2018 review Easypeasylemonsqueezy

2018 review Easypeasylemonsqueezy

2018 review Easypeasylemonsqueezy

So here we are again time for my 2018 review Easypeasylemonsqueezy, almost another year gone.

It’s a tad frightening that time seems to be running so fast.

Why is that?

Well maybe because we all all running around like mad people, stopping only very seldomly to think and enjoy? It’s that old cliche, don’t be so busy building a life that you actually forget to live it?

I’m afraid I’m guilty of that!

So here I am sat (slightly bloated, feeling fat and unfit – hey what’s new and again – it all starts January lol).

So here are a few bits I think of when I look back over the past year… 2018 review Easypeasylemonsqueezy

Personal Growth

So 2018 has been a year of massive learning for me personally.

I think I have possibly changed more in 2018 than in any other year. I’m calmer (mainly) and more comfortable in my skin.

I’m trying not to ‘want’ or ‘need’ things or people and I think it’s working.

Gone is that old feeling, that old panic of being alone. Don’t get me wrong I love company and I love to be coupled but these days I also love my own company.

I’ve been having some business and personal coaching. I am UK Director of a few companies for my day job and I have no peers here in the UK to bounce ideas off or anyone to really  talk things through with.

So I embarked on finding someone, something to help me unravel the muddle that is sometimes in my head. Well I found her, in the form of Angela Dellar. What an amazing lady, what a tremendous help.

I’ve realised that at my age and level,  my private life, my career and now my blog are actually intrinsically linked.

I truly love what I do and I was finding it hard o fit it all together. Then I suddenly realised that is it actually ‘one’ life and not 3 or 4 as I was thinking. Long story – but trust me it’s like the light bulb has gone on!

You know when you think about life and work or profession or whatever you like to call it, we spend an awful long time doing that ‘thing.’

You’ll likely spend more of your adult life on the job (careful) than you’ll spend with your partner/family.

So we must make sure we enjoy what we do

I do – I’m lucky and with Angela’s help I’m more focussed, more productive, more effective and more at ease. I feel stronger and I feel I have grown a huge amount this year.

Clarity is the thing – I can see more clearly now.

I’ve cleared alot of negative stuff, people from my life and those that zap my will or simply exhaust me. I’ve realised that relationships – all- are a two way street!

I need to have self worth and value and when it doesn’t come back at you, you know there’s something wrong. And I’m happier for it.

I  have also started to coach a little myself and I’m loving it. Maybe it’s something I’ll do in later life.

I have a good business brain I think , I love business and this coupled with good interpersonal skill will hopefully help me to help others.

I’m a massive supporter of women in business, so if I can help in any way to steer or guide you, just let me know.

My family and friends remain the most important things to me and I do everything I can to make sure they know it!


My blog baby is now developing and growing, wilder than any expectations.

I spend most of my private time working on and developing my website. I’m loving it and realise it is at the centre off my life.

I cannot wait to see how it develops in the future.

The one thing I’m short of right now is time and I realise I need to be more organised with it and more productive.

I imagine I will blog now until the day I can’t actually type anymore….. It has changed my life totally!

I love sharing my recipes and my thoughts with you. I hope you enjoy it?

In the summer I finally monetised the blog. It was a tough decision for me. Easypeasylemonsqueezy was never about generating cash.

BUT there comes a time when your following grows, your page views are up in the 10’s of thousands and COSTS rise.

So now with my adverts, sponsored posts, affiliated links etc I make enough to pay all the costs.

The IT stuff, the hosting fees, the accounts malarky – so it pays for itself and that’s a lovely feeling. So thanks guys.

I have spent a lot of time behind the scenes optimising and also on SEO – my main traffic driver today is Google! I have a lot more to do, but it takes time….

If I look at my stats year on year visitors, page views, engagement is more than double that of 2017. The new buzz word rather than blogger is influencer and I now sit in that bracket.

With me you get the truth, I do absolutely nothing at all on my blog that I’m not happy with. It’s authentic and real.

I will NEVER compromise that. It is the essence of me and EPLS! The good, the bad and the ugly


Still today my most successful recipe and viewed recipe is Cherry Madeira. In fact you guys really do love Cake! 🙂 I’ve popped a couple of the most viewed recipes around this blog post too!

Cherry Madeira

EPLS Kitchen

And the BIG news is January 7th the diggers and builders arrive, yes!

Yes a new EasyPeasyLemonSqueezy Kitchen – it will take 3 months to build the extension and another month for the kitchen to go in. I cannot wait to share it with you!

Exciting and scary all rolled into one!

I have lots of lovely new recipes planned for 2019,some giveaways and some more shenanigans!

Please please continue to share the easypeasylemonsqueezy love! I need you guys – I so do! Please help me Cx


It’s been a tough year for many, and I’ve struggled too.

I’ve lost a couple of very special people. My heart was busted open again by these losses.

Same for all I know, but my it hurts doesn’t it? 

There has also been some illness and just difficult times this year, but we are getting there. And we must remember what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

All these difficulties make me realise how much we must hang on to our loved ones and our friends, with both hands.

We must always be nice, please. It’s my one gripe with people, why so nasty? What’s the bloody point? Be nice….

Life – 2018 review

My ex and I are still great friends and we really have reached that place of pure friendship.

This feels good and not a waste at all of my 23 years….

This year I became ‘Nana Bearby’ to the most beautiful baby boy you have ever seen – I’m so totally in love and blessed.

He is amazing – I don’t have the words.


I have made massive steps forward on the dating front. I

know HOW it now works and with this knowledge one can protect ones ‘delicate’ self from potential heartache.

It’s a GAME  it seems and needs  to be treated as total fun only! Once you get that – it’s easier. I’ve had fun this year and  have met a couple of lovely guys along the way. So let’s see – watch this space as you might say…….

End 2018

So I finish 2018 thinking again, I’m not ready to give up on my next dream,

I’m open and looking for it – that’s good right? I think I’m getting closer to it. I’ve learnt so much about myself in 2018.

Am I at one with myself? Well maybe not,  but for sure I’m a lot closer than in 2017

So 2018  how was it for you? Are you guys ready for 2019?

Let me know your dreams for 2019 – I love the inspiration…. Drop a comment below…

So here ends my 2018 review Easypeasylemonsqueezy.’  it’s been a bloody manic one!

To be continued……….. mainly replacing 2018 review Easypeasylemonsqueezy with 2019.

Health, wealth and a Happy New Year to all you lovely people



  1. You rock Clare M. You’re always keen to grow yourself and make even more of a positive impact for the benefit of others – and you do so in spades. Thank you for being you and for the mention. HNY.

    1. Thank you – your help is amazing! x

  2. Everyone should do a review of the year! May 2019 be the best and don’t for get me when your life coach says you need a PA 😁

  3. If you want an excellent coaching course look into Animas Coaching based in London. They’re quite amazing. 2019 is uncertain for me. I’m making no plans and will concentrate living in the moment. X

    1. Thanks Jane – no time right now but maybe in the future HNY x

  4. Brilliant. Love you 💕

  5. amazing to read – would love to be as positive – still stuck & so scared – find you so inspirational . happy 2019 x

    1. We are all scared darling xxx
      Tonight I’m having a bad one – but tomorrow i’ll pick myself up xxx

  6. Anna Marie Robinich

    May 2019 brings you closer to who you want to be. Hugs dear Clare xx

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