Is it time for hibernating?

Is it time for hibernating?

Is it time for hibernating?

Since June I’ve been walking minimum 10,000 steps a day. I’ve also been watching what I eat which is pretty difficult when you write a food blog. You will have noticed the absence of cake recently! But is it time for hibernating? It feels like it….

I really love food and mostly I eat healthily but maybe just too much.

So now I’m in my mid 40’s things need to change. I want to feel full of life, I want to support my body to function properly,  I want to go to bed and go to sleep (increasingly more difficult with the onslaught of peri/menopause)

My life seems to have changed this year and behind the scenes here things have been different health wise – quite a shock for me as I’ve always just pushed through.

I’m thinking a lot more and sometimes this is actually very counter productive.

These darker days don’t seem to be helping that much either – it’s so difficult when you work full time to get out in the fresh air and walk.

I’m trying to leave my desk at lunch time and march for 45 minutes – it really helps the brain as well as the body.

(So if you see a mad woman marching around an industrial estate in the rain – then it’s likely to be me – bonkers.)


But right now my body seems depleted of energy – hibernation time?

I’m not moaning at all (and I know there are some very sick and poorly people out there). But simply admitting that I’m tired – flipping knackered actually.

But I also think a lot of people are. Many of my friends and family are all saying the same things? Is that you too? Has your get up and go left? Mine’s out there partying without me I think 🙂

The bags under my eyes are large enough to carry my shopping home in (no 5p carrier bag required – thanks anyway)

I’ve managed to shed 8 llbs (woo) but boy it’s been so difficult! In my 20’s 30’s I would have been able to drop a stone or more in the time it’s taken me to do this ½ stone.

So it’s going to be a long road – but I am determined to drop some pounds.  

And it’s not that I want to be a size 10 – (ha – that’s never going to happen) but I just want to look better, feel healthy and have some more energy.

It’s also difficult when you are in your mid years as most of the socialising is around eating and drinking?

I’m passed the days of dancing for 4 hours on a Friday and Saturday like I used to.

They are long gone. I do, however, occasionally dance around my living room (much to the amusement of He-Who-Doesn’t-Cook).


The 80/20 rule?

I guess it’s the 80/20 rule and it’s long term. We need to be good 80% of the time and do this for a long time, if not forever!

I’m not a runner (occasionally when I’m walking I may break into a little jog – shock horror) but I love to walk – not in the gym but outside. So what can I do now it’s so dark and I live in the middle of nowhere?

Currently I’m popping a few herbal remedies to help with midlife and I’m hoping it will give me back my zing! I am a strong believer that eating the right food is the best medicine. I’m also nutriblasting.

At the moment I just get overwhelmed with everything I have to do – which is strange as most of the time I thrive on it – but I’m finding snuggling on the sofa after work a much more alluring proposition. 

NO –  must not do this,  I must find a way to move more in these winter months and find exciting food to eat, that will feed the body and the mind  …. and this I’ll share with you. 

I also have to remember – everything in moderation… now that needs to be my motto….

Have you any secrets to keeping up your exercise and energy levels in this weather?

Or are we just in a weird lull before Christmas?

And what to ask – is it time for hibernating?


If so please share them below…. please!?


(P.S – thanks Jane for the photo 🙂 )

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  1. I can’t help but I know how you feel!

  2. jeremy@thirstydaddy

    I’m also on the wrong side of 40. I try and keep to the “moderation” diet, but fear that I don’t do very well. This is a hard time of year to lose weight.

    1. Totally agree with you Jeremy! But it’s so tough! Good luck Cx

  3. Hibernation sounds great right about now #brilliantblogposts

    1. It certainly does 🙂 Cx

  4. Hi Clare, I think it’s the time of year for sure, I find it hard to get myself motivated to go for a run now the mornings are chilli. I focus on how I will feel afterwards; all buzzy and happy.

    Well done for managing to lose eight pounds (every little counts and I think that’s quite a lot!). And 80/20 makes sense (focus on the 20!).

    Hope you reach your goal weight in the not too distant future.


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