#UKBA16 AKA Girls Night out

#UKBA16 AKA Girls Night out


How often do we get really dressed up with our mates and go out? Not often enough when we get into our 40’s! So Friday and Saturday was the chance to do it again and boy did I enjoy it! And I don’t just mean the actual night out. But all the planning and the whole 36 hours!

It has made me realise that no matter what age we are, the girly getting ready, giggling and ending up chatting away until 4am happens and I loved it! It almost transports you away from the humdrum of life, you know, the washing, the cleaning, the everything and THAT constant juggling! A pure 36 hours to be a girly again to focus predominately on onesself! Joy!

And I get all this because of my blogging. RESULT! So we were at an awards ceremony for the UK National Blog Awards 2016 on Friday (just in case you missed it). Seriously I still cannot actually believe that I was a finalist after only 9 months officially blogging on Easypeasylemonsqueezy. I was automatically sent a ticket to the event and decided  I needed my two partners in Crime with me  – ‘Me two Janes’ (not Julie’s) Jane The Cocktail Queen – god bless her and Jane the wizzzz from Skyblue Design Agency (Click here to find out more about this fab company  ) who helped me develop probably the most fun website of all the blogs I’ve laid my eyes on! AND who has become in a very  short time,  a precious friend (another Blog win)

We met at lunchtime in the Park Plaza Westminster and checked into our studio which was ace as we had 3 separate beds and a really lovely large room and lounge! Instantly I think we all became 25 again. We headed off to the bar for a ‘stomach lining lunch’ and a quick Bloggers Cocktail  of course! (just to warm us up)


We decided we better remove ourself from the bar quickly, so we had a sneaky recce at the ballroom – it was flipping enormous and a hive of activity – we actually got booted out πŸ™‚ There were trees with lights, an auditorium style room with large screens, a mini cinema , popcorn, goodie bags – so much stuff!


Then it was time for a little rest, my party pals were so much fun! Tea and biscuits all round, did i say 25 maybe at this point more 55!


Getting ready took me back to being a twenty something.  Jane (birdy) did my hair and make-up and she also managed to do the other Janes too, who knew she was such a make up whizz? There is something seriously decedent about having ones makeup done.  A cheeky tin of Cosmo each and off we went dressed to impress…..


So to the actual event. It was hosted by UK Blog Awards an organisation recognising the tremendous talent that is apparent in the blogging world. Many, many entrants, in fact 2000 across approx. 12 categories. Easypeasylemonsqueezy was in the Individual (not Company) Food & Drink category and was chosen as one of 10 Finalists – this I was thrilled about already and I had absolutely no expectation of winning – seriously! However there is always a tiny tiny flicker of hope when you see your name in lights πŸ™‚  But alas no category win for me this year and do you know what that’s absolutely fine.



The rest of the evening consisted of Procecco, Cosmopolitan’s and bowl food and a final 2.00am visit to the bar. And to be honest I only have vague recollections of being in our room, chatting until 4.00am. The following morning Jane woke up shouting ‘we’ve been burgled’ the room looked like a bomb had gone off. The  train journey home was a little quiet πŸ™‚ to say the least.


Great night spent with two of my very dear friends without who’s support EPLS wouldn’t actually be possible!

Here’s to UKBA17 – see you there….



  1. A great achievement, well done you ? Xxx

  2. Jane cocktail queen

    Still think you was robbed!!!!! Thank you for a fabulous evening

  3. Well done to you all! You all look fab!! xx

  4. Jane Skyblue!

    When can we do it again??! An amazing evening and I agree “You was robbed”.

  5. Aw well done lovely, what an epic BIG night, you look fab xx

    1. Thanks lovely! We had so much fun – ooo we not not quite on it the following day πŸ™‚ Cx

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