First ever bog post 

Eeekk – my first ever blog post ….. not sure how I should do this … Maybe I should start with a little about why I’m doing this.  Then maybe you can help me with the content for the future…. ?!   please!!!

So what am I trying to do?

  1. To continue to laugh (I’ve been doing this via FaceBook and Twitter for over a year and a half! To harness the already started   group of lovely people, having fun with cooking and eating.  Achange from the humdrum! And to stifle those  – ‘oh no what shall I do for dinner moments’.  You, me – we all need an arsenal of quick & easy recipes – ‘tucked up our knicker legs’ 🙂
  2. Trying to take all the nonsense out of cooking!  For me  –  if you can read you can cook ….SIMPLES.
  3. Trying to bring back the basics in life. To stop buying expensive rubbish from the supermarket. And start to prepare some homemade delights, which lets face it, we put food in our MOUTHS!!! and ingest….. ?!! Now that’s quite important – yes? When you think about it like that, we should REALLY care what we put in our bodies.  Why buy some sad ready meal when a quick fresh omelette/pasta is not only cheaper but sooooo much nicer.
  4. To have an on-line community to share and exchange all sorts of recipes and good stuff.  To LAUGH LOTS and rejoice – at the miraculous Yorkshire puddings!   And to document the ‘epic fails’ which lets face it are almost funnier.

So I will try and continue to share with you my secrets and my dinners and other recipes and maybe the odd scrumy cocktail (Jane please).  

I may even throw in any other lifestyle stuff I see that I think is

a) interesting

b) helpful or

c) just funny.


I will share (if you’re interested ) any deals / suggestions on places to eat / things to cook / things to buy / things not to buy.

Actually whatever I think you might be interested in.

And then let’s see how we go. I really hope we can create a lovely interesting blog which you never know just might help us all out with the inevitable ‘oh lordy – what shall I cook for dinner’ moments.


So let’s go and thanks for reading my first ever blog post …….

Just to let you know all the Easypeasylemonsqueezy recipes from Jan 2014 & 15 so far are being loaded up now and posted here so USE THE SEARCH for your favourites  and maybe to find some inspiration …..

I will aim to blog as often as allows ….. but please bear with me …. I also work full time …. gulp

AND remember let’s not take ourselves too seriously…….

If you have any ideas or want to feature and write a guest blog, I’ll be more than happy to publish it if it fits with our style.

So there we go my first ever blog post!

Big love, Clare (slightly excited)


  1. Clare, this is fantastic, well done! Will be logging in often!

  2. Hi Clare,eventually made it. Really brilliant-well done you.
    Lots of love x

  3. Just discovered your site and love the recipes. I made Freda’s Apple and Fruit Loaf yesterday and it is delicious and a great way to use the glut of apples around at the moment. You also enlightened me as to how to print the recipes without using half a cartridge of black ink! Thanks

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