Mac ‘n’ Cheese with bacon

Mac ‘n’ Cheese with bacon

Mac ’n’ Cheese with smoked bacon

This Mac ‘n’ Cheese with smoked bacon is such a lovely and easy recipe and Mac ‘n’ Cheese is so popular at the moment.

It’s  so so flipping good. 

I say a bit of what you fancy does you good 😉

Do you agree? I have 3 different Mac N Cheese recipes on Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

I guess that shows just how much I love it. However sometimes it’s very heavy and stodgy! All 3 of mine aren’t I promise!

This recipe is however flipping rich – you don’t need much at all – but it’s really very good. You can serve it with a nice portion of salad and some tomatoes – to ease the guilt!

This serves approx.  6  (depending how hungry you are 🙂 )

Have a go at this Mac ‘n’ Cheese and please let me know how you get on,  drop me a comment below the recipe post, I do so love to recieve your comments

And if you fancy a mac and cheese recipe I have two other for you!

One takes this classic and makes it a Summer version using Goats Cheese and peas – it’s lovely!

And if you’re trying to be super healthy then I have a really good lighter Mac N Cheese developed to the Slimming World program and it’s one on my faves

Thanks Clare x

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