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Jam Jar Flowers perfect for Mothers Day

Save your Jam Jars…..

So *Mothers Day* or any day flowers can be VERY expensive! Jam Jar Flowers are the answer

I simply can’t believe how much you have to pay for flowers these days.

So get your ribbons out, empty the jam out the jars, buy £10 ish worth of flowers and cut some green stuff out the garden, lavenders is so lovely in these -then in 10 minutes flat ….Ta Dah!

JamJar Flowers

Jam Jar Flowers perfect!

2 / 3 or 4 of these ….. Less than £4! JamJar Flowers perfect!

Now what mummy wouldn’t want one of theses, mummy or not what female wouldn’t want one!

So dads get the kids doing these for mothers Day ‪#‎Easypeasylemonsqueezy‬ (please note a flower arranger I am not! cook maybe and if I can do it so can you).

JamJar Flowers

They are delightful and thoughtful, make a batch of Bundles Brownies and you’ll have huge amounts of Brownie points, I promise you)

Bundle’s Brownies

Go on have a go – I did them as place settings last year – here are a few examples……

Go on have a go at these lovely Jam Jar Flowers and remember to let me know how you get on!

Make mum very very happy!! They are just too cute 

Thanks Clare x