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Malfy Gin for Valentine’s Day

An Italian Love Story – Malfy Gin Cocktails for Valentine’s Day!

It’s nearly V Day peeps! However irrespective of your views on Valentines Day, here and for this it really  doesn’t matter.

So here we are simply talking about a beautiful bottle of Malfy Gin Rosa and who wouldn’t want to win that?! My lovely friends at Malfy are offering one Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy the chance of winning a bottle for Valentines Day xxx

So what actually is this wonderful looking gin? Well Malfy Gin Rosa is distilled using the peel of Sicilian pink grapefruits, Italian juniper berries, rhubarb, and four other botanicals, so lovely. Sun-ripened Sicilian pink grapefruits are grown in citrus groves on the Mediterranean coast where the mountains greet the sea. That’s it – I’m sold! Oh and the bottle – so lovely (gosh I’m such a consumer!)

Perfect and pink for Valentines:




Bring a touch of Italian romance to your Valentine’s Day this year with Malfy Gin Rosa.
Impress your special someone with Malfy Gin’s range of rosy pink gin cocktails… Cin Cin!
Enjoy this colorful burst of Italian sunshine on the rocks, with tonic or in your favourite cocktail. 
Pink Gin Fizz – Mix 1 part Malfy Gin Rosa with two parts prosecco.
Serve in a prosecco flute and garnish with a Sicilian grapefruit twist.
Malfy Gin Cocktails for Valentine's Day
Gin Rosa Martini – Shake Malfy Gin Rosa over ice, add a splash of Italian vermouth if you like.
Serve in a martini glass and garnish a slice of lime.
Pink Lemonade – Mix 2 parts Malfy Gin Rosa with 1 part Limoncello in an ice filled highball glass.
Top up with 3 parts soda water and garnish with a wedge of lime and a raspberry.
Gin Rosa Gin & Tonic  a solid measure of Malfy Gin Rosa with premium tonic water in an ice filled tumbler.
Garnish with a fresh wedge of Sicilian grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary. Now this is my kinda drink!
Malfy Gin Cocktails for Valentine's Day
RRP: From £28.00 for 70cl
Stockists: GinKiosk.com, Amazon, 31Dover.com, Harvey Nichols, M&S, Master of Malt and other good retailers.

So how do you enter?

All you have to do is answer the question – “ Do you celebrate Valentines Day?”

Leave a comment answering the question in the comments section below this blog post.

We will select a winner at random – we’ll post a vid live!

T & C’s – The boring stuff!

The prize can be delivered to mainland UK only – sorry!
Draw Closes Midnight 12th February 2019
The winner will be notified by email within 24 hours of the closing date
The winner will have 28 days to claim their prize otherwise an alternative winner will be selected.
Open to 18+


And the winner is

Thank you all for entering!!

Full disclosure: Giveaway bottle Gin for my readers for coverage of cocktails


Lisa eastman says:
I ❤️ Valentine’s Day another day to show my bunny how much I love him and get spoilt at the same time😂
Zara Martin says:
No !!! My husband thinks it’s all a load of commercial rubbish !!! So I would love to win this to treat myself 👍🏻🍸
Hannah says:
My husband and I just buy eachother cards, but if he buys me a gift too, I won't complain! ;-)
Victoria Bennett says:
Yes! My husband and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day! Even if he’s working we make sure to spend quality time together when he gets home!
Ashley says:
I’d love to spend valentines with the woman I’m falling for but work commitments dont allow. How lucky would I be to win and turn up at her house with this beautiful bottle of gin and some other lovelies. Her name is Clare and she is the most beautiful woman in the universe x x
    Clare x says:
    wow - lucky lady x
Vic says:
Absolutely nothing! 😂
lorraine Martin says:
My husband and i don't bother with cards or gifts these days ,but usually we buy something a bit special to eat , i still have the very first valentines card he sent me when i was just 13, over 40 years ago lol
james wright says:
I think Valentines day is a big con but I will be cooking one of EPLS recipes for wifey and hopefully wash it down with a big G$T
    Clare x says:
    love this
Debbie Biddulph says:
Absobloodylutely! We love valentines. 16 years together & still like a romantic night. He cooks (as he’s a chef, reason why I married him lol) and I do the pudding. Thanks for the opportunity.
Danielle M says:
Last year I was sent flowers a day early because they were cheaper - he knows me well, I think I'd happily stick to celebrating a day adrift from the 14th
Sally Lampitt says:
No one to celebrate with 😢
Rev says:
Yes but how you want to celebrate could be dinner could be a quiet night in could be flowers could be a card
Sally Toal says:
I celebrate every day of the year with my soul mate 💑
Jo says:
We used to, but it seems so much more commercialised these days we don’t bother any more. We might cook a nice dinner together and have a glass of fizz, but no overpriced cards, dinners out or themed chocolates.
Jo says:
Definitely, we do the works. Prezzies, Candlelit Meal and plenty of Fizz - The Pink Gin Fizz recipe sounds perfect for this occasion mmmm
Harvey says:
Happy to invite Gin Rosa ❤️ Into my world as my significant other!!!!
Patricia Monk says:
Always celebrate Valentines Day but there is always an argument - should we have the Malfy Pink Grapefruit or the Malfy Lemon with our tonic? Hmmmm ......
Katie Skeoch says:
My other half works away so we don't celebrate every year but it's lovely to show appreciation for the person you love
Lynda says:
Yes - it’s always lovely to show someone that you care about them 😁 xx
Annabel Atkinson says:
V day has become so commercial but just keep things simple - good food and gin! Love is something special to be nurtured and cherished and brings a lot of happiness. Love the beef wellington - will be. making it for V Day.
    Clare x says:
    Great to hear Annabel x remember to post a picture and comment - :-) Thanks
Carolynne Bell says:
Every day is Valentine’s Day for my husband 🤣💙💖
    Clare x says:
    you are so funny xxx
Tania Atfield says:
Definitely always celebrate valentine’s day with my hubby
Lynda says:
Of course - it’s lovely to let loved ones know that you care.
Helen Straszewska says:
Yes we do . Buy cards and prezzy . Gin sounds scummy give that a go .
Becky Shaw says:
No! too long in the tooth for all that now! But a G7T..now that's a different story!
Jacqui P says:
After nearly 25 years of being together, we celebrate but in in a subtle way. ;-)
Steph Clubb says:
My husband works away so much, he's home at the moment, so sharing this with him will remind him of Italian holidays, you never know we may book another one.. 🥰
Gemma martin says:
No 😩 my boyfriend thinks its a waste of money. I on the other hand would love to be spoiled on Valentine's day
Kimberley raynor says:
Just a simple card..and a nice meal for us 😁
Rosalie Edington says:
We always celebrate with a couple of romantic nights away as the 15th is our wedding anniversary 22 years this time and over 30 years together.
Yes always, usually a homemade yummy tea but not this year as boyfriend working nights so home alone ☹❤❤
Zoey McDonald says:
We don't after 10 years but might change if we win 😍
Ali Johnson says:
We celebrate it less the longer we are together!
Carl Mitchell says:
I spoil my lady every day not just Valentine’s 😇