Friday French Fizz

Friday French Fizz

Friday French Fizz

A perfect light fizzy Cocktail! Friday French Fizz 

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A perfect light fizzy Cocktail!


The ingredients for your Friday French Fizz 

Perfect for any occasion or no occasion at all – Gin, Lemon juice, sugar syrup and champagne – what’s not to love?

Try it! You’ll love it 🙂 Promise

French 75 is a cocktail made from gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. It is also called a 75 Cocktail, or in French simply a Soixante Quinze. Or as I’ve named this one  a ‘Friday French Fizz’

This is especially for the beautiful Paula Hart who introduced me to one of best cocktails bars around, Mokoko in Saint Albans where I had my first French 75


Another champagne Cocktail….

Drop a hibiscus flower and a splash of syrup into a glass of fizz and you have a Winter Wild Cocktail  …..

And finish off by munching on the flower.

It’s a perfect partner to Christmas  day nibbles or any special occasion.

This champagne cocktail is simplicity itself but looks oh so sexy! It also tastes amazing!

Winter Wild




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