Update on recovery – 10 months later

Update on recovery – 10 months later

May 2017

So here’s my 10 months later – update on recovery post – it was a tough one! 

I feel a change, I feel a transition and I feel, quite honestly, a tad frustrated. So  here’s my 10 months later – update on recovery.  

And you know what I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

Open up and try and get it on paper.

I know blogging isn’t for everyone and I know some people think it’s strange I share much of my life (not all – trust me πŸ™‚ ) but why not share?

I think I’m a pretty straightforward sort of gal – nothing special.  

So if I can connect with anyone (even just one person) also handling this stuff and show it’s normal (?) all these feelings  – then these posts are worth it! It helps me too…..

Why isn’t it over ?

Why can’t one just recover? I guess it’s a process?

People keep telling me it is and I keep telling myself this too. But boy it’s a bloody long and difficult one.

Will I ever be the same again?

I actually don’t think I will. It’s not to be pessimistic but I’m not sure you can go through big things in life (where you literally hurt in every ounce of your being)  and remain the same person.

Maybe you become a better version of yourself, I hope so anyway.

Hopefully you grow?

And hopefully you evolve into a butterfly. My biggest fear is that one becomes bitter. I don’t feel bitter now, but I do feel things are very unjust. Feel sorry for myself, nah, why should I?  

I am blessed with an amazing amount of people and love in my life, friends, family and my  health is ok ish etc.

BUT there is something missing

I’ve tried to pretend there isn’t.

I say there isn’t,  but I can’t pretend any further.

I  pretend it’s all fine BUT there is a piece of me missing – a piece called, possibly, ‘belonging’ it’s hard to describe. And I’m not sure of the way to try and describe it either.

I am privileged to do some amazing things. Together with that I have a good job and a lovely blog which gives me opportunities to do some really cool stuff and the means, through hard work, to take nice holidays, live in a nice place etc.

I have family & friends who I adore.

And don’t misunderstand I have great times now, times where I laugh so much it hurts.

I’m able to spend time with lovely people and do just what the hell I like when I like.

And sometimes I’m even excited for the life ahead.

However life feels a little like its compartmentalised. With very high highs and some low, sad, lost times.

I am trying to learn to transition from very busy  (manic) to being alone, from very high exciting times to times of laying on the sofa.

There seems to be nothing ‘in-between’ in my life. I also feel my mood changing with tiredness and tiredness can actually make things a whole lot worse, I have to try and get more sleep.


I’ve talked at length about balance before. And I’m still searching for it.

I’ll be honest I am mortified that I have been so let down, there it is,  I’ve said it.

I’m traumatised (Yes traumatised, it keeps me awake at night) that I got it so wrong… but did I? Was the last quarter century of my life real?

In moments of pure clarity I know it was.

But there are times when I do think – was it all a waste?

But then I look at the things I have gained in this time, the people I met, the relationships with my in-law family and I realised it was not a waste at all and I would not have missed it for the world.

To received the below from someone you helped raise is a sign that ‘she’ is possibly one of my proudest achievements. Maybe I was supposed to be there at that time?


Please be assured this is not a ‘poor me’ script – not my style at all! I am truly thankful for all that I have! And I know I’m lucky in so many many ways.


Lots of people keep calling me a ‘WARRIOR.’

You know what, it is the perfect word to describe how I feel. I am battling through loads of stuff. I am battling for a new life. Some of it is pretty easy most of the time, but there are times when it’s not.

It’s times when you make plans and then the person cannot make it. That is especially when it gets to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s totally normal that things change and people have to do other things, I’ve done it myself where I’ve had to cancel etc. at the last minute. It happens.

But these are the precise times that it gets me.

That feeling

That feeling of being lost, where your mood drops and you feel let down, not intentionally obviously by the people who have had to let you down or change plans. I think this is pretty normal. 

I sometimes feel it at the most bizarre times (this feeling I can’t describe ‘loneliness’ isn’t right as it doesn’t cut it) This weekend, on Sunday – when I was walking around Tesco’s – I felt it then….

When the guy taking me for dinner couldn’t make it – I felt it then….. On  Sunday evening… I felt it then…..

But then I have a friend visit, who’s oh so lovely, he helps me with my house, my garden, he listens to my dreams, talks to me and who holds me tight and then things seem ok and I don’t feel lost?? Bizarre isn’t it! so I must be recovering? Yes – 10 months later – update on recovery

So is it just caring and affection from a male I seek? Am I that shallow? – oh bloody hell who knows??? Or am I just being very honest?

I have realised how important it is for me to feel loved and adored by a man. Is that odd? It’s the truth…. I want to be on his list and if not at the top then at least up there….

Is that too much to ask? I need guys to be upfront, I’m not into games…..

And so to a little more about men, well, I could simply write a mahooosive and hillarious post about dating in your late 40’s. Maybe one day.

In honesty I  have had a few dates and I have met some lovely guys over the last few months (some are now friends – some not πŸ™‚ ) But it’s hard to start again. It’s hard to have the courage and desire to start all over again.

It’s exciting though and massive amounts of fun……..  at times.

10 Month recovery point 

Maybe I just need to lie down in a dark room for a while and muster the energy for the emotional journey lol!!

I think I am ready now at least to open up  to the possibilities and to move the f**k on! 

New Normal 

I’m trying to build my NEW normal I guess and readjust to it, maybe I should just be more patient? – but maybe that’s not me.

So almost a year down the line. I wonder what’s next? As I said the excitement of being single is crazy good, but it is inevitably  mixed with that ‘belonging’ word I can’t describe …… Hey ho!

So you can see how busy my head is can’t you….

Let me know 

So let me know any views, comments or ideas. I do so love the interaction. Did this post resonate, did it help? Can you ‘get-it’ or am I talking mumbo jumbo?? I hope you enjoyed my post – 10 months later – update on recovery blog post. It’s hard to write sometimes 

Let me know

Massive Love to you all Cx

(For those of you reading my blog for the first time – maybe catch Affairs of the heart post  – it might make a little more sense)




  1. Been there done it so get “it” ?
    It’s good to speak out ,you’re real and true yes life does hurt us at times .
    Inside we are raw but trust in your beauty , enjoy simple things in life and stay if you can in the moment for that’s all we can really control Xxxx
    Always here for a cuppa any day of the week ?
    Sunny hugs xxx

  2. Very honest to share your life and tjoughts, most of us have been or could be where you are right now. Stay strong. ??

  3. I often think of you x

  4. Is it possible to read with an emotional tear in your eye as well as laughing out loud πŸ™‚
    Several people have said it … and we are only ‘Human’ … the words of the RagNBoneMan song are just SO APT πŸ˜‰
    You are amazing Clare – don’t ever doubt that πŸ™‚
    Be strong / be brave … and be YOU x

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