Easy Grazing Platter – ideas

Easy Grazing Platter – ideas

Easy Grazing Platter – ideas

I love the entire concept of an easy grazing platter – they are simply me all over 🙂

Fun and delicious, often called charcuterie boards too and you can make so many for any occasion 


So why a Grazing Platter? Or is is a charcuterie board? 

Firstly they look AMAZING 

No two boards are ever the same 

They are super simple to put together 

They taste delicious – nom nom 

Everyone loves them 

And you can customise as you wish – PERFECT 

Traditionally a charcuterie board is a display of meats – but these days includes so much more. Often people use the word charcuterie for other types of boards too 


How to make a  grazing plate? 

First you need to find a suitable board, tray or plate  (think baking sheet / marble pastry slab / wooden chopping board – be creative) 

I personally like trays and it gives you an edge to butt up against with your contents if that makes sense 

These are mine but any will do 

Make sure your board is spotless before you begin designing your board 

Here I have concentrated on sweet / dessert varieties,  however I will do a new post soon on savoury ones too 

First decide on the contents / theme and then go shopping and / or get baking 

Then think about the size and how many people you are trying to feed ….. 

Also don’t forget things that will make it easier for your guests to navigate. I try and go bite size on most things. Maybe cocktail sticks to pick up bits etc, small plates in case they want to walk away from the board (if it’s a party for example) 

Also don’t forget spoons etc for the dips – anything to make it easier 


So when is it suitable to make a Grazing Platter? 

They could be useful for summer parties, winter parties, children’s birthday parties and indeed adult birthday parties, baby showers, hen doos, or basically any event! 

If you choose your contents carefully you can customise for literally any event! 

Can you imagine how beautiful Christmas Grazing platters and New year ones too would be? – I’m so excited to share those with you 

I’ll add more ideas as I make them 🙂 


What to put on a grazing platter?  

Now that’s a big question, actaully almost anything. 

However here are some ideas: 


Fruit Grazing Platter 

With the fruit grazing platters the secret is to do it as soon to the event as possible – and then store it in the fridge 

You also need to have lots of lovely colours 

You should use lines and curves and piles if that makes sense 

Also if you want a dipping bowl or two place then on the board first and work around them 

The secret is to fill them very full and you can go high too 

That way they look amazing 

(** be careful with allergies – i.e some people can’t eat kiwi fruit for example so make sure you know your eaters)


Fruit grazing platter


Cake and biscuit Grazing Platter 

Again the key is lines, curves, piles  and variety 

I always place my dipping bowls first – you can’t see it here however I filled those bowls with salted caramel sauce 🙂 

Again remember potential allergies etc 

Make sure you cover your board well if it is not being eaten immediately as the last thing you want is dried out cakes) 

What you put on there is totally up to you -this is just an example 


Cake & Biscuit grazing platter


Sweetie Grazing Platter

The sweetie platters are such fun. There are so many sweets available in the shops 

Be careful with tiny children – for example the jelly beans are too hard for them – so always think of your eaters and who they are. 

Allergies again are super important to consider – remember maybe NO NUTs

Always lines curves and piles – start with what you have the most of – here it was Percy Pigs – then,  fill in around. 

Always consider colours too, I find the more colourful sometimes the more appetising they are 


Kids sweets displayed on a platter


Meringue or Pavlova grazing platter – build your own 

This one is slightly different 

I served mine with a big bowl of whipped cream and lots of different coulis on the side, a sort of build your own pavlova station. 

It went down a storm too 

And let’s pause – how pretty? 


Meringues, strawberries, raspberries grazing board


The Perfect Cheese Board 

And the sis the ultimate Grazing Board – CHEESE 

A Cheese Board really doesn’t has to be boring or old fashioned 

Look at it, use olives, chutneys and herbs to dress it up 

And cheese a nice board and pack in the cheese 

I always think figs look beautiful 


Cheese Board Assortment



So why not have a go – they are super simple to make 

I will be making a Healthy one for the peeps out there – watch this space 


Here’s a perfect party drink too 

Here’s a lovely drink for the kids too – Pomtineeny!

‘PomiTeeny’ for the Kids, Drivers & Non-Drinkers


More Party Food Ideas

And if you’re looking for some more party food ideas, including afternoon tea ones have a look at this collection maybe…. 


Thanks & Big Love 


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  1. I think these are a great idea and I especially love the pavlova one! It would be great for summer parties.

    1. Thanks Corina – they went down so well at our party x

  2. 5 stars
    Love everything on your page! X

  3. I love cheese, would never thought of putting herbs on. The fruit one looks amazing x

    1. they really are such fun – and very easy x

  4. Looking forward to more savoury, proper charcuterie grazing platters! I live in France where they love this kind of thing .. need lots of inspiration for aperitif nibbles too!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Yes savoury boards are on there way – I’ve done a cheese one already x

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