Stress free Christmas…….. let’s try at least!

Stress free Christmas…….. let’s try at least!

Stress free Christmas 

Today we are rapidly approaching Christmas and I can feel myself starting to get a bit giddy when I think about how much there is to do! So lets try for a stress free Christmas – yes?

I also do the north and south Christmas thing – which in itself brings a lot of ‘must remembers’ into my head,,, and mild panic and madness!

Stress Free? 

So this year I have decided to try and ease up on myself a bit (yeah right – I am my own worst enemy). You know at the end of the day it’s just a holiday where we are supposed to enjoy the time and have fun!

New Stress Release Plans (1-10)

With so many expectations and obligations around,  here are my new plans for the season

I’ll see how I do and let you know after Christmas if I managed a Stress Free Christmas or a less stressful at least


1. Say NO sometimes to the ‘must catch up before Christmas’ please – why do we do this?  I think we are all guilty of it!

Why can’t we postpone and say January or Feb sometime – that way it’s calmer and we all then have some things to look forward to? Right this is my plan πŸ™‚

2. Lists – every year I make a list and I colour code it to. I write down everything I buy and who it’s for. I’m am already there on the present front this year – I do most of it on-line!

It’s so easy – it’s delivered to you – no queuing and no  lugging it back to the car. Once it’s wrapped it turns another colour – slightly OCD maybe?

Cards are done and gone thy 12th!

And whatever you do – don’t panic buy on Christmas Eve! That is really stressful….

3. Then I start to wrap and I wrap in family groups.  I buy those cheap baskets from B&Q or wherever and start to wrap the gifts – this year NO fancy ribbons and bows – quite honestly I have better things to do.

That said I have bought nice paper and tags – then I pile the prezzies into those for north and south etc.

At least then I end up with the right stuff in the right place.

4. This year I have already decided what I will make and what I won’t food wise – I’m going simple but good.

I’m not making mince pies but I am making Italian Riccarelli (on the blog) and Rocky Roads aka Snowy Lanes  (also on the blog)

I will make Sausage plaits  and will freeze them unbaked.

Whip them out the freezer and bake Christmas Eve – easypeasylemonsqueezy!!! 

Don’t be a Martyr – ask people to bring things like dessert etc – why not? It’s lightens your load a little!

And make everything you can in advance.

I even do the  Christmas gravy in advance and don’t forget to do your veggies (pop in  water and drain on Christmas day and use fresh water) , stuffing, pigs in blankets etc the night before and in the fridge unbaked.

And set your table, get all your glasses, cutlery and plates ready. Anything at all to save time and to enjoy the day!

5. I will not feed 5000 when I only have say 8-9 to feed.

And I will make good, tasty, lovely food but not thousands of different dishes & things.

Let’s face it people love to be fed & watered and we can, as hosts, take it a bit too serious and start preparing 7 desserts when we really only need 2 and cheese.

Keep it simple – tasty but simple! After all it’s just a big Sunday roast!

6. I will aim this year to be all done and dusted by 17th December – wrapped, house decorated etc.

That way I will try and enjoy Christmas – let’s see how that one goes….. (Yeah right)

7. I will arrange a food shopping evening afterwork do it all in one hit! Whatever I forget then tough! πŸ™‚ I’m sure we can manage for a few days without whatever it is….

8. And on the day after boxing day I will put on my jim jams – take the phone off the hook – discontent from Social media and snuggle up for a cosy film day.  With smoked salmon & scrambled eggs – champagne and then if anyone wants anything else – they can jump to it!

9. I will not enter into any family squabbles, (very rare for us fortunately!) kids &  friends demands etc – I will simply breathe deeply, smile and enjoy! (with the occasional hot sweat lol!)

10. Then in between Christmas & New Year I will return to work for a modicum of normality!

I love that time – everyone’s quiet and I can just get on with getting ready for the following year……   (and a bit of internet sale shopping πŸ˜‰ )

11. NYE – Im not even thinking about it this year. Early night with a bottle of gin perhaps?

Please let me have your comments on a stress free Christmas.

I would love to hear form you…. maybe you can help me escape the madness




  1. Will never do it all by 16th but do bag up presents in family groups & have a budget with a spreadsheet of who we have got what for & whether we have over it under spent

    1. I too have a spreadsheet πŸ™‚ lol x

  2. So you can babysit NYE???

    1. One word Jacs – NO πŸ™‚

  3. And breath! Love this, definitely puts all this mad running around into perspective. Thanks EPLS!!

  4. Loving the tips, especially on the food and making too much and trying to please everyone! It’s flippin impossible!! xx

  5. Love the fact that I’m laying on the sofa taking time reading this with a very bad back (diazepam ) knowing this year I’ve got a great excuse for no rush!!!! Happy Christmas Xx

  6. My OH is working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year so I am taking myself and our toddler to my sister’site for Christmas Day dinner. The thought of not hosting or even cooking my family Christmas dinner was hard to get used to at first, but then I realised that it let’s me off the hook with all the prep and worry. I’ll be taking along a dessert and some nibbles but apart from that I have nothing to think of. And myself and my OH have agreed on getting a curry takeaway in for Boxing Day to save us having to cook then as well! I do love a list as well so that is my task this weekend, to write up the relevant lists. I prefer this chilled out approach, it’s helping me enjoy everything a whole lot more! Xx #brilliantblogposts

  7. Clare how long do the riccarelli last do you think? or can you freeze them ?

    1. Sent you an email darling! Cx

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