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Smoked Salmon on Rye bread

Smoked Salmon on Rye bread

These Smoked Salmon on Rye bread little beauties are a perfect starter for any meal or simply a lovely drinks canapé I love Smoked Salmon especially on Rye Bread!

And it’s a lovely get ahead snack so you can enjoy the party as well as your guests, bonus is they also look so pretty and really classy!

I serve them in the lounge with champagne on Christmas Day while we open some presents  (as they are served cold you don’t need the oven – you can carry on using that for all the important stuff like the turkey and roast potatoes) This way the starter is out the way and I just seat my guests then for the main event – so easy. I also tend to make these Roquefort Bruchetta with peach and honey too…. so good!

Let me know what nibbles you’ll be making?

I hate all that frozen party stuff – it’s so easy to make your own, so much cheaper and way more tasty, start with these Smoked Salmon on Rye bread

Have fun



Makes about 12

  • 3 slices Rye-bread
  • 100g Philadelphia cream cheese (Light)
  • Juice 1/2 lemon
  • 100g pack smoked salmon
  • 1 lemon – sliced thinly and quartered
  • Dill or chives – to garnish
  • Salt & black pepper

Preparation Method

  1. Toast Rye Bread – cut into 3cm squares
  2. Mix Phili with S&P and lemon juice – place a teaspoon full on top of Rye-bread
  3. Slice smoked salmon into 1 cm wide long ‘ish’ strips and roll into roses, place on top of cream cheese, season add dill or chives.
  4. Pop a lemon piece on the side, squeeze – EAT!





Sarah James says:
Your canapés look delicious Clare, so colourful, perfect with rye bread. Thanks for sharing :-)
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