Homemade Hampers for Christmas Presents?

Homemade Hampers for Christmas Presents?

Homemade Hampers for Christmas Presents?

Shall we make our own hampers?

So what do we buy those difficult people for Christmas? How about a totally Bespoke  present – Hampers for Christmas Presents, yey!

And I’m not just talking Foodie ones,  you can make them in any theme for anybody.

Shall we Make Hampers for Christmas Presents? Especially this year – We maybe have a little more time? 


Personal Bespoke Gifts are the best 

For me there is nothing nicer than receiving a gift that has been really thought about and designed just for me.

What better accolade is there than to have been thought about that much?

And I’m not talking about those old fashioned things that are full of all that stuff you just don’t want!!

I’m talking about bespoke carefully crafted individual ones, this was one I did for a friend and her family 🙂 


Make Hampers for Christmas Presents

And they are so flipping easy!!!

To start we need to decide on a Vessel

Vessel for your Homemade Hamper


  • Basket – square
  • Basket – with Handle
  • Large Tin
  • I bought some lovely grey wooden boxes from Waitrose last year for £5
  • Large Cardboard Box covered – with lovely paper – brown is nice, or maybe decorate with photos?!
  • Planter / Terracota pots / trough ?


You can find all sorts of lovely things to put the gifts in – just use your imagination!

The key is to buy some celophane – I buy rolls of it (from Lidl at Christmas time £1).

When you wrap the Hamper in this lovely shiny stuff it really does look professional

Add  a bow and tag and Bob’s your Uncle

A perfect personal gift!


Christmas Hamper Contents

I usually spend a little bit of time thinking about the person I will be making the hamper for, what are their interests?

What are their favourite hobbies?

I also try and pop in a photo or something nice that is super personal.

You could photocopy your photos and use them to cover your hamper box perhaps?

How nice for nana and granddad, or mum – it’s so personal!!! and looks so impressive!

I think the more personalised your hammer is the lovelier it is?!

I know from my own experience when my baby made me a hamper it was as much the thought that went into it, as it was the actual contents.

You’ll be surprised how much it means to someone to have a personally made pressie!

Try it and watch their face!

And you can buy the most beautiful ribbons these days


Some non-foodie Homemade hamper ideas:


  • Spa in a jar? beauty products, nail varnishes etc etc
  • Gardening? Seeds, note book, nice planters (in fact you could make the hamper in a planter?)
  • Candles?
  • Knitting / Craft Hamper?
  • Sporty ones maybe, golf balls, gloves, socks – oh you know what I mean
  • How about all the ingredients for a couple of cocktails – you could include a shaker and some cocktail umbrellas?!


Foodie Presents? (see more around this post)


Some are my recipes and some are the lovely Sarah’s from Tales From The Kitchen Shed  check out Sarah’s lovely food blog!

So being easypeasylemonsqueezy I’m going to concentrate on a treat ones with food and drinks! Things that look lovely and taste lovely are:

  • Candy Canes
  • Homemade Florentines
  • Booze – Homemade Lemoncello!
  • Homemade Biscuits – Lovely Italian Riccerilli
  • Spatulas / wooden spoons / timers etc
  • Any equipment you know they need or haven’t got!!!
  • Homemade Stem Ginger – Sarah’s  Here
  • Lemon Curd
  • Pesto
  • Granola
  • Fudge
  • Marshmallows
  • Jam
  • Shortbread
  • Homemade Chilli Sauce Sarah’s Here


Homemade Hamper Ideas 

My fave recipe to make and put in the Hamper is My Italian Biscuits, such a treat, have a look!

Italian Ricciarelli Biscuits so chewy, so moreish


So have I inspired you?

I really hope so….

Come on – you may even enjoy it!  Shall we make Homemade Hampers for Christmas Presents? Yes!!!

AND massive thanks to Sarah at Tales of The Kitchen Shed!

Big Love Clare x



  1. Yes yes yes. Have done plant pot based ones with packets of herb seeds & have received ones with family film night & Friday night takeaway themes before

    1. Like that idea Carole – Friday Night Takeaway theme – yey!!! Cx

  2. This is a great present! When my husband and I received a hamper made by our kids last year we were so chuffed at the thought and creativity – way better than a shop made one.

  3. I love doing this, and I love receiving homemade hampers too! You can find great little things to go in them all year round 🙂

  4. Sarah James @ Tales From The Kitchen Shed

    I love the idea of a personalised hamper, the personal touch makes a present so much more special. Need to have a go at those Florentines. Thanks so much for including my recipes Clare xx

  5. Oh my god what a fabulous idea!! I am so going to do this for family and friends, thank you soooo much xx

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