Lunch Box Ideas …. the dreaded pack up

Lunch Box Ideas …. the dreaded pack up

Arrrrrrhhgggh Lunch Box Ideas!!!

It’s that time again, kids back at school, we are  back at work so it’s time to mix things up a bit whilst keeping things as simple easy and straightforward as possible. So here’s my Lunch Box ideas 

Now this is from the Government website:

Preparing your child’s lunchbox

A balanced packed lunch should contain:

starchy foods – these are bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and others

protein foods – including meat, fish, eggs, beans and others
a dairy item – this could be cheese or a yoghurt

vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

Starchy foods are a good source of energy and should make up a third of the lunchbox. But don’t let things get boring.

My Lunch Box Ideas for a good pack-up: 

1. Invest in a bento box style Lunch box 

One with different compartments – keeps it fun having little compartments

Lunch box Ideas

2. Ask the kids to write down what they like.

 They could even give you a menu on a Saturday for the week ahead – that way they might just eat it!

3. Forget the boring sandwiches!

 I found some great alternatives – Warburton’s Thins (about £1 for 6 thins)

 BUT Cat and Van shapes – yes – such fun….. clearly the are available just square!


4. Use wraps

There are some nice smaller ones (mini)  like these Mission Deli Wraps (and they are Wheat & White)


Try filling with cream cheese & ham. Rolling like pinwheels and cutting into 4 – that way mouth size and delicious.

If your kids like hummus, avocado, grated carrot,  you can roll with this too, roll anything – make them bite size!

5. Avoid peanut butter and any nut spreads – j

Just to dangerous to have at school (allergens) and best avoided in my view

6.  It’s really easy to make a little extra food at night for dinner.

Like chicken pasta and mix it with a few salad bits.  Give them a plastic spoon and they can eat it cold – then chuck the spoon. 

Try a slice of cold omelette or fritta or try my mini frittatas – easypeasylemonsqueezy – they are so good and nutritious cold. 

Make a tart or quiche for dinner then pack a leftover slice for lunch in the bento lunch box

9.Try fruits skewers

All kinds of fruits from pineapple pieces / grapes / pitted cherries etc

About 3 pieces on cocktail sticks are good.

You can also invest in some cheap plastic teaspoons – half cut trough a kiwi and they can then break it apart and use a spoon to eat it and just chuck the spoon away

10. The sweet stuff 

How about a cupcake or my carrot cake baked in mini loaf tins – see recipe opposite.

You could also bake some biscuits – or better still get the kids to make them

11. Then there’s the yoghurts perfect!

And in some of the Bento boxes there is a little tub with a screw on lid!

12. Other stuff 

Depending on if you like it, carrot sticks, feta , hummous, olives, hard boiled egg cut in fun shapes. Real cheese cut in squares to triangles – be imaginative (not those flipping imitation rubbish)  

How about home made potato crisps – great fun to make and the kids can pack them in bags etc.

You know what as well if your kids want a bag of crisps  (say once a week)  in their lunch box, why not?

Everything in moderation? Also there are some clever snacks out there made of whole grains anyway like Walkers Sunbites and Hoops & crosses, Twiglets – just moderation that’s all!

13. My final point 

Engage the kids – ask them to organise – get them to bake etc – get them to choose.

This way you have  half a chance that they will actually eat launch and enjoy it!

Let’s do lunch 🙂

Cheers Cx

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  1. Love this, especially the pin wheels x

  2. Will someone please make me a pack up lunch !!!

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