Plastic Water Bottle GIVEAWAY Black & Blum

Plastic Water Bottle GIVEAWAY Black & Blum

Plastic Water Bottle GIVEAWAY

Following my below post the lovely peeps at Black & Blum  have offered one lucky Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy reader a chance to win a lovely ‘on the move’ Water Bottle with charcoal stick (read below) So it’s a Plastic Water Bottle GIVEAWAY

Do check out Black & Blum website they  are passionate about creating beautiful, original designs which are underpinned with functionality.

They have an eclectic taste and this shows through in the varying aesthetics of their different ranges. They design in house but also collaborate with the most talented designers worldwide, bringing the finest products to market.

Their products are beautiful and I’ll certainly be looking to their site for a few Christmas Present ideas.

In the meantime, have a go at winning this Plastic Water Bottle GIVEAWAY – I love mine!

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So how do you enter?

All you have to do is answer the question and leave your answer in the comments section below this blog post. And have another go by following me on Twitter

T & C’s – The boring stuff!

The prizes can be delivered to mainland UK only – sorry!
Draw Closes Midnight 31st October 2018
The winner will be notified by email within 24 hours of the closing date
The winner will have 28 days to claim their prize otherwise an alternative winner will be selected.


Have a read!!!

I’m so sick of plastic water bottles, are you? Lugging it home from the supermarket, bottles all over the house and always an endless pile of plastic water bottles to go in the recycling.

There must be a better way surely?

There seems generally an increased motivation to curb plastic waste and boost recycling possibly after the Blue Planet II series highlighted the threat of ocean pollution and showed footage of wildlife eating plastic.

Did you see it?

Gosh it was shocking. Recently I also met a guy on a plane (sounds dodgy – but it wasn’t) He had a business that removed plastic from the ocean and he was manufacturing mens swimwear from waste plastic water bottles! Genius!!

Nevermind the stats, the damage to the environment etc plastic plastic plastic – I’m so sick of it!

So where to start with the war on plastic? For me it just has to be water bottles! Where to start? I did a little research and this is what I found out and what I chose.

Now I don’t buy water anymore – get in! So I thought I’d share this with you!


So just how do you make tap water taste good? With charcoal that’s how! Yes, an ancient Japanese tradition apparently:

Minerals in, chemicals out! I tried it and now I’m converted.

(The science: The huge surface area of activated charcoal gives it countless bonding sites. When certain chemicals pass next to the carbon surface, they attach to the surface and are trapped.

Activated charcoal is good at trapping other carbon-based impurities (“organic” chemicals), as well as things like chlorine. Source: How stuff works)


black + blum Eau Good Water Bottle with Charcoal Filter | Filter Water Using Traditional Japanese Binchotan Charcoal, Supercharge Your Hydration, Leak Proof BPA Free Bottle, it’s available in loads of colours.

You can also buy a great glass elegant carafe which fits perfectly in the fridge (I bought one of these too and it’s transformed how I drink my water)

Here’s mine in the fridge (Note to self – must sort my fridge out!)


Plastic water bottles


And here’s my bottle I take out! I couldn’t handle a glass one! Too clumsy this is the next best thing in my view:

Plastic water bottles


So there’s my hack! Get rid of those flipping plastic water bottles – I have. What makes me laugh is that I’m more than happy to have a jug of tap water in a restaurant, yet I wasn’t drinking it from my own tap?

Bizarre! Well now I am and it’s filtered with charcoal it tastes good!

Loads of you have been asking so here’s the links to just the Charcoal sticks, the 3 pack and the single. Remember each one lasts 6M!

So there’s my little water hack!

What do you do, are you like me and sick to death of those plastic water bottles? Do you have a favourite drinking vessel? If so let me know in the comments below, I do love your comments

So I have solved 3 things for myself:

1. Buying water – Booooooo

2. Carrying water home- Booooo

3. No more Plastic Water Bottles! – Hurrah


Thanks Cx


Disclosure: Black & Blum offered a lucky reader a chance to win a water bottle!


  1. Brilliant, simple, effective!!

  2. Any colour would be just great , i’m also not a fan of plastic 🙂

  3. Any colour please

  4. anything to help save the planet, I’m in

  5. Any colour please 🙂

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