Dating after breakup (& at 50!)

Dating after breakup (& at 50!)

End 2017

Squeezing lemons – dating after breakup (& at 50!)

So this is the one I’ve been thinking about writing for a while – should I write it, shouldn’t I? Mmmmm it’s difficult, it’s funny and it’s also a tad sad, so I thought hey why not….dating after breakup πŸ™‚ 

I am indeed a blogger? This is my choice. So here goes – Squeezing lemons dating post breakup!

Again I won’t share the details but just the general theme.

So it occurred to me at the beginning of the year that I needed to meet new people. And by people, I mean men. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not focussing on finding a man – I’m focusing on finding my new life!


I’ve made amazing steps forward with friends, family, blog, work and generally having a good time and loving it.

But you know to share that with someone special (a partner in crime) again this decade ( πŸ™‚ )

Would be nice and I know no one is going to knock on  my door, so my decision was try and see what happens….. gently (I have a lot of love to give to the right person)

So let’s get one thing straight before we start.

Being single at 50 is actually ok, it’s different after 23 years ‘coupled – happily’ but it’s ok!

For those that say ‘oh you won’t meet anyone‘ or ‘oh that’s a difficult age to be single etc‘ then slip you that sorry, sad, pathetic look  – well quite frankly,  that’s total rubbish and they should do one!!

In my limited  experience there are ALOT of single people in midlife………

Dating post break-up

So what’s it like dating post breakup? How is it?  

Well it’s bloody exciting for one, bloody great fun, you get a sense of being totally alive.

But it’s a roller-coaster and you have to pick your times for it.

It’s also flipping difficult trying to weave your way through all the boll**k’s and its draining and exhausting……. all of these things.

Dating at 50 is scary stuff!

In some ways dating makes your whole world open up – it’s like shopping for sweets!

Should I choose this, should I try that flavour, oh there’s a new kind of sparkly red candy there – when actually it turns out to be a sour worm.

You get the drift yes???

I think timing really is key. I started dating a little at the beginning of the year – when I wasn’t, it would seem, actually ready but I needed a distraction (like really needed it).

It was awful sometimes,  but ok other times.

And even if I wasn’t that enamoured by the guy  it was good to be wanted, to feel attractive again – ok let’s be honest – to be desired again.

That in itself helps with ones confidence.

I’m not ready to share my dating stories but I’ll give you one at least:

I’ve had a guy crash his car in the car park coming to meet me for a coffee – I felt so bloody sorry for him that I had a second cup – lol and then disappeared – bad day for him.

There are some nutters out there, but there are also some very sweet and wonderful guys – two of the guys I’ve had a date with are now my true friends – that I like!


I often shout NEXT to my fellow dating warriors (there are a lot of us out there).  

When I hear a story about how the guy let her down etc! But the question – just how long is the line? How long do we shout NEXT for – before we stick?!

And sometimes I just think  – sod this and I stop for a while…

To get a text message in the morning saying ‘hello gorgeous’ really is totally lovely!

And boy I’ve laughed so much at my own exploits, at my fellow DW exploits. I’ve laughed so hard that I’ve almost peeed my pants.

When did it become ok to receive THOSE pics (just out of the blue), you know the ones lol!! *presses block*  

I’m thinking of collating them and making my own Christmas cards, you know with christmas hats on? – guys seriously they are not that attractive…..

One morning I actually dropped my coffee and it totally put me off my breakfast! lol!

So dating midlife is dramatically different than in your 20’s, we all have our own ‘stuff’ to deal with (I hate the word baggage) but you know what I mean.


There are some players out there who think they are something special, when they are not and there are some guys who just want someone to wash their socks and make them dinner (Clare runs in the opposite direction).

And clearly the married ones, the ones that say – oh my wife doesn’t understand me, righty oh! Do one….. ‘Oh but can’t we have an affair and see?’ – well no actually we can’t….. (but what if they just happen to be  the right one??) 

And then a ‘PRINCE’ arrives – or so it seems?! Ha!.

You get all excited about being part of a couple, about planning weekends etc and feeling a tad smug with your exciting ‘new’ squeeze and all that goes with that.

And then, hey inevitably, it goes pear shaped and you hit the floor (again).

With that you are thrown back to thinking about what you’ve lost (originally) and harp back to the ex…….. πŸ™  

So see the issues? Putting yourself out there, putting yourself in that sweet ‘shop’ has it’s dangers.

Dangers of dragging you back to feelings you thought you were almost over….. Nah!

Date ready post breakup

So I’ve got a wardrobe full of ‘Date’ clothes. My nails are often painted and I’m buffed within an inch of my life – most of the time πŸ™‚

My diary is full …. my weekends are planned and my outfits chosen….. I think one refocuses on oneself…. maybe not such a bad thing…

Priorities change for sure and adventures begin…….  but then the  ‘ageing singletons’ often spend Sunday nights alone on the sofa……..

Looks like I may need to  keep squeezing lemons for a while πŸ™‚ if I can find my squeezer  and if I can be bothered …… no rush tho’

So does this ring any bells? Are you dating? Shocked? Dating post breakup?

Come on I love your comments

Thanks Cx

And please remember I only ever try to be REAL!

(And after my ‘wobble’ re blogging – And in answer to why do I blog, just to be clear? Because I can, because I want to, because it’s my life and I choose what I do with it? I check my posts through people I TRUST to make sure they are ok – I’m comfortable with that. I do not share everything – trust me….. 

If I can help one person in my position, help anyone think about things – then that’s enough for me, it’s that simple. If you don’t like it – anyone out there – simply don’t read it – you really don’t have to, I won’t be offended?)

And if you are wondering where all this started then maybe catch my first ever relationship post Affairs of the Heart 

It might all make a tad more sense – dating post breakup!

I think you might enjoy another of my posts Moving Forward – have a read and I hope you enjoy 

And maybe How are you coping? too 


  1. Sorry I haven’t finished…
    so he’s come along & we think, bloody hell he’s boring , afterall we all like a bad boy lol
    So my suggestion is get up, dress up, put on a smile , your high heels & stand tall & proud , after all we are women, FAKE IT TO MAKE IT LADIES, & one day maybe our Prince Charming might actually come along, prefably in a merc, Porsche, Bentley , or in my case a bloody van, but hey ho, let’s just enjoy the ride xx

  2. I found my prince on the net. Yes, weekends away were mentioned. We went to Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark. Proposed to in Borneo abd a fabulous wedding. Keep going! X

  3. So refreshing!! Exactly in the same spot and find your blog honest and strangely reassuring because in a world where your friends are mostly still coupled and you still have teens at home, it is hard to be real and honest snlout dating but this is EXACTLY spot on and I am glad someone said it!

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