JosephJoseph Pizza Workshop

JosephJoseph Pizza Workshop

JosephJoseph Pizza Workshop – London Design Week

Well I’m finally back in the saddle after a few months off Easypeasylemonsqueezy I’m so pleased to say. I’m so sorry I’ve been absent it’s because I’ve had a hell of a 4 months but alas I’m back and off we trot to JosephJoseph Pizza Workshop!!!

So I started my return to Easypeasylemonsqueezy last week by attending a lovely blogging event which I was invited to by the inspired people at JosephJoseph. They were kind enough to let me have a plus 1, now   obvs it had to be my bestie!  More commonly known as The Cocktail Queen!


Borough Market

The venue was London’s Borough Market – possibly one of my most favourite places; foodie heaven.

I just love the hustle and bustle – the aromas, the sheer joy of wonderful colourful food! Just look at that lovely produce.

I can wander around Borough Market for a good few hours no issues….

Borough Market  Pizza Workshop


JosephJoseph Pizza Workshop

JosephJoseph – do you know them? Well if you don’t you really need to check them out. Have a look around and explore their collections JosephJoseph

The company design and manufacture a beautiful range of highly coloured kitchen equipment, which is both beautiful in design and perfect in function.

The venue for our pizza workshop was, Bread Ahead Bakery. And our tutor was the funny French Baker Manuel!



The Dough!!

Manuel guided us through the science of Pizza Dough, do you know that it’s a 2 day job to create flavour and functionality in that dough!

I have a new admiration for pizza dough.

Obviously all the time we were using JosephJoseph equipment and utensils.

We made the most amazing dough and learnt tips and tricks along the way. I’m delighted to share with you their recipe – and trust me – it’s worth the effort!



Get ahead Bakery believes the secret to great pizza is all in the base.

This simple two day recipe will give your pizza a depth of flavour that will transport you to the streets of Naples shouting ‘Bella, bella.’

This recipes makes two bases


  • 50ml cold water
  • 6g Fresh Yeast (or 3g instant /quick/fast-actingdried yeast)
  • 50g Strong White Bread Flour



Measure the water and the yeast into a bowl and mix unit the yeast is dissolved

Add the flour and stir until fully combined (if using instant/quick/fast acting dried yeast, mix the yeast through the flour, then add the water).

Cover and leave at room temperature for 2 hours, then place in the fridge for 12-24 hours

Day 2

Poolish (as above)

  • 250g Strong White Bread Flour
  • 4g Fine Sea Salt
  • 4g Fresh Yeast (or 2g instant/quick/fast acting dried yeast)
  • 135g Cold Water



Take your Poolish out the fridge. It should be nice and bubbly and have a pleasant, slightly alcoholic aroma.

Place the flour and salt in a bowl and combine

In another bowl, add the yeast to the water, then mix until dissolved (if using instant/quick/fast acting dried yeast, mix the yeast through the dry mixture instead).

Make a well n the centre of the flour and pour in the liquid and the polish. Bring the mixture together to form a dough. Once the sought starts coming together, take out of your bowl and pop on the work surface. Do not add any more flour.

With the heel of your hand, push the dough into the table and stretch and tear for a good 8 minutes. Yur dough will become nice and elasticated and have a velvety feel.


Cut your dough into two equal pieces.

Round each piece up and place on a floured surface.

Cover your dough and leave to rest for 1 hour or until doubled in size.


Pre-heat your oven to 250C/Gas 9/or as hot as it’ll go.

Roll the dough into a circle about 9″ in diameter. Turn onto an upturned tray that has been sprinkled with semolina.

Load your dough with desired toppings then pop in the oven and bake for 6 minutes. Turning once.

Pull from the oven and enjoy a true taste sensation!



Top Tip

Shower Caps – take them from your hotel room. The are totally amazing for covering bowls! Who Knew? Cx


#Sponsored – I  was invited to the blogging event for free with a plus one and came away with a bag full of goodies

Many Thanks to JosephJoseph for a great Pizza Workshop!


  1. Fantastic – when the wedding season is over I’ll give it a go! I have the JJ folding weighing scales, they are brilliant.

  2. Just made my first poolish for pizzas tomorrow – with a helping hand from free fresh yeast from the baker at Tesco – will let you know how it goes

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