Organic Hair Colour – no more Cat Fights!

Organic Hair Colour  – no more Cat Fights!

Organic Hair Colour

Some people have been asking me about why I travel up to Covent Garden and why I do this every 4 weeks just to get my Hair done with Organic Hair Colour Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty.

So I thought I’d explain 

Six years ago hair allergy 

Well about 6 years ago I woke up one morning and I looked like I’d been attacked by a pack of angry cats!

I had scratches all over my body and even on my face – it was awful and painful, also the roof of my mouth was really sore – how weird!

With Board Meetings pending with my Directors from overseas the next day and a fancy meal out!! Oh I was a mess and remained a mess for 10 days.

I went to the docs on an emergency appointment and they immediately put me on steroids and said I had a bad allergic reaction to something!

And they said it could be hair colour.

Organic Hair Colour? 

Now you need to understand that I had been having my coloured for over 25 years – so I was adamant that it couldn’t possible be hair colour.

Then I started to do some research on the net and my word – you should see some of the reactions to hair colour – it’s frightening and in very severe cases could cause serious issues with breathing etc and even the worse……


Can hair colour kill you? 

I was told by the doc that under no circumstances must I colour my hair until I was tested for allergic reactions, as it could be much worse and affect my airways – are you serious?  

What I didn’t understand was that this can suddenly happen, so you can use products for ages and then wham bam – allergic? I still don’t get it really.


Allergy Testing generally 

So up to Harley Street I went to see a Consultant for allergies. I was scared (and Doubtful) that it wasn’t just my hair colour!

So the lovely consultant wanted to see me 3 times in one week.  

So up I went to Harley Street, first visit was attaching 50 metal discs to my back all stashed with some chemical or irritant.  

From fragrance to ink toner to grass and different hair colours – you name it I had it on my back.

The wonderful thing was I was also not allowed in the bath or shower for a week! Joy! (not)


After two days I had  to go back to check for any initial reactions – none for me and then after a week again.

The net result was it seemed I wasn’t allergic to much?

The consultant did advise that I steered clear of very dark hair colour –  so no definable conclusions!

He did recommend that I kept things as natural as possible.


Karine Jackson & Organic Colour Systems 

That’s when I found Karine Jackson and Organic Colour Systems 🙂

I had an initial consultation with Simon and off I went. He immediately took me lighter as my colour was so dark!

What amazing about this salon is that when you walk in there is no smell of chemicals at all.  No stinky ammonia!

Colour on and no  itching of scalp (we all get that I think)

And since then no looking back.  With Organic Hair Colour you seem to get a softer colour with the regrowth not quite as startling as with the harsher colours.

They are a great team over there, pure professionals!

I never worry anymore about waking up looking like I’ve been attacked by cats.  Or even worse….. thanks to Organic Hair Colour and Karine Jackson

I would love to hear if you’ve ever had anything similar happen to you? Please comment below – Thank you

Check it out:


And if you need the answers to that colour in-between colours you might like to read this post 

Hair Colour Allergy answers 


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  1. I made the decision to stop colouring my hair a few weeks ago and have been grey/white for a few years now. I decided to stop using colour as I didn’t want to keep subjecting my body to so many chemicals. My hair grows very quickly and I had to colour it with such regularity it clearly couldn’t be good for me. Having been grey/white for a few years I’m thinking I might dye it again and have been looking at organic salons one of which is Karine Jackson. I will definitely get in touch with them having read this. X

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