COMCIT Facials My recent addiction!

COMCIT Facials My recent addiction!

COMCIT Facials

My recent addiction!

I’m knocking 50! How the hell did that happen?!  So COMCIT facials here I come 

Anyway I guess it’s better than the alternative which I don’t much fancy!

I’m a bit vain, but I’m not obsessed with my complexion,  however I will try anything to breathe life back into my tierd skin.  

Every  day I try but fail to drink enough water, so is Comcit facials the answer?

Living well? 

I don’t get enough sleep (increasingly more difficult Grrrr)

I eat quite well – with the odd fail.

I’m tired – you know like ‘really tired’ most of the time.

I chase my tail constantly and Ilive a crazy busy mad life but hey that’s the nature of the beast that is easypeasylemonsqueezy.

I’m always the first to try new things!

I’ve even contemplated a few Botox needles, got as far as a consultation on Harley Street then bottled it.

I’m really rubbish! It’s still on my maybe list! Not sure….

So when my lovely Hannah Montana the owner of Cream Beauty started raving about the new Crystal Clear Comcit Facial Treatments then clearly – I’M IN!



The most intensive rejuvenation system yet!

COMCIT acts radically on marked and fatigued skin which immediately regains firmness, tone and radiance as well as instantly smoothing, refreshing, plumping and making skin appear more youthful.

COMCIT is: Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy’.

Bring it on!

So I’m on treatment 3 of 6!

And here I am with the lovely Hannah

IMG_2441 IMG_2435


What happens in a COMCIT Facial? 

During your treatment the cellular infusion solution is driven into the skin through the micro-channelling dermaroller into the layer of the skin where the ageing process begins, this tackles the problem where it starts.

(It’s a bit like being a pincushion – for the bakers out there then I would compare it to docking pastry lol)

During the course of 1 facial every 2 weeks, you can return to your normal lifestyle after each facial with no interruption to daily routine.

Results are immediate and continue to improve over the 14 days between each treatment.

They  recommend a course of 6 treatments; however noticeable results can be seen and felt after one!

My skins is instantly more plump, less dehydrated and my flipping wrinkles look almost ok??!

They don’t go but they definitely deminish!


Concerns that COMCIT Facials can treat:

  •  helps firm ageing lax skin
  • smooths and plumps lines and wrinkles
  •  help repair sun damaged skin
  • perfect for the appearance of acne prone skin
  • hydrates skin
  • provides oxygen to all skin types
  • stimulates collagen production
  • helps smooth stretch marks and acne scarring


So I’ve had a lot of nanby pamby facials in my time, used a lot of bloody expensive face creams, but with COMCIT I can feel and see it making a difference.

So if you’re thinking about it – do it – I love it.

It’s a bit like nice pain, followed by ice-cold pure Oxygen and serum – followed by an intensely burning face.

This only lasts an hour or so – but my skin then feels tight and alive! Woo Hoo! And YEY my skin glows again!

COMCIT facials treatment £89.00

Course of 6 £474.00

If you’re local give Hannah a CALL: 01376 325752

If you’re not local just google and find a salon

I’ll update you after my 6th treatment!



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