Tracking Weight Watchers Styleeeee

Tracking Weight Watchers Styleeeee

Tracking WeightWatchers Styleeeee

As you know I have been doing my #HEALTHYEPLS since January this year. And with the help of my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers (I need the public humiliation, joking Emily!) So I’ve been tracking weight watchers style

That’s one thing that WeightWatchers don’t do.  No one sees your weight and no one judges at all – but there is something about getting weighed by someone else, you simply can’t fool yourself!)

I have managed to shed almost 14 llbs. Now while that shoulds quite good, it is,  in anyones view a slow job! BUT do you know how hard it is to be a Food Blogger and lose weight consistently.  

I’m also convinced my age doesn’t help!

I also admit it I LOVE cooking and I love feeding people, I also like a little snifter from time to time!

Anyway I’ve been quite good but for the last few weeks I’ve sort of stopped tracking but I’ve still been good.  

I’ve stayed the same weight a couple of times and lost a measly 1/2 llb these last 2 weeks (I know I know a loss is a loss etc) .

I’ve lost my tracking Mojo!

I admit it – I’ve lost my tracking Mojo! So last Friday I went to my meeting and I stayed. My lovely leader Emily suggested I go back to paper and pen (I don’t do paper 🙂 ) so why not? 

I also promised that I’d present the paper tracker at my next weigh in.

I’ve also been walking a massive amount since June last year and I regularly hit my 10,000 steps a day and at weekends manage to get nearer 15,000.

So why isn’t it coming off quicker? Well that’s probably because I’m kidding myself and not tracking properly. BUT now I am.

Good Food 

I am a firm believer in good, honest, healthy, home cooked food.  That’s what I love about Weight Watchers is that that  is also their mantra, nothing is forbidden as long as you count it!  

I’m not a ready meals kinda girl and I try to steer clear of processed foods. So it’s quite a nice challenge for me to have 30 smart points a day.  And also to make sure I eat yummy, healthy food.

How typical is it that this weekend when I’m focussed I have had no problem at all sticking to my points. I have developed some lovely dinners that are all low in points just by making some small changes.

Yesterday I even did a Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ workout in my lounge in front of my laptop! (I may add that I have discovered muscles today  where I didn’t t know I had any and I hurt – but it’s a good hurt!)

I’ve also managed to walk 12,000 steps both days!

So I have until Friday to see what happens (I’m out at a Board Dinner Thursday at a fancy restaurant  – eeeeek but I’ll really try, I  fear however a large volume of alcohol looming!)

Healthy Recipes whilst tracking Weight Watchers Style 

I’ve posted a few of my #HEALTHYEPLS recipes around this post – have a look and I hope you can find some inspiration!

I must also add that the group thing helps! Being part of a friendly meeting and chatting in private groups on social media really helps.

Emilys great and I hope I can shift another stone by the end of the year and another half before June 2017! When I have a rather large Birthday looming!

Let me know any tips and tricks below in the comments section, joining forces really helps.

So onward and upwards – here’s to the long haul  – let’s hope it’s a delicious one. And here’s to Tracking Weight Watchers style 

I’ll let you know how I go

Big Love Cx

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  1. This blog is fantastic Clare. Really well done for sticking to your pointing as well as making these wonderful and tasty low point meals for us xxxx

    1. Thanks Ju Ju – we can do this!! Cx

  2. I lost my tracking mojo a long time ago too, mostly because we pretty much eat the same thing all the time. It got boring doing the exact same thing repeatedly.

    1. I have loads of ideas Cassi – why don’t we go for it – summers coming 🙂 Cx

  3. Congrats on losing those first 14 Ibs.,that’s not easy! I totally understand when you lose your tracking mojo – we can not stick to a strict regimen all the time. So great that you have been walking quite a bit since last June – so good for you! I love how honest this post is written. I’m pinning and stumbling it to inspire others! Way to Go!

  4. One more thing, the button doesn’t lead to any of our pages:)

    1. Ok – sorry I’ll sort t Cx

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