Lavender Table Decoration – easy!

Lavender Table Decoration – easy!

Lavender Table Decoration – so easy!

This Lavender Table Decoration, is so Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy to make.

Look how beautiful it is 🙂 



Crafting – it’s so easy 

You can use it for dinner, for weddings, for a garden party whatever!

I love a little crafting and it really is so beautiful and would cost a fortune to buy.

I love the idea of making something so pretty out of almost nothing! I know this isn’t up cycling but I also like that too


What you need for your Lavender Table decoration

All you need is:

  • Jam Jar, Lavender
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Brown String or ribbons
  • Small candle


So here’s a Step by Step to your Lavender decoration 

First gather all your bits and pieces together 

Start by cutting your lavender from the garden – make sure you cut long enough stake to be able to cover the whole of the jam jar

Gather together 7/8 stalks of lavender making sure they are level on the flower end



Using Selotape secure to the jam jar, carry on doing this until the jar is completely covered (at this point the stalks will be hanging over the bottom, see pic



When the jar is covered, take your scissors and cut off the stalks level with the bottom of the jam jar



Tie some nice brown string or ribbons around the jar

Pop a candle in and light – wonderful aroma and great outdoors

As with all candles do not leave unattended and make sure your lavender doesn’t catch fire!



Lavender Table Decoration


This beautiful decoration should last a few days as the lavender will simply dry out and bonus is it also lasts quite a long time… and makes your house smell amazing too

So beautiful, so fragrant and so low cost.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


Wedding Table Flower decoration? Easter Table Decoration? Or Garden Party Flowers? 

I think they would look amazing don’t you? And the smell – devine 🙂 calming ……

Perfect for Easter and weddings, in fact any party decorations 

Yes for outside parties too –

How wonderful would they look ….


***** ENJOY xx and please do not leave unattended 

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