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Negroni Cocktail, delicious

Negroni Cocktail

Oh I love a Negroni Cocktail, I love most Italian things 🙂 say no more. What about you? 

And it’s National Negroni Week 14-20 September – so there’s your excuse!! 

What is a Negroni Cocktail?

A negroni is a slightly bittercocktail, however with the vermouth and the orange garnish that’s  added I find that enough to add  the fruity sweetness needed to balance it out.

The taste is, I’d say herby, a bit rooty, if you know what I mean, earthy maybe?  and then there are some deep dark fruit flavours too. Quite a complex but delicious cocktail Mmmmmm 

And obviously there is gin present too! (Yip Yar!!)  

So this also gives the classic juniper tang, notes of lemon and coriander seed.

Full Disclosure – the lovely people at Starlino sent me a bottle to try and I have another bottle to giveaway – this will be done over on Instagram @ClareEPLS 


How do you make a Negroni Cocktail? 

Well look no further I have full details below of just how easy it is!

STARLINO Rosso Negroni

Add 25ml Starlino Rosso

25ml Campari

25ml Gin to an

Old Fashioned glass.

Stir and serve with a twist of fresh orange peel and a maraschino cherry.


Celebrate Negroni Week with STARLINO Rosso Negroni 

The Negroni is one of the world’s classic cocktails

It oozes Italian style and La Dolce Vita and what better way to kick start Negroni Week than by celebrating with a cocktail made with a classic “Vermouth di Torino”, STARLINO Rosso.  

Launched earlier this month in the UK, STARLINO Rosso (Red Vermouth) is made from a blend of Italian white wine, Sicilian Ansonica and Cataratto wines and Marsala Wine.

This is then blended with a careful selection of botanicals including Wormwood, bitter orange and cloves.

The Red Vermouth is then aged in Bourbon Barrels for six months to give a rich, spicy, vanilla flavour – perfect for a Negroni and with only 17% ABV capitalises on the trend for lower alcohol cocktails. 

Commenting on why STARLINO Rosso works so well in a Negroni, Master Distiller , Beppe Ronco says,  

“What better way to enjoy this quintessentially Italian cocktail than made with a Vermouth distilled in our family distillery, here at Torino Distillati.  

Torino is the birth-place of Vermouth, one of the three essential ingredients in a Negroni, and with over 100 years of experience making delicious Vermouths, we are very proud to have created the new Hotel STARLINO range.”

RRP: £23.00 for 75cl. ABV: 17%. Available from: Amazon. 


Another Gin Cocktail 

If you like this cocktail I’m sure you’ll love my Tom Collins too 

tom collins


Enjoy! Clare xxx

Drink responsibly 

Recipe supplied by STARLINO


  • 25ml Starlino Rosso
  • 25ml Campari
  • 25ml Gin Old
  • Orange peel
  • Maraschino Cherry

Preparation Method

  1. Add 25ml Starlino Rosso, 25ml Campari, 25ml Gin to an old  Fashioned glass.
  2. Stir and serve with a twist of fresh orange peel and a maraschino cherry.