Easy BBQ sides – ideas

Easy BBQ sides – ideas

Easy BBQ Sides  – 8 ideas 

I love a BBQ do you? And I also love BBQ sides especially sides I can make in advance that are delicious. It’s so great to be able to just grab from the fridge all prepped and ready to go 

BBQ side salads

I find that if I prep them in advance,  then I too can enjoy the BBQ especially if it’s for a few people or a BBQ party 

Sit back relax and enjoy, that’s the ticket 

So here we go – 

8 delicious Barbecue Side dishes: 

1. The Best Potato Salad 

No BBQ is complete without a fantastic potato salad 

This one is banging and it alleviates the need to boil any potatoes on the actual day of the BBQ – just grab it from the fridge 

I love a bit of preplanning – recipe here 

Easy No Nonsense Potato Salad


2. Easy Asian Slaw 

This vegan / non dairy Coleslaw dish is perfect 

It you make it with purple cabbage it’s bright and fresh – love it! 

Just look at the colours – it’s also zingy and limey. You can add as little or as much chilli as you like 

I promise it’s so so good  – Recipe here 



3. Easy Avocado & Sweetcorn Salsa 

I love this salad and make it all the time and not just as a BBQ side 

I love it and it’s so so good for you – look at all those colours, so delicious 

Here it’s served with my Lime Chicken which is also very tasty 

Recipe here

Lime Chicken with Sweetcorn & Avocado Salsa


4. Easy Greek Pasta Salad 

Here’s a take on the traditional Greek Salad and here I just add pasta to make it more of a lovely fulling dish and it feeds an army! 

It’s super simple just look at those colours again

It’s perfect for BBQ sides season 

Recipe Here 

Greek Pasta Salad - bowl of greek salad Greek Pasta Salad - ingredients


5. Cauliflower Rice Salad 

So this cauliflower rice trend was big a few year ago – especially for people trying to curb the carbs 

I really like it, especially if you pack it with flavoursome additions and I love cauliflower anyway – so give it a go maybe 

Recipe here 

Cauliflower Salad


6. Easy Tomato & Mozzarella Salad 

Always a favourite and its so flipping delicious. I eat this on it’s own as a meal 

However it also works really well at a BBQ when you don’t fancy all the meat 

Recipe Here

Easy Peasy Tomato & Mozzarella Salad


7. Pasta Salad with Salami & Roquefort 

This is a little different and always goes down a storm 

A lovely blend of pasta, salami and black olives, packed full of flavour and a filler of bellies 

Recipe here 

Pasta Salad with Salami, Roquefort & Black Olives


8. Chickpea Salad, with avocado & artichokes

This is a delicious BBQ side and also works well if you have vegan or vegetarian guests as it fits the bill there too 

It’s so good, the blend of chickpeas with artichokes lemon juice ce and oil as well as all the other ingredients really is very tasty 

Go on have a go – I promise you’ll love it 

Recipe here 

Chickpea Salad with sweetcorn avocado and artichokes

So there you have it my favourite BBQ salad or sides 

There are many more however I thought I’d put them all in one place for you 

Here’s a new one too! 


BBQ Side – Mango, Avocado & Black bean Salad 

This mango salad is delicious and it’s so refreshing! 

It also happens to be vegan 🙂 

Bowl of mango & blacken salad


Salad Dressings for your BBQ Sides 

And I’m often asked about Salad Dressings – well guess what I have a post that will totally demystify them for you 

Salad dressings are really so simply – head over and have a read – it will all make perfect sense 


Salad Dressing demystified (inc. Easy Peasy Mayonnaise)


And for your BBQ / Grilling dessert 

How about my easy S’mores? Delicious and so much fun 


4 pictures of smores

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