Whole Grain Goodness easy recipes

Whole Grain Goodness easy recipes


Whole Grain Goodness, easy recipes

Making sure you stick to a healthy diet can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming, but it‘s easier than you think and certainly doesn’t have to be boring! Including whole grains as part of a healthy, balanced diet is a great way to make sure you get enough fibre, which is important for maintaining a healthy digestion system.

The versatility of whole grain foods means all the family can easily enjoy them too.

You may not even realise that some of the foods you already eat are whole grain. Whole grains include oats, whole wheat and even popcorn – so foods like porridge, wholemeal bread and certain breakfast cereals that we eat every day are whole grain.

If you’re not sure whether a food contains whole grains, one way to check is to look at the ingredients list on the packaging. If there is ‘whole’ before a grain (e.g. ‘whole wheat’), then it should contain whole grains.

Try and choose varieties lower in sugars and salt too.

If you don’t think you’re eating very much whole grain – and a lot of people aren’t – why not try and include them in more meals and snacks every day, choosing from the variety of foods available. 

Over at WholeGrainGoodness.com they have lots of information on whole grains and easy ways to enjoy them.

These include:















We hope you’ll visit the Whole Grain Goodness website and try some of the recipes for yourself.

If you do we’d love to hear how you enjoyed them. You can rate them, leave a comment or chat with us on Twitter at @WhyWholegrain

Remember Whole Grain Goodness: easier than you think

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