Tips for the perfect massage

Tips for the perfect massage

Massage Benefits – Tips for the Perfect Massage!

EPLS gets VERY brave!

Are you shocked? – I am! Tips for the perfect massage post, resulted in me in my pants! 

It has literally taken me days to decide if to post a pic of me in my pants or not! Actually quite a big deal for me….. 

So I wrote this Tips for the Perfect Massage post and I’ve been to-and-fro with myself – debating. But then why shouldn’t I? – Why not?

I’m just a normal curvy bird (a bit fat) but pretty average really. And it’s no worse than the bikini shots that I see plastered all over Facebook very often.

I would never have done this in my 30’s – but you know what, I’m older now and maybe it’s time we all stopped stressing about our bodies?

Embrace them ladies!!! Fact – most guys prefer a larger working surface anyway πŸ™‚

And interestingly my only other choice was to buy photos from a photo site and guess what – they were all skinny model birds.


One thing I always hope, is that EPLS is REAL and remains real  (shares the good, the bad and the ugly and laughs a lot) and so I bit the ‘BRAVE BULLET’ and here I am in my pants! (big ones at that!) see my first tip πŸ™‚ !

I hope I don’t live to regret it.

I hope you support me are not offended and please remember I’ve done it for all the curvy normal girls out there.

Why should we be worried that we are not a Size 8 – surely as long as we are nice people and healthy then it’s ok?

So back to the point of this post:

Tips for the perfect massage! – honestly!

I love a good massage and I been really stressed just lately, so last night I though – sod this – I need to relax. My shoulders were somewhere around my ears and my posture was awful.

Also I had a stressy / fuzzy headache and this was day two.  

I needed to give myself the chance to actually sleep – something else I’ve been struggling with lately!

I just needed fingers between my shoulder blades.

So I picked up the phone, booked it and off I went. Why not? I see it as an important thing to do and for me,  really helpful.

The knots in my shoulders were immense -and I mean immense. I truly believe a massage relieves stress and it certainly alleviates the tension in your muscles (and your mind).

And it certainly improves your blood flow and circulation. So all in all a good idea!

So how do you get the best out of the massage experience?

1. Wear proper / big knickers – Why would you wear a thong? Why would you be uncomfortable? – trust me you will enjoy the massage way more when you know you are covered appropriately

2. Check out the salon, make sure you like the treatment room/s. Has it got windows? is it relaxing? – do this before you book – after all – you are paying probably around Β£1 per minute – so you need to have a comfortable / relaxing experience

3. Decide on what sort of massage you actually want. A relaxing one? Is it knot fighting?  Sports related? Is it injury related? Make sure you and your therapist know the point of your visit and get the right treatment

4. Be vocal – very vocal – ask the therapist what oils are best for your symptoms etc, don’t be shy – you are paying! Tell them if you are hot or cold. Tell them any problem areas, areas to avoid etc. Scratch that itch – whatever it takes to have a good experience

5.  And then finally,  we get to the ever pressing question of ‘pressure.’ I  usually start off saying ‘medium’ – then I tell the therapist if it’s too soft or hard. Direct pressure should feel a little uncomfortable and exquisitely intense, but not that painful. I have no qualms about asking for what I need and every therapist I’ve ever met is happy that you guide them – they too want you to have a good experience.

6. Oh and some lovely relaxing music – don’t forget the music

The benefits of massage are wonderful. I always try and schedule them for the evening. I go home post massage, leave the oils on my skin, in my hair, have a light dinner, drink plenty of water, have a warm bath and an early night – TOTAL BLISS

You should try it! Often!

Hope you enjoyed my  – Tips for a perfect massage! – let me know your experiences?

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Would you post a pic of yourself in your pants? Flipping heck – I just did πŸ™‚



  1. Your so amazing Clare!
    I must say I think your looking rather fantastic hunni and what a great post & your points are very true and I’m booking a massage next week & ill def

  2. To carry on my comment as my 7 year old touched my phone and sent prematurely!! I was saying I’ll definitely be using your tips when booking my massage next week x

  3. Fab sis, what a great article I will be booking a massage soon! No need to be worried you look fabulous – who said we all have to be size 8! Real women have curves! ? Xx

  4. Kevin Forster You look just fine to me Clare, just a normal woman and not some bloody fantasy stick insect. I, too, am a great believer in a good massage, one of the few things I really miss about Thailand where there is a good massage parlour on every street and in every temple, So damn expensive in UK, The point you make about the pressure is very important I also like decent relaxing music too. Anything Asian or perhaps South American pan pipes is lovely for stress relief.

  5. Roll over I need a masssge now too!

  6. Great blog & bang on with your tips.
    I had a massage yeterday & it was certainly lacking & the oils smelt like cooking oil .
    Keep up the great work Claremont.

  7. Pretty liberating I should think….There’s nothing more attractive than a woman confident in her own skin…. we should all love our bodies more ?

  8. I’ve had a few massages, & alwAys feel great after. Sometimes we just need to make time for ourselves. Great picture Clare x

  9. Fantastic post, fantastic you!

  10. Great advice Claire and I agree you look fab. For me a massage is an essential part of my life………I need one now! xx

  11. Looking good Claire . My best massage was Ragdale Hall then straight to the sleep room ?Xx

  12. You look flipping amazing and the tips are great. Can’t beat a good pummel or a relaxing massage. So many to choose from depending on how you feel xx
    Great blog as usual and keeping it real ?

  13. Love this! I have to have a massage often now – it helps with the stress and pain! And I wear big knickers always! Ha ha!

  14. Love this! I have to have a massage often now – it helps with the stress and pain! And I wear big knickers always! Ha ha! Life is too short to be uncomfortable! Xxx

  15. Love love love this. You are simply amazing.

  16. You look fab!!!!! I have to say I always say medium pressure and then end up feelings it’s still too hard but don’t say anything – like you say you’re paying for this so you should be getting the most out of it! Will definitely be braver next time to speak up ? Xx

  17. Woo hoo miss m …. brave but you are right ….. beauty is always in the eye of the beholder!

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