So how was your 2016?

So how was your 2016?

So how was your 2016? – mine was super weird

As usual I try and write a little bit at the end of each year and usually give the year a score out of 10.  2015 was a 7 – pretty good actually….

Well how can I possibly score 2016?

It has ricocheted from minus 10 to plus 10 depending on the month and actually on occasions the the day! It’s not just been a roller coaster but at times one of the worst times of my life.

And interestingly this time last year my life was TOTALLY different I had absolutely no idea that any of the events of the last 12 months would happen! In any way, shape or form!

That in itself is quite mystifying and intriguing . It just goes to show that nothing is promised and no one knows what might happen – good or bad.

Review 2016

This review of 2016  can’t possibly miss out mentioning some of the saddest and some of the most surprising events we have seen in many moons.

I don’t need to tell you that the loss of some of our music artists has been shocking, Bowie, Prince and now George Michael? Never mind other young actors, writers, comedians – you name it, the list is terrifying and seems endless. And as for politics – UK out of Europe???

Yep!  and for me personally the fact that Trump is president almost makes me feel like 2016 is /was a joke! Surely it will go down in history as the most unusual years for a very very long time.

Easypeasylemonsqueezy the BLOG

In terms of ‘Easypeasylemonsqueezy the BLOG’ 2016 was a wonderful year – I have had (please remember I also had 4 months off) over 26 thousand Unique Visitors from 97 counties and with page views almost at 100,000!

Who would have thought this? – certainly not me. I made a decision to be a blogger 3 years ago, it’s not for everyone, I understand that. I’m  sharing my life with you guys – the good, bad and ugly as always.

Holding back quite a lot  but to be REAL (my fave word) you have to share your inner most thoughts especially for my Lifestyle Posts.

I made the big decision to share my break-up post – this was not easy for me and it took me weeks to actually press the publish button.

I striped myself bare but ultimately it helped me. It helped me to get it down on paper and it helped me to learn that there are a huge amount of people suffering, sometimes silently, handling stuff sometimes brilliantly and sometimes not so.

The response to my ‘Affairs of the heart’ post made it the No 1 post of 2016 – 6000 hits in 4 days, incredible and I need to thank you for your comments, your phone calls, your messages etc. I will never forget….


In 2016 Easypeasylemonsqueezy made it to the UK National Blog Awards – and I was a UK Finalist, amazing.

I had the most wonderful night out with two of my best friends – to have ones personal blog honoured on this national  platform meant a lot! and to celebrate it with your best friends – Joy!

IMG_7411 IMG_7412 img_7434

We also won Silver at the Essex Digital Awards, thanks to the wonderful Web Design and Marketing agency SkyBlue Web Design Agency

Here’s the lovely Jane with the award:


Day Job

I was also stunned this year to win personally both the Local and Global Thornico Company Karma Award (my day job)- for the culture carrying employee. 

Company Karma is THORNICO’s business philosophy of “doing good” while doing business, as a way to create more value for society but also the company itself.

Amongst many other things I won a Karma Trip where I have the opportunity in 2017 to visit one of our Thornico Karma Projects. So far the plan is I am going to Swaziland ……. I will tell you more about this as and when….. Thornico Company Karma

New Recipes 

In 2016 on easypeasylemonsqueezy I developed lots of new recipes – I hope you have liked them? – scattered around this post are some of the most popular from 2016.

I hope you have made a few and enjoyed them? I hope the kids are still cooking? – you know how much this means to me – again I believe it is our fundamental responsibility to teach our kids the important life skill of being able to cook.

I have also had a few paid sponsored posts and collaborations too. I have worked with some lovely brands.

Please remember easypeasylemonsueezy is my baby, my hobbie, my outlet. It wasn’t set up to be a revenue stream for me and I think/hope that shows. Anything I do on here is because I want to do it, not because there is monetary gain. And this will continue.

I have lots of new ideas for new recipes and I would love to see more of you ‘guesting’ on here, please share these with me – that I would love!

New Home 

On a personal note you will have seen via the blog that In 2016 I  FINALLY brought a new home.

I lost 6 houses over a period of 18 months and it was getting me down.  But I believe I have found where I need to be. (Even though I am here on my own)

It seems I have a home now not just a house (well at least the makings of it!). I still have a lot to do and a lot of plans for it but I do feel perfectly at home here. I’ll continue to share all this with you.

I may even start with the odd video (Eeek it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and now with Facebook Live and Instagram Stories it is much easier).

I just need to ‘get over myself’ and the fact that I hate the sound of my own voice (hard to believe I hear some of you shout 🙂 ). In 2016 I have also realised the importance of my lifestyle posts.

They seem to engage and widen my audience. I will NEVER lose the easypeasy recipes – but easypeasy seems to have become more than this……

Excitement prreveils as I want to  to let you know I am on a food photography course in January in London. I simply cannot wait! I am finally biting the bullet and investing  in a super camera and lens – so watch this space!

FINALLY ……. from the heart

I have done an awful lot of soul searching this year. I have been out of control emotionally at times and I have been terrified and scared all at the same time. But there have been moments of pure enlightenment.  

Moments where I have felt more alive than I have for many many years. I need to learn now to be more balanced, to stop caring too much, to be calmer. I have got over the fear of change and I am trying to embrace my new life….  

A life where sometimes I find myself in unchartered territories and I feel like I’m battling through treacle.

BUT I have learnt what is important I think and that’s health / family / love and friends. I think in 2016 I woke up!!!! and I think I am nearer the ultimate – peace of mind- we all search for.

You have told me via the blog your own stories and I thank you for those -I think it really helps to share – don’t you?

Family & Friends 

I have the best family and the best friends – Thank you.

You have been remarkable this year – I cannot say much more here or I’ll be off ….. suffice to say – you have helped me massively! I have a new Karma Brother and I have my Music Husband back.  You know who you are!

And to all those I have reconnected with after years – Thanks. I’m loving the fun and the laughs! You know who you are….

And remarkably I can finally tick that box. I lost 2.5stones in 2016 (albeit not sensibly) and with 5llb on this Christmas (damm)

I now want to lose a further stone and a bit before the end of June when I hit a BIG Birthday – lordy! So what about future affairs of the heart? Who knows?  – lets just say things are happening….. 🙂 and I’ve woken up…..

They say it takes half the time you date someone to get over them. That is false. It takes you as long as it takes you!  

And what I love about my own ongoing recovery is that it didn’t take an immediate rebound to do it. I’m doing it on my own (mainly – lol!!!!). Let’s see…..

So all this leaves me to say is a massive thank you to all of you for the support and interaction in 2016 – let’s start all over again with the inevitable ‘health kick’ starting in a couple of days – you with me? #HEALTHYEPLS

#GETGONE2016 and let’s move forward to a brand new year! Let’s laugh more in 2017? Yes?

(oh and I almost forgot – I’ll end on a 5/10 for 2016 – that has surprised even me!)

Happy New Year (tonight it’ll be bath, wine, nice food and flat out – and do you know what – I’m fine with that)

Big Love Cx



  1. Love it Clare, well written and true to the heart. Happy New Year and long may your blogging continue ❤️

  2. Onwards & upwards darling – here’s to a fabulous 2017 ❤️ Xxx

  3. I stand by my observation that whatever you do you’re a success magnet! You exude confidence whether you feel it or not. As you know I loved the blog

  4. Sorry pressed send too early! As you know I love your blog and the website and book are my go-to places when I need cooking inspiration. I promise to send pics of my EPLS creations more in 2017! Have a fabulous year! xxx

  5. Honest and positive writing-love it. Stronger than ever in 2017… treacle can’t hold you back! Upwards and onwards Clare!x

  6. So glad your on the up. Enjoy xxx

  7. Great words Clare , we just love you lotsxxx ♥♥♥

  8. Perfectly said ……. i have a feeling 2017 will be a good one, get into those furry mules hun xx

  9. Love easypeasy, your honest writing is inspiring! Think 2017 is going to be your best year yet ? Lots of love xxx

  10. You are an amazing wonderfully talented , witty woman . A super warm soul . Searingly honest post and blog. Deservedly award winning and well read . May 2017 and beyond be bright for you .

  11. 2016 was weird wasn’t it?! haha. Congrats on the weight loss and the blogging success. Happy New Year!! #brilliantBlogPosts

  12. Oh Claire you are an amazing lady who had a tough year personally and a smashing one with the blog. Here’s to a brilliant, healthy, happy 2017. Thanks for being so supportive to me x

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