Christmas Wreath Pavlova – TOTAL cheat!

Christmas Wreath Pavlova – TOTAL cheat!

Christmas Wreath Pavlova

How beautiful does my Christmas Wreath Pavlova look? However I need to tell you one thing, this is Soooooo easy it’s ridiculous, basically it’s just a construction job! I almost didn’t do a recipe card – but I decided to and it’s at the bottom of the post as always

You know what,  I’m all for making life easy and it’s sometimes ok just to throw something together especially when it looks as beautiful as this!

Why should we have to make everything from scratch all the time?

Sometimes I just haven’t got time – so this is perfect 

All the ingredients here are shop bought – you don’t even need to turn your oven on – but you can if you like. 

I’ll link below to a fab meringue recipe you incase you can’t buy them 


Pretty Pavlova 

LOOK AT IT!! Could it look any more christmassy? 


Fifteen minutes – twenty tops and you’re there. A beautiful festive dessert to wow your guests. Fresh too – yum yum 


Step by step to your festive Pavlova 

Step 1

First place your 8 shop bought meringue nests on a pretty place in a circle


Step 2 – Raspberry coulis & cream 

Whip your cream either by hand or using an electric mixer until stiff 

Spoon or pipe a dollop on each nest 

Then drizzle your shop bought raspberry coulis on the cream 

If you can’t find raspberry coulis then simply crush some raspberries in a bowl with a touch of icing sugar ( sieve it if you want seedless – those pesky raspberry seeds) 


Step 3 – Fill your pavlova wreath 

Next spoon a further dollop in-between the meringue nests- disguising that they are nests 

Then drizzle a little more raspberry sauce on 



Step 4 – Decorate 

Finally simply decorate with whatever you like. I used Strawberries, raspberries, blueberry, rosemary springs and a dusting of icing sugar. (looks like snow) 

Pop it in the fridge and viola!! Domestic god, or goddess! 


How long can I make my Pavlova before I eat it?

I would say make it as soon to your event as possible – it’s so easy to make you only need 20 minutes 

However I would say the evening before if you’re really up against it time wise and store it in the fridge – always as it’s fresh cream 


Meringue Recipe 

If you’d like to make your own meringue simply follow my lovely friends recipe and dollop or pipe into a circle 

Jenny makes the best meringues 🙂 Almost as lovely as her – just look at them 


Other Festive Desserts 

If you love this one I also think you’d like my  No Bake Christmas Cheesecake – also super easy! 

Christmas Cheesecake - side view of finished Cheesecake


Oh and here’s an alternative ICE Cream Christmas Pudding 

Hey why not? It’s get ahead and the kids love it 🙂 

It’s basically an Ice Cream construction job – so simple 

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Wishing you all a wonderful sweet Christmas 

Be safe 


Love Clare xx

Christmas Wreath Pavlova - full view of a beautiful festive dessert

Christmas Wreath Pavlova - total cheat!

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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 8
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A delicious and gorgeous looking Christmas meringue dessert - so easy!


  • 8 Meringue Nests Or follow the meringue recipe in the post
  • 1/2 Bottle Raspberry Coulis Or follow then instructions in the post
  • 600 ml Double Cream you may not need it all
  • 200 gram Strawberries Washed & halved
  • 200 gram Raspberries
  • 100 gram Blueberries
  • 6 Sprigs fresh rosemary for decoration
  • 20 gram Icing Sugar For disting


  • On a large pretty plate arrange your 8 meringue nests in a circle
  • Whip your double cream so it's thick, either by hand or using an electric mixer
  • Using a teaspoon or piping bag, add a large dollop of cream ontop of every meringue nest
  • Drizzle raspberry coulis over the cream so it runs a little down the sides
  • Next add another dollop in between the nests (disguises they are nests) and add a touch more coulis
  • Finally decorate with your fruits, adding the rosemary springs last
  • Dust with icing sugar and that's it


  1. What is double cream? I’ve never seen it in the States.

    1. Hi Tina
      It’s heavy or whipping cream in the US
      Thanks Cx

  2. What is coulis

    1. It’s like a seedless puree – you can make it yourself by crushing some raspberries with some powdered sugar – Thank you

  3. So I am wondering what you would eat this with?

  4. 5 stars
    Amazingly simple, beautiful and very tasty. Thanks Clare this will be a winner Christmas in our house ! X

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