Hair Colour Allergy – My Very Own 50 Shades of Grey

Hair Colour Allergy – My Very Own 50 Shades of Grey

Hair Colour Allergy – My Very Own 50 Shades of Grey

Look I’m going to admit it – I have mega grey hair!!! Phew! I guess that’s like being at a self help group and admitting you have a problem  ๐Ÿ™‚ (I went grey at 26 almost overnight due to some boyfriend heartbreak, yes might have guessed a man would be involved. And then I developed a Hair Colour Allergy 

Anyway I have my hair coloured organically every 4 weeks at huge costs in London –  for me it’s worth it. If you want to read all about the quite frankly worrying time I found out I’d got a hair allergy then have a look 

Grey hair is my achilles heal. I cannot bare to look at it and  moan about it constantly! Foe me I  would honestly rather live on Baked Beans than not have my hair coloured and now I have another issue….

When us ladies reach  a certain age not only do we have the issue of grey hair (unlike the male of the species we do not look distinguished *UNFAIR*…..  anyway that’s another story).  

Fine Hair too? 

We or at least some of us, also have to deal with finer hair (better than the term thiner hair) than in our bubbly 20’s and 30’s. (Apparently,  I am suitably advised by my Doc that it is that pesky Oestrogen withdrawal!).

I do realise that grey hair is not the worst thing that can happen, but it is a pain as it’s just never ending. And I’m not quite ready to embrace ‘au naturel’  just yet – thank you!

So by week 2 after colour – my hair is starting to glint under the light. You know those little silver princess strands and by week 4 we have a full on badger stripe!

For the last couple of years I have been searching high and low for something to help with that in-between colours stage! Apart from not being able to afford to have my hair coloured every 2 weeks,  I’m not so sure it’s that great for my sensitive scalp. Organic colour or not.


Hair Colour Allergy answers 

Finally I have found my answer and it could be yours.  

The miracle little product is called Brown Hair Powder – (or Blondish Hair Powder or Black Hair Powder! There is even a White Hair Powder which I’m guessing would be ace for fancy dress).

This *beauty* is  manufactured and branded by a company called Bumble & Bumble. (They do a huge range of wonderful hair products) and it works wonders for me.

I have read some rubbish reviews on it – but it just goes to show we are all different and it works perfectly for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not only does it help me with my roots and fine hair some people use it as a dry shampoo and it definitely gives volume.


How to apply Hair Powder 

It takes a bit of practice to get it right and its a bit messy (be careful of your clothes).

 You need to hold the can 10-12 inches from dry hair; spray thoroughly, concentrating on oily areas. Then let it dry; brush out thoroughly and style. Be sure to protect clothing, bath and bed linens during use (spots can be easily removed with a mild soap and water). Don’t touch your hair too much else you’ll get brown fingers!!

Its available on Line from Bumble & Bumble and also in some Boots (I get mine on line).

Yes it’s a tad expensive ยฃ28.00 for 125g spray.  However  it really does last an age – for me a tin lasts about 6M.  

I figure it allows me to go longer between very expensive colours – so  it saves me loads . There is also a small tin available (handbag size) at ยฃ16.00

If you decide to give it a go let me know how you get on….

P.S – Stay out of the rain ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Very funny still laughing out loud!! Think I need to look at getting this product ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. sounds like it could double up as spray tan too? I may well give it a go. Feel exactly the same as you do about my grey and especially the man thing that they are ‘distinguished’ yet us ladies just feel ‘old’ ?

  3. ” stay out of the rain” …….. Seriously??? ……. Very funny ??

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