Kikkoman Event SushiSamba – Amazeballs!

Kikkoman Event SushiSamba – Amazeballs!

Kikkoman Event SushiSamba – Amazeballs!


I’m really fortunate these days,  I get invited to lots of blogging events – HURRAH!  

Whilst I enjoy them immensly, I’m not able to attend them all, as I have a busy day job so it’s not possible. However, sometimes one comes along and you think – YES – I’d love to go to that.

This is one of those aforementioned events – and boy was I right!!!

The Venue

Well I’ve been to SushiSamba before -Located on the 38th and 39th floors at 110 Bishopsgate, SUSHISAMBA delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music and striking design in the City of London.

The location features the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe.

I adore London, in my view almost my favourite city.

And boy does London look good from the heady heights (lift was a bit Eeeeek!!!!) peering down on the Gerkin was very odd!

IMG_3951  IMG_3957


The Food

I do love my food (obviously) and it’s been a VERY long time since I enjoyed anything quite as much as I did on Thursday evening. Magnificent.

So what did we have? A lot! But here’s a snippet…..

 IMG_3979 IMG_4016  

and even a Cocktail with Kikkoman’s – Soy Sauce – I’ll hold judgement here…. 🙁



The Brand


I guess we all know that certain condiments / ingredients bring out the flavour or enhance the flavour of certain dishes.

Do you know what Umami and Kokumi are?  – I work with these taste sensations in my daily work life.

Food is clever stuff – it’s a science. It’s incredible to think, for example, that  you can boost the flavour of pesto with cheese – odd I know. So using Soy Sauce for the same end game is totally obvious! (Glutamics you know)


So what makes a good Soy Sauce?

The Kikkoman one is made with just 4 ingredients , naturally brewed over several months, giving it its distinctive, aromatic taste.

We did a little taste test on the evening – Kikkoman was by far the best, no contest! Really no contest……

Soy Sauce is an  essential all purpose seasoning for all my fave dishes, from soups, stews, stirfrys and salads.

It naturally brings out the flavours and give your food that subtle savoury note, know as Umami. Check out Kikkoman’s website for some lovely recipes

What’s New?


Well on departure (damm I could have stayed a few more hours)  from the lovely event I was given a goodie bag full of divine Kikkoman products and I’m looking forward ro trying them this BBQ season.

Also guys – note “gluten free’ variety too!!!

The Company

Surrounded by press and fellow bloggers there were 41 of us in the Private Dining room in total.

Spectacular views yet again from the dining room – sorry I was to busy chatting to take photos :-)!  It was such a blast with the likes of Sainsburys, Asda, Delicuous Magazine, Olive Magazine and Hello Magazine plus loads of others.

There were some seriously talented bloggers there too, in fact I was honoured to be invited *blushes*

AND I had the most amazing dining companion – the lovely Sarah from Lifes Loves  go check her out! So funny!

We NEVER stopped laughing, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you why…..

So Kikkoman Event SushiSamba – Amazeballs! – SIMPLE

Big Love Cx

So let me know how you use Soy Sauce?



  1. Food looks lovely! Making me very hungry!

  2. OMG the food looks amazing – I want to go !

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