Apple Cocktail – The Bittersweet Dapple

Apple Cocktail – The Bittersweet Dapple

Apple Cocktail – The Bittersweet Dapple

A lovely little Apple Cocktail Recipe which we have called  The Bittersweet Dapple Apple

How pretty does it look?

Let me tell you its tastes even prettier….

Apple Cocktail


Autumnal Apple Cocktail

So this is an autumnal tipple with berries and lovely apples.

Think sweet apples and sharp blackberries. really so delicious.

I’m also guessing you could probably make it with Elderflower cordial instead of the liqueur,  but I didn’t have any to hand to try.

It’s a serious Apply cocktail, quite sweet but lovely as you get a lovely taste of a sharp blackberry.

The clarity of the gin as the alcohol works very well indeed in this cocktail 

Do you go out and pick Blackberries?

I try to but don’t always manage it, but when I do it’s so satisfying 

If you do and you get loads my advice is – freeze them individually before you  bag them, that way they retain their shape!


The Apple Cocktail Ingredients 

This is how easy it is look at the Ingredients 

Apple Cocktail

Better than a crumble I say!!!


Another Gin Cocktail 

If you love gin and cocktails then you’re likely to love my Tom Collins, gin Cocktail 

tom collins


And here’s a more wintery cocktail

Ginger Ninja Cocktail

Oh I love a cocktail and this one is so nice and warming,  it’s so warm and spicy I think you’ll love it and I called it the Ginger Ninja Cocktail.

In fact it really is the most perfect Autumn & Winter cocktails – it warms you up and adds a little glow to those cheeks!  

So go on give the Ginger Ninja Cocktail a whirl I’m sure you’ll like it and it’s positively medicinal 😉

Ginger Ninja Cocktail



Clare x


Apple Cocktail

Apple Cocktail - The Bittersweet Dapple

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
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Delicious Autumnal Cocktail with Gin, apples & blackberries


  • 100 ml Cloudy Apple Juice
  • 40 ml Gin
  • 40 ml Elderflower liqueur I use M&S one or try Uber posh St Germain
  • Ice
  • Red Apple and Blackberries to decorate


  • Put Ice in a tumbler glass
  • Put Gin, Apple Juice and Elderflower in a shaker and go for it
  • Pour over Ice into the glass
  • Decorate with a few slices of Apple, pushing them down the side (Red coloured crunchy ones are best) and dapple a few blackberries in.

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