Sausage Dinner Recipes – 6 belters!

Sausage Dinner Recipes – 6 belters!

6 Sausage Dinner Recipes

Oh I love a sausage – so tasty and so many lovely sorts of sausage out there to choose from. I have ‘a lot’ of sausage dinner recipes on my website, so here’s some of my favourites all brought together. 

It’s getting chilly again, so why not a warming dinner 


So what makes a good sausage? 

For me a high meat content, usually pork. Sausages need rusk to be juicy and a lovely blend of herbs and spices.

There are so many good ones out there 


Can I use Chicken, Vegan or gluten-free Sausages? 

Yes yes yes you can – simple just replace the meat ones, it’s that easy 

Find some you love and then you may have to adapt the cooking time slightly 


Meals to make with Sausages

1. Sausage Tray Bake with Honey & Herbs

This easy sausage tray bake is perfect for midweek meals, it’s herby and sticky and bakes all on one tray – they honey adds a lovely sweet note 



2. Sausage Tray Bake with Beetroot & Squash 

This one is roasted With Sweet Potatoes & Parsnips – winter wonderland 

This is a  flavour packed, Sausage Tray Bake with Beetroot , Squash Sweet Potatoes , and parsnips & – all roasted is a single tray.

 I love Beetroot, do you?  Something about the earthly flavour and it works perfectly in this dish – something a little different and warming on a winters evening 

Roasted Beets, Squash, Sweet Potatoes & Sausages


3. Easy Sausage Plait 

This Sausage Plait is possibly one of my favourite things.

I use this retro Sausage Plait recipe for parties and picnics. However I also often make one and serve it with potatoes and veggies and lashings of gravy.

Makes a great dinner for all the family and any left overs can be used the next day – not many left over here normally 🙂 

Sausage Plait - plaiting



4. Easy Sausage & New Potato Tray Bake

Here’s a simple and very easy ‘one tray supper’ bringing together a classic sausage tray bake, with some summer lightness!

Perfect fresh flavours – delicious, and again all on one tray, there’s a bit of a theme here 🙂 

Sausage & New Potato Tray Bake


5. Stuffed Jacket Potatoes 

These are such a massive hit with everyone. I have never met anyone who doesn’t like them 

They are twice baked and stuffed generously with cheese, bacon and sausages 

Served with beans they are a threat family meal

They also freeze great unbaked, great for batch cooking 


Stuffed Jacket Potatoes


6.Traditional Toad in the Hole 

I can’t bring together lovely sausage recipes without including a classic! I love toad-in-the-hole and this is lovely – rosemary add such a lovely subtle flavour 

Again a family favourite 

Easy Toad in the Hole




Another Sausage Dinner idea 

And it wouldn’t be a good sausage post unless we had a Sausage Pasta recipe and here’s a corker from my blogger mate Jenny

This Cheesy Sausage Pasta recipe is absolutely delicious and perfect for a midweek meal when time is tight but you still want clean plates all round. It is packed with flavours and a real crowd pleaser.

With just a few simple ingredients you can have a taste sensation on your table in no time at all.



Enjoy your sausages folks and never underestimate the versatility of the humble banger! 

Big Love 


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