Love Food Hate Waste? Bread

Love Food Hate Waste? Bread


Love Food Hate Waste?

Love Food Hate Waste? Here’s a fact you won’t know.

EVERY single day in the UK we throw away 24 Million slices of Bread, yes that’s right 24 Million slices!

How can that happen? Are we made of money?

Luckily for me I was invited to a PR Campaign by the organisation ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ they are managed by WRAP and are a charity that is also backed by government funding.

This organisation works with businesses, individuals and communities. They help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

Now for some surprising stats – I was shocked!

The average person in the UK wastes around £200/year by buying and then throwing away good food and drink.

This rises to £470 for the average household and £700 for a family with children!!! That’s a lot of cash;  never mind the 17Mt of CO2! 🙁

Anyway Love Food Hate Waste together with the LOVELY Nancy Birtwhistle, the reigning Great British Bake Off champion are today launching the campaign #UseYourLoaf.  

I was invited to Borough Market in London (foodie heaven) for an intimate launch with Nancy herself and 10 other bloggers….


Settled in at Borough Market Cookhouse,  a lovely venue with a small kitchen and a huge dining table we started.

We were introduced to Nancy.  

What a really lovely lady, so down to earth and she simply exudes a passion for food!  🙂 (slight girl crush).

Following a briefing about the campaign Nancy served us a light 3 course taster menu lunch (well received) as I was up so early I had had NOTHING – not even a coffee).

So first up:

Nancy’s Nicoise Salad


A light beautiful salad served with black olive croutons


Next (my total fave)

Thrifty Moussaka with  Breadcrumb Topping

a great recipe can be veggie is required (I have the recipes & will post if you want them)


And the finale

Nancy’s Summer Pudding Terrine

not normally a favourite of mine but it was sooo good


All of the recipes above were actually made with ‘old’ bread. Why do the words  ‘stale’ or  ‘old’  give connotations of it only being fit for the bin? It’s not!

Seriously the bread is not for the trash. It just enters a new forum for ‘cooking with.’  The cooks amongst us know that older bread is the perfect texture for most recipes.

I was thinking on the way home if this bread was to get re-packaged in a fancy pack and it was called ‘Aged perfectly for cooking’ – I’m sure it would fly off the shelves; so try and think of your aged bread this way.

And just a shot or two form the day – what it’s like to live with a blogger – fact – we always eat cold food 🙂


I was  also chosen for a small interview – so ‘miked up’ off I went – I so enjoyed it

So guys – please rethink the bread situation! Don’t chuck it in the bin #UseYourLoaf

Easypeasylemonsqueezy ideas:  

I use old bread all the time – my best tip is whizz it in the processor or grate it and make breadcrumbs – remember the freezer is your friend!

I do so many recipes with breadcrumbs – mix them with parmesan/ herbs / chilli / garlic – whatever and throw them onto of fish, chicken or vegetables and bake – so tasty.

Also soak them in milk and add to meatballs – makes them really juicy!

And what about the traditional Bread and butter Pudding or why not try Brown Bread Ice cream – much nicer than it sounds!  

Come on,  we can reduce this waste bread situation and save some pennies in the process! Especially if we all do our bit….

Tonight for example we are having Tomato & Mozzarella Salad (recipe on the blog)

I nstead of new potatoes with it,  we will have lightly toasted ‘old’ bread rubbed with garlic and  drizzled with a little Olive Oil and we’ll use it as the base for the salad – almost like Bruchetta…..

Lastly I’d like to say a massive thanks to @LFHW and Nancy of course @Nancybakes – guys I had a blast!!!

(P.S – any great Bread Recipes please use the share with us page on the website and I’ll upload them – also if you hop over to the LFHW website I think there’s a comp on there too)



  1. Such a good read! Completely agree that we need to reduce our waste and simply look back to what our parents used to do – nothing was ever wasted!!

  2. Totally agree, I hate food waste! If its not furry freeze it!

  3. There are some good ideas here. It’s so sad that some people seem to think bread is only for sandwiches and toast and they throw it out when it can still be used in lots of lovely ways.

    1. I totally agree Sarah – thanks for your comments Cx

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