Radio Gorgeous Interview Easypeasylemonsqueezy

Radio Gorgeous Interview Easypeasylemonsqueezy

Radio Gorgeous Interview Easypeasylemonsqueezy

Lots have been asking about my Radio Podcast – well here it is – just click on the link – I LOVED doing it Cx

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy CLARE MORFIN Gorgeous Food & Drink with Nicki Bannerman. Award winning blogger Clare Morfin talks to Nicki about how she has gone from food lover to superstar cook and life style blogger. Expect fabulous food and lifestyle tips abound.


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Here’s the Easypeasy-lemonsqueezy Interview 

Radio Gorgeous

Award Winning PODCASTS for women: irreverent & uncensored interviews, life stories, conversations & debate

Radio Gorgeous is the brainchild of Josephine Pembroke. Created in October 2011 by three women. Radio Gorgeous has is for for the bold, intelligent and vibrant women who want in-depth interviews. You may listen to their podcasts online, on your phone or on your tablet. On Radio Gorgeous you will only hear the female voice. Giving women a much needed platform to talk.

Now in it’s sixth year and with over 17,000 listens a month. They  have secured advertising with audioBoom and can be found on over 15 different global podcasts platforms; including iTunes, Stitcher, audioBoom and Mixcloud.

They now have sponsors: Sainsbury’s Magazine, Henpicked and The Amorist Magazine. Publicists contact them on the so called radio triangle which is Women’s Hour, Radio Gorgeous and Jo Good on BBC Radio London.

We give the longest interviews always over 15 minutes and even up to an hour long in a relaxed, inquisitive yet supportive atmosphere. We can now interview live with the Audioboom app as well as creating produced and edited content by our expert team.

Radio Gorgeous supports Women: Women support Radio Gorgeous.

Check out Radio Gorgeous !

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