Matt’s Chilli Salmon Slap

Matt’s Chilli Salmon Slap

Matt’s Salmon Slap

Do you love salmon? Do you love Chilli Salmon. Well here is my Nephews recipe for cheeky Chilli Salmon – with a slap 


Matt's Salmon Slap


Can you take the Salmon Slap? The Chilli slap?

My nephew Matt lives in Oz and is a flipping good cook :-).  

Here he shares his Salmon recipe with us.  

Be warned though, my Matt likes his spice and I mean really likes his spice! Gulp…. Have a go!  

It’s balanced with garlic, ginger and sweet soy sauce and certainly packs a wicked punch!

I’m not a massive salmon fan, but this is so good! I really do need to get some more salmon recipes on the blog.

Have a go and let us know what you think to Matt’s Salmon Slap?




  1. That sounds yummy and super easy and quick. My sort of supper. Trying this this week. Thanks.

    1. don’t forget the photo Jane M and don’t blow your head off 🙂 Cx

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