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Chocolate Ice Cream Bombe …. Boom!!

Chocolate Ice Cream Bombe – Boom!!!

Chocolate Ice Cream Bombe …. Boom!! This is my recipe but please remember you can so easily change it up and it can  be filled with any other lovely fillings, any of your own choice. Everyone loves an ice cream cake, especially in the summer. But you know what it’s also lovely in the winter time, especially Christmas! In fact it’s the perfect, simplest  alternative Christmas dessert!  I always make one of these and have this and a more traditional Christmas Pudding too.

My choice was Chocolate Cookie dough ice-cream, chocolate sponge, cherries (I love Cherries) and meringue, but here are a few more ideas:

Try slices of Panettone in whatever alcohol you like, with vanilla ice-cream with candid fruit in the middle and a few pistachios. Or try ginger cake with lemon ice-cream and meringue and lemon curd… really whatever you fancy!!!)

This dessert is perfect for Summer parties and BBQ’s as everyone loves an ice-cream dessert don’t they?  This can be made ahead – so no stress on the day…. that’s what I love about this pud

Have a go using this Chocolate Ice Cream Bomb as a base idea and let me see what you come up with, it’s really just a simple ice-cream cake or dessert or whatever you like to call it! I think is the perfect alternative Christmas Pudding! You can make it so Christmassy – cover the outside with buttercream maybe and cover in Malteasers? Oh the choices are limitless. Make an ice cream cake – why not?

Oh and please drop me a comment below the post, I do so love your comments. I try so hard to give you ideas to make you and your family some lovely food! I hope I can inspire

So show me your Ice Cream Bombe!! 🙂

Another lovely recipe you might like is this wonderful Chocolate Tart also no bake, its smooth, rich and a total chocolate hit!!!

Thanks Clare x



So guys this recipe is easy because basically you can do what ever you like, its purely a construction. However this is what I did and then I can give you some suggestions for different types

You can make it any size you like but I used a 1 pt / 600ml pudding basin

  • 2 x Chocolate Swiss Rolls, ready made
  • 1/2 Jar Cherries in Kirsch (Opie) + juice
  • 1 Carton Cookie Dough Ice-cream
  • 1/2 Carton Chocolate ice-cream
  • 1-2 Meringue Nests crumbled
  • Icing Sugar, for dusting

Preparation Method

  1. Remove your ice-creams from the freezer
  2. Line the pudding basin with 3 large pieces of cling film, so it hangs over the edges
  3. Cut your swiss-roll into 1/2 cm slices
  4. Line your pudding basin with these slices trying not to leave any gaps
  5. Brush the inside with the Cherry/kirsch juice
  6. Spoon in the softened Cookie Dough Ice-cream to 1/3 way up the basin, smooth top
  7. Next place some of the cherries over the ice-cream and crumble half of meringue pieces in
  8. Next put a layer of the softened chocolate ice-cream in, smooth and then cherries and meringue again
  9. Finally finish filling with the Cookie dough ice-cream, smooth, leaving a 1cm gap at the top
  10. Finish the Bomb off by placing the remain swiss-roll pieces on top trying to avoid having any gaps – fold the cling film over the top and pop in the freezer.
  11. When you are ready to eat, remove from the freezer – tip out bomb and remove cling-film, leave for 30 minutes
  12. Place on a lovely plate and either dust with icing sugar or if you want to really wow – pour over hot chocolate sauce and SERVE!




Charlotte Oates says:
Oh how indulgent is this! It's full of things I love to eat and looks so easy to make - yum!
Angela / Only Crumbs remain says:
Wow, this looks amazing! It'd be so great to share (share? Lol) over the Christmas season. Pinning it, Angela x
Sarah (@tamingtwins) says:
Oh such a fab idea, plus I love a simple construction job without too much faffing at this time of year. Sounds DELICIOUS! Thanks for linking with #FestiveFoodFriday!
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Honest mum says:
This is just MEGA! Wow! Thanks for linking up to #TastyTuesdays x
Paula J says:
Followed the recipe above as it was first time trying. Went down an absolute treat as an alternative christmas pud! So easy to make up and easy serves 8. Thanks for another great easy peasy recipe! Xx
Carole T says:
Made this last New Year & just popped another one in the freezer - will be serving with sparklers in the top, !
Eb Gargano | Easy Peasy Foodie says:
YUM!! This looks so good...and wonderfully easy peasy :-D Eb x
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