
  • 1 Red Onion, thinly sliced into rings


Batter Mix

  • 125g plain flour
  • 3 medium free-range eggs
  • 300ml milk (I use semi-skimmed)
  • Salt & black pepper

Preparation Method

  1. Preheat the oven to high – 240C / Gas 475F / Gas9
  2. First Make the batter – Put the flour into a bowl and add the salt & pepper, then add the 3 eggs, using a whisk mix to a smooth paste
  3. Then slowly add the milk, mix well and pop this batter in the fridge (you can make this much earlier and leave in the fridge if it helps)
  4. In a tin mine was 10’x 8′ can be a little larger if you want – add some Sunflower oil good glug so the bottom of tin is covered (or add a lump of lard?) , the sliced red onion, some sprigs of rosemary and some thyme leaves (but you will have to take the rosemary sprigs out after cooking as they are very woody – so leave them in large sprigs, this and the Thyme add an amazingly flavour to the Yorkshire Pudding) Salt & Pepper and then the sausages.
  5. Put the tin on a baking tray and pop in the oven – Cook for 10-15 minutes until sausages are light golden brown and the fat is spitting hot!.
  6. At this point the fat should be almost smoking. Carefully whilst the tin is still in the oven pour in the batter mix, BE VERY CAREFUL – it will be VERY hot- it will spit and sizzle.
  7. Shut the oven door and do not open for at least 20 minutes
  8. Check after 20 minutes (watch the steam in the oven – it sticks your mascara together 🙂 ) and then continue to bake for a further 10-15 minutes depending on how crispy/soft you like you’re Toad in the Hole
  9. Serve with mash and green veggies or just on its own with onion gravy – oh its my FAVE!


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Eb Gargano says:
I LOVE toad in the hole and this one looks fab!
    Clare x says:
    Thanks Eb - I do too - and it's VERY good :-)
Charlotte Oates says:
I love toad in the hole but I always find it sticks to the tin (where as my yorkies pop out perfectly). Is there a trick to ensuring it doesn't stick?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Charlotte - isn't that the best bit? the bit that sticks? I do grease up the side of the tin with a little oil and a brush - but it always sticks a little - makes washing up a little more difficult - but it's so lovely i think it's worth it Cx
Jane says:
I add in a spoon to whole grain mustard abs stir into sausagws
Kevin says:
"or is it Sausage Toad?" No, it certainly isn't.