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Heck Sausages! What the HECK!

Heck sausages! Oh my joy of discovering theses babies!

What the HECK!

I am trying so hard to be good – hence my new #HEALTHYEPLS. Now I don’t praise myself  often but for once I’m really chuffed with myself.

Whilst I realise it’s August I’m trying really hard and  I’m  happy with my progress. And do you know what I do feel better already.

I’m cutting back on carbs both sugar and starches and I’ve increased my consumption of lean protein. Nothing mega drastic as I’m not a believer of cutting out whole food groups,  but I do think you can alter them really easily.

I’m following then fabulous Slimming World program (please know I’m not affiliated with SW)

But please know these are 2 sausages for 0.5 syns – yes 4 for 1 Syn!!!  CORRECTION now saying 1/2 Syn each – so 2 Syns for four sausages – still good! Fill up with speed veg too and just point your gravy!!!

Totally delicious and no missing out on anything. I’d call this a proper dinner!

Oh my joy of discovering theses babies! What the HECK!

I’m not that hungry anymore and I feel energised. Walking  a minimum of 10,000 steps per day helps  (I have been doing this for over 7M). I’m back focussed again. I walked almost 40,000 steps last sat & sun 🙂 (I’m not a runner at all, sadly) but I do Love walking!


Heck Chicken Italia Sausages

My joy at finding the HECK sausage brand is immeasurable – that’s quite a strong statement isn’t it!




Up to now I haven’t had much chance to do much with them yet, but oh there are so very tasty . Heck’s also have a load of other products I want to try too.

The ideas are endless! Cannot wait to develop some dishes with them – but so far I have just tried to replicate a wholesome dinner, it was lovely to have a nice dinner.

Having a full tummy feels nice, yes?

So for the ladies that want to know,  Ju Ju and a few more – here it is……

I do have other Heck Sausage Recipes – try this lovely Meatball one….. look…..

Herby Chicken Italia Meatballs


If you make the recipe, please let me know what you think in the comments section below the recipe and I hope you also say – Oh my joy at discovering Heck Sausages

So Heck sausages Chicken Italia – What the HECK! ‘joyous!



I also have a Facebook Closed Group called Easy Peasy Slimming Worls Style Recipes – come over and join this great honest community Facebook for Easy Peasy Slimming World Style Recipes if you’re interested  –  just use the join button if you like real home cooked tasty easy food!!

We support encourage and laugh!!

Loads of tips and tricks – I promise


Thanks Cx


Serves 1

  • 4 Heck’s Chicken Italia Sausages
  • Pack of Button mushrooms – cut in half
  • 1 leek, trimmed and cut into rounds
  • 1/2 – 1 clove Garlic, crushed (optional)
  • 150g – 200g Potato, cut into large cubes
  • Fry Lite Spray
  • 75g Garden Peas
  • 2 Teaspoons Bisto Gravy Granules – made up to gravy with boiling water


Preparation Method

  1. Peel and cube potatoes (largish chunks)
  2. Pop on to par boil – until soft (but not too soft) about 10  mins max
  3. Get out 2 frying pans and in one spray with fry light and add the mushrooms, leek and garlic – dry fry for 10-12 minutes until soft
  4. In the other pan, spray with fry light and add the sausages and potatoes – fry for 10-12 minutes until lovely and brown
  5. After approx. 10 minutes add the garden peas to the mushroom and leek mix – cook for further couple of minutes
  6. Make the gravy
  7. Dish up and tuck in!


Enjoy Love Cx – and let’s see yours when you get chance – any comments or ideas please comment below Cx

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Emma says:
I LOVE Heck sausages. They are so tasty. We like to roast us in the oven or make toad in the hole! #tastytuesdays
    Clare x says:
    mmm that's next on the list x
corina says:
I haven't tried any Heck products yet but this meal sounds really tasty!
sue winter says:
I absolutely love this recipe it's tasty and filling. My favourite!
    Clare x says:
    Great to hear Sue x
Andy Tucker says:
My wife is going to make this meal this evening, we are both really looking forward to it, hope it's tasty as this is the weather for a warm hearty meal. Thank you
    Clare x says:
    Hope you enjoy it! Cx
Heike says:
Great hearty recipe. Was only cooking for myself so I used two sausages and halved the rest of the recipe. Swapped leeks for yellow onions (prefer them), used organic chicken gravy and it was lovely
Dawn says:
Just about to make this for my Mum! Will let you know what she thinks about it.
Jacqs says:
How many people does this serve?
    Clare x says:
    Hi Jacsqs - serves 1 Thanks Clare