4 year Blogiversary – EPLS

4 year Blogiversary – EPLS

It’s my Blogiversary

God I’m so chuffed! I can hardly believe MY Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy baby is officially 4 years old!! (Unofficially 5 actually since it’s creation!)

So it’s my 4 year Blogiversary – bloody silly word, but hey!

Who would have thought it?! Who would have thought from a single little idea to share a few recipes on Facebook would result in a fully fledged successful blog!

A blog that is intrinsically linked to everything I do and everything I’m about…. I am sure I will blog forever…

So to those that have been here from the start thank you! And to all my new readers – thanks and I hope you enjoy!


So what’s my why? What’s my USP. Why do I do this?


 I guess is to give you and your family every single recipe you would / could ever need from week day meals to all special occasions – with one prime similarity – they are ALL Easy Peasy!

That simple. Food bursting with flavour and helping to banish that ‘oh what shall I cook for dinner?’ question.


I’m real, hopefully not full of bullshit!

I like what I like and I am what I am! I succeed, I struggle, I fall over and I get back up…. I am me and I try to show that and demonstrate that with all I share.

Not perfect at all or by any stretch but generally a good egg I reckon! And always trying my best, to be kind, genuine and sincere and to help wherever I can.

I’ve recently been told that I’m a rescuer – by a life coach. I think she’s probably right!

You will NEVER find anything on my blog I don’t like. I will never promote for money if I don’t genuinely like it, why would I?

My blog’s not about cash really it’s about sharing in a safe place (but I do like my earnings to cover my outlay, my costs,  it’s flipping expensive)

However I do get some amazing opportunities as an influencer and I’m grateful for that



My aim is to supply you and your family with every single recipe a family needs. Yes that’s it!

From the ordinary everyday stuff – easy and delicious suppers to great ‘cake tin cakes’ and celebration cakes too!

Have you tried my tasty Chocolate Birthday Cake – it’s a stunner and it’s so simple. It’s been my most popular new recipe this year!

I have seasonal stuff,  I have occasion stuff too. This year I hope to put together the ultimate EPLS Christmas …. all in one place?

I’m also working on my perfect BBQ party!! Watch this space!

I’m trying to reshoot some old recipes from the early days, the photos are shocking and this is what’s holding back traffic from google – but it takes time.

I’m a busy gal with a more than full time job too – this I also love !

A list of 10 new recipes is ready, recipes  I want to develop …… again time….. but they are on there way…. I promise

On my blog there are over 250 recipes, please just use the SEARCH box and see what comes up!

There are plans a foot for CATEGORIES to make finding recipes simpler  – but this takes a lot of time and a lot on money. But alas – it is on my ‘to do’ list!


LIFESTYLE (on my 4 year Blogiversary)

My lifestyle posts are very real. I do love this category on EPLS.  

It’s cathartic for me to write, I think it helps (almost like an online diary). I never slate and I hope I hold my dignity throughout. I know from all the messages I get and comments I receive that my break up posts and recovery posts help  🙂 – and that is enough for me …

It started with ‘affairs if the heart’ and now I’m 3 years down the line and 7-10 recovery posts under my belt! The popularity and the traffic that arrives and lands on my blog from literally all over the world, is mind blowing for me! Thank you

I think it shows that – when we go through this stuff, we all think we are alone in these feelings.

In reality it appears that these feelings are totally universal. I’m not sure if that a good thing or in fact quite sad? Anyway – I’ve said it before – if I can help one person – that’s enough for me.

Did you catch my recent ‘Deserve Post‘ post? It gets a lot of readers and a lot of love

My life has changed and been reshaped via my blog. I am a different person.

In fact I have met so many amazing people, those people I now call my friends.

I have visited places and been to events I would never have had the chance of doing without it.

I operate in a blogging world that is so supportive. Thanks go to my fellow bloggers, how refreshing to find a group of encouraging people who lift each other always, never in competition!



It’s now complete, wow what a tremendous first half to a year!

I’m totally in love with the space! It’s like my dream kitchen has come to life in front of my eyes, I love it!

I still can’t believe it’s mine. However I keep reminding myself,  I’ve worked hard and waited a long time!

Before the end of the year I want to  (aim to) have completed my first ‘teaching day’ a casual affair I hope,  with 2-3 people at once.  With lunch and laughs and learning!

Who’s first??? Let me know if you’re interested…


And I’m doubly excited as I have a fledgling idea – A NEW BLOG – on a totally different subject. And I’m busting a gut to start it!

To put into practice all I’ve learnt regarding blogging and to share honest content on a misunderstood area! That’s all you get right now…

I’ve bought the domains and I have the outline sketch! I will charge forth with it as soon as the time is right. I will put into practice all I’ve learnt and I won’t make the mistakes I made with EPLS.

However I’m not allowed to start it yet. I’ve decided I have to wait, as I simply do not have time for it in my life right now.

I have to wait….. 😫😫😫😫😫 I don’t want to, but I need to. So exciting things a foot! But always first and foremost is Easy Peasy lemon Squeezy!


So to my dedicated followers, to those who return time after time! Thank you, thank you for helping me to make my dreams come true *kiss*

As always my biggest tragic driver is Google/Organic search with 1000’s of unique visitors every week from all over the world (99 countries this year, my traffic has doubled year on year 🙂 not bad hey, but I’d like it to double again!!

My loyal lovelies are my faves, always have been always will be  – so here’s to you 😘😘😘😘 each and everyone of you.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for every single like and every single share – it all helps so much, you have no idea xxx

So on this day – my 4 year Blogiversary – Thanks so much!!

Please, as always help me spread the word and the EPLS love

Love as always, Clare xxx

So what do you love about EPLS and what don’t you? Please leave me a comment – Thank you


And the one thing I’ve learnt in the last year for Blogging and in real life…..

‘Never judge the moment’


4 Year Blogiversary 

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